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I find that most builders dont give receipts. It has become a big problem for me. Doothers find

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05/11/2018 11:06

annual AGM
Good Morning All !. I have a share of freehold in a block of 24 flats, One of two director

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05/11/2018 09:02

Anyone been to court for a RRO?
I m in a selective licence area that I didn’t know about until 10weeks into contract (non HMO). I

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02/11/2018 15:21

Dratted Trade Point Discount
First thing folk see on the RLA site is "Free Trade Point Card - save thousands" (!!!)

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01/11/2018 21:03

Renewing tenancies
I have let my property on fixed term AST. Then rolled onto periodic basis. Is this still recommen

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nicest landlord
01/11/2018 11:12

Tenant failed to collect keys
Hello Just wondering what people's thoughts are. I was contacted 5 weeks ago by

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30/10/2018 07:37

Has anyone any experience of getting money owed out of a guarantor ? I understand that if the gua

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Chris Bingham
29/10/2018 10:54

Universal Credit - How to get Housing Benefit paid direct ? Tenant agrees !!
Hi all, Looking to get a new tenant Monday 29th, but i have spoke to my local HB departmen

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27/10/2018 09:44

HELP - Has anyone got an Excel sheet so i can keep track of rental payments/missed payment/total ??
Hi All I just wondered if anyone has an Excel sheet so i can keep track of rental payments

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26/10/2018 20:09

References - how to get them?
I never used to bother getting landlord references thinking that you probably can't rely on t

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26/10/2018 16:37

Property Inspection
Hello, Can I ask how often do you all carry out inspections on your rental properties and

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26/10/2018 11:57

Emergency Accommodation
I've heard it said on TV & radio programmes that the best way to make money from a property i

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26/10/2018 11:09

Building smells of weed
Hi all, As part of the management company for a building converted into three flats (one of wh

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25/10/2018 20:14

sitting tenant
Hi A friend of mine rents a property which has been sold with them as sitting tenants. Sho

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25/10/2018 11:46

If we do our own inventory, is it not acceptable as much as an independant inventory done by an i

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24/10/2018 20:29

Tenants moved and not paid bills
Hi I have a flat where the tenants have left and there is a bill for heating and hot water th

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24/10/2018 10:43

interest received
My husband and I had individual current accounts but made them joint last year. Do we split any

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23/10/2018 18:12

A couple with a baby in a 1 bed flat tenancy
Hello, Does anyone know if renting out a one bed room flat (with separate kitchen and livi

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22/10/2018 06:34

Tenant has lied during reference stage
I’m a newish landlord and I had someone who loved my property so I asked for a deposit to secure

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21/10/2018 12:53

Tenant being rehoused by council
Hi Guys, Finally I can see end of the tunnel and my delightful tenant is being re-housed d

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19/10/2018 20:27

cannabis farm hattrick
Please congratulate me today I have uncovered my 3rd cannabis farm. Neighbours tell me Pol

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19/10/2018 18:52

Can I say NO Housing Benefit?
I have previously read about landlords discriminating against tenants in receipt of housing benef

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nicest landlord
19/10/2018 12:00

Small landlord software
Hi All, have done a lot of research recently as am looking for a software package that basically

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18/10/2018 08:51

Negative Equity - Unable to continue with mortgage payments - landlord debt advisory
Has anybody employed the services of a Landlord Debt Advisory company and if so were you happy/no

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15/10/2018 20:02

District Homes Housing Ass - any good?
I was talking to District Homes Housing Association at the landlord show at Old Trafford this wee

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15/10/2018 15:17

Recommended energy providers for Landlords
Hi All, we have just started letting a couple of HMOs all inclusive, and wondered if there are an

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15/10/2018 10:25

Couple of questions
Hi all, I've had nothing but stress all week from my tenant due to a Section 8 served.

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13/10/2018 03:15

property tax
After reading tax cafe I understand that its only higher rate tax payers that are affected by the

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11/10/2018 23:06

dodgy reference
In June I turned down an applicant because the glowing landlord reference given over the phone di

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11/10/2018 22:00

furniture marks to walls and carpets
Hi A question arose the other day about furniture foot marks. While I always attribute fur

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10/10/2018 10:46

Is it ok to send Section 21 and 8 sent via email?
Are sending Section 21 and 8 ok via email? Tenant has responded “received”

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10/10/2018 10:05

condensation issues
I would welcome other landlords advice on how to tackle condensation issues. We have today taken

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09/10/2018 21:53

renew/extend AST
hi, this is my first rental property, which I have been managing myself. I made full use of the R

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
08/10/2018 09:41

Future Renting Conference
Hello, I've created this thread about our Future Renting Conference. Our next conferen

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08/10/2018 07:58

Refusal to communicate
I put the rent up ,giving required notice and the tenant said they were going to improve the prop

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07/10/2018 10:39

Smart Meters
Recently had a tenant vacate who without our knowledge had a smart meter fitted within the last f

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05/10/2018 09:51

Flat inspection software
Hi there, Just wondering if anyone has a good flat/house inspection software. I'm look

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04/10/2018 19:55

Insurance Claim or Malicious Damage
Hi, my tenant moved out recently and left a certain amount of damage to the property that I am ho

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03/10/2018 19:53

If you could ask 1 question...
I am meeting James Brokenshire later this month (Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and

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03/10/2018 15:54

Insurance Claim or Malicious Damage
Hi, my tenant moved out recently and left a certain amount of damage to the property that I am ho

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02/10/2018 15:41

Legionella Risk Assessment
Please could someone feed back on what they do in practise to: maintain, inspect & service their

Replies: 4
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02/10/2018 12:32
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