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Finding a block management company
Hi I own a leasehold flat in a building with 9 flats in total. The freeholder has managed

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12/12/2018 15:10

Great Yarmouth Selective Licensing - Oh no we didn't - Oh yes you did! A sorry tale of woe.
Upon the RLA informing Great Yarmouth BC that their plans to make it compulsory for landlords wit

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Caro S
11/12/2018 11:55

if we gift rental property to children is anything over 325k taxable if we die berfore 7 year

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11/12/2018 11:40

My tenant wants to decorate,only emulsion the walls and maybe undercoat and gloss the woodwork.

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10/12/2018 11:20

HMO Access
Hello All I have a HMO and just recently went to change the boiler controls in common area

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10/12/2018 09:59

Help! . Two tenants want to leave my HMO 6 weeks into their AST .
Hi all, I have a HMO with 6 tenants. I have previously had one tenant who lived in the

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09/12/2018 17:37

Notice Board
Please what are the things to be display on HMO notice board in Birmingham. Thanks

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08/12/2018 18:47

Missing Maureen
Maureen Hope you are ok We miss your input

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06/12/2018 11:51

The Bundle
Hi Can anyone tell me where to find the 'Bundle' or yellow form used to document correspo

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06/12/2018 11:36

Deed of surrender
Hi If I get my tenant to sign a deed of surrender to leave the property (1 month before th

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05/12/2018 13:41

247 Home Rescue - Any good?
Hi, Black Friday sale, I have got my four properties under 247 rescue at half price on mon

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05/12/2018 13:33

Tenant fees bill
Have just seen that the Housing Minister tweeted that amendment to the bill, to now cap deposits

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04/12/2018 13:24

National insurance
Hi I'm unclear as to what NI contributions I should be paying. Nearly all my income is fro

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04/12/2018 10:38

Stair lighting
Hi, where can I buy stair lighting, the sort that has the emergency facility in the case of mains

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03/12/2018 19:09

Tenancy gained through false pretences by tenant who now wants to take me to court/
Hi All, If a tenant blatantly declares to the estate agent and to us as landlords that he&

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03/12/2018 17:09

Flat raided by police - what roghts do landlord of property have
Have just discovered my flat has been raided by police (door smashed in to access) What ar

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01/12/2018 17:06

Astronomical additional service charges
Freeholder of one of our long lease properties wants to "redecorate" the exterior of the

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30/11/2018 09:05

Withholding rent
We have a tenant who has complained about the cost of the heating, (she informed us she was turni

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28/11/2018 16:56

taking the management back from the agent
I am not happy with the agent and am thinking of taking management back from the agent. they hav

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28/11/2018 09:04

amending a contarct from calendar month to 4 weekly
Hi, Can anyone please advise me on what the procedure is to change a contract from calend

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27/11/2018 22:33

Grants and funding
Hi, I've bought a commercial property and am currently applying for planning permission to co

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Grants and funding
27/11/2018 21:06

Searching Forums
Hi, When searching the forums, am I doing something wrong? I type in my search crit

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27/11/2018 13:50

Landlord using room for storage
A recent arrival to the country has rented a house through an agent only to discover that one of

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25/11/2018 09:19

Rent Increases
Hi all. I am proposing to increase the rent for my tenants from mid-February 2019. Two of them

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25/11/2018 07:57

Romanian Tenants ?
I currently have a property up to let. I have been approached by three prospective adult tenan

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24/11/2018 20:00

No Formal Tenancy Aggreement
Have recently taken over my fathers affairs as his POA. His 2 rental properties have not been mai

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24/11/2018 09:31

YMCA and similar charitable organisations
Hi Iím considering using the YMCA to find me tenants for my property. They use a bond rather than

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23/11/2018 09:55

Quick Property Sale Companies
Can members please share their experiences with those Quick Property Sale Companies.. the ones

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23/11/2018 09:52

Looking for a large 4-6 HMO house to rent in South London
Dear members. I am looking for a large HMO to rent in South London, minimum 4 bedrooms.

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21/11/2018 16:34

Landlord insurance that covers everything?
Hi, Would anyone be able to recommend a company that offers landlord insurance which covers ma

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21/11/2018 14:42

Rent book
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could advise me if i need to give my tenants a rent book when they

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21/11/2018 13:46

lease for shop
I realise RLA is not about commercial lettings. However, does anyone let a shop or office (perha

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nicest landlord
21/11/2018 09:40

Thermostatic taps for use with shower attachments
Iím after some clarification with regard to thermostatic taps for use in the bathrooms in rented

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21/11/2018 09:07

Which letting agent?
I'm looking for a new letting agent in or around Porth, near Pontypridd, South Wales. Have tr

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nicest landlord
20/11/2018 08:40

Renting to housing charities
Hi There Has anyone rented a property out to a local housing charity? Iím looking to do

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19/11/2018 13:03

Interesting article in the RLA magazine this month about Buy-to-leave. I'd not heard of this

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19/11/2018 08:53

Rent gurantee and Legal insurance cover
Hi just messed up on this, asked agents to fully vet etc new tenants, they said they would now wh

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16/11/2018 17:41

Bat Survey
Dear members, I am looking for a Bat Surveyor to survey my loft in Sale, Manchester Area.

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16/11/2018 15:01

Agents posing as prospective tenants: B Line Property -is it a con?
Has anyone else had a couple of pseudo tenants book a viewing that turned out to be a very odd le

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14/11/2018 22:47

Long term let to 'Serviced Flats' company.
I've been approached by a Co but I said no - not a suitable flat but... My landlord friend w

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11/11/2018 10:50

Commercial Lettings
Hi, can anyone give me some advice on letting a Commercial property. Could I print off the lease

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09/11/2018 14:29
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