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Sticky Member Introductions
Hi all, It seems we have a lot of new members now posting. We also seem to see a lot of ne

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18/01/2019 11:53

Three pet rats and a rabbit
I have a four bed house, rented out to four student friends on one tenancy agreement for a year,

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21/01/2019 01:03

Short term contracts for LESS than 6 months available?
Hello, I wish to sell my house but considering entering into a short term contract of appr

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20/01/2019 21:47

Mid-tenancy check ins.
Hi, I'm self-managing my first BTL (tenant found through Easyproperty - which worked really w

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20/01/2019 15:30

Pending Leasehold Reform legislation
Hi everyone, I am trying to gauge what the Government's intentions are and what the likely

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20/01/2019 13:36

Limited company
Hi I am considering forming a limited company for my rental portfolio. Has anyone done this a

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20/01/2019 10:22

DPS Scheme leaflet and horrifying paperwork
Just trying to get it right again. Tenant moving in. We filled in DPS custodial Prescri

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19/01/2019 23:26

mortgage full renention
Hi all I have been offered a mortgage with full retention the lender want me to do essenti

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lady in red
19/01/2019 16:45

24/7 Property Maintenance
Hi there New to this forum with just one property in South Liverpool Anyone recommend 24/7

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Freddie M
18/01/2019 20:22

I'd like to run a poll - do you use digital software manage your portfolio?
Tax is going digital over time and in order to plan for this I'd like to know what people use

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17/01/2019 18:50

Problems with Decorus
Does anyone here use Decorus? I upgraded from landlord manager thinking it would be a better syst

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16/01/2019 19:49

Garage Abandonded?
We purchased a block of flats and accompanying garages in July. The rent for the garages is recei

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16/01/2019 09:44

Neighbour below threatens to go to court
Good evening We have a flat with a very nice tenant. In December, just before Xmas he info

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lady in red
13/01/2019 17:02

Notice in 6 month break clause within a 12 month contract
Hello, Despite my instruction, the agent gave the tenants a one year contract with 6 month bre

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12/01/2019 23:23

New Rules on Bedroom Space
I am wondering about the new rule about bedroom sizes that I was reading about in the RLA newslet

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11/01/2019 16:50

Tenancy surrender
Hi, I have a tenant who wishes to surrender their tenancy is there a specific form I need

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11/01/2019 16:44

maintenance waiver
I have been asked by the company that does most of my maintenance to get all my tenants to sign a

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09/01/2019 15:59

I'm being lazy .. tax return spreadsheet
Is there a link to the sample tax return spreadsheet? I'd like to take a look see. I a

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09/01/2019 12:05

New Carpets
My current tenant wants to fit new carpets in the property. She has sent a picture and I have spo

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08/01/2019 11:57

Locked Brexit forum post
Dear members, We have taken the decision to lock the recent thread on Brexit as a number o

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07/01/2019 22:05

Opinions sought - S8 (8) or S21
Interesting one, what is the groups feelings of S8 over S21? RLA AST Six months now rol

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07/01/2019 15:51

Freeholder writing off service charges from some leaseholders
I own a number of flats in a block comprising flats above shops. The freeholder has delegated ma

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07/01/2019 14:33

Funny Viewing
Thought I would share it with you all. I was quite stunned. Viewing last night,single 30 y

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07/01/2019 13:24

Tenant Mandate for UC
Hello Does anyone know when the form is I canít find it anywhere under documents and guide

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Mark Gregory
05/01/2019 21:31

Building Insurance
Hi, We own the freehold of a building; on the ground floor is a shop which we sold on a 999 yea

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04/01/2019 15:33

Has the 5 week taking of deposits come into effect?

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02/01/2019 16:53

Garage tenancy
Background Information My husband and I purchased a property (2015). Following our purchase, w

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02/01/2019 12:03

Well somebody had to start it. Sheen put it quite well. Personally I think the EU have bullied us

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Michelle 68
31/12/2018 08:07

Mesne profits and original notice date.
Nuisance tenant on Statutory periodic tenancy who would take months to evict gave 3 months email

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30/12/2018 20:50

Best way to let rooms short term
I have 2 furnished bedrooms to let for a 4 month period with shared lounge/kitchen/bathroom - any

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29/12/2018 11:43

I have a Lodger who I extended his contract last month for six month post dated July 2018 finishi

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28/12/2018 08:03

smoke alarm
Could anybody enlighten me please who is responsible for the replacement of the battery of the sm

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27/12/2018 09:17

Samuel Leeds
Hi all, I wondered if any of you have read his books or watched him on YouTube. Any success stori

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26/12/2018 14:06

Happy (holidays, sorry just flown in from NY) Christmas one and all
Well it is that time of year again, where I find myself reflecting on another year allowing peopl

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25/12/2018 17:56

I carry out weekly checks of the fire alarms and emergency lighting and also general checks of th

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24/12/2018 13:23

Missing/absent landlord
Good afternoon I am in the process of purchasing a leasehold flat. My solicitor has infor

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24/12/2018 13:19

What to look for when searching for a doer upper
Planning to purchase another property in 2019. Looking to do up and sell on, rather than rent out

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23/12/2018 10:29

Renting to Italian National
I have received an application to rent my property ( 3 bed terraced house ) to an Italian Nation

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22/12/2018 23:32

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all
Hello all, I am signing off after today until the New Year so wishing you all a Happy Chri

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21/12/2018 12:22

During the period of tenancy is it the landlords duty to ensure the smoke alarms are working.

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19/12/2018 15:19
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