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"Graceful" eviction?
We have had tenants for over ten years - they have had two kiddies, and thankfully have kept the

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11/11/2019 12:41

Ex tenant fitted carpets with finance
An ex tenant ruined several carpets but before leaving had new ones fitted. Six months later the

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08/11/2019 20:24

Loss Assessors for fire claim, yes or no ?
I have just had a house burnt out, more or less a total loss, insurance companies loss adjuster v

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02/11/2019 09:38

Compensation Claims!
Well, as if landlords didn't have enough to worry about, it seems like the "ambulance cha

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nicest landlord
01/11/2019 10:25

Sale of rented property
Hi There are there any conditions that Rent Smart Wales can stop me putting my property up for sa

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30/10/2019 08:53

Do I need to add a TV aerial?
Hi, I am about to let a family property.The property has a TV cable and 2 satellite dishes but n

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29/10/2019 10:36

Tenant wants to add New Wife
Hi, I have a gent who has been with me for a year, he has recently moved his new wife from Turkey

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25/10/2019 20:27

Selling a tenanted property with no tenancy agreement
Hello - advice and/or experience would be helpful on the best way to sell a property which has be

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25/10/2019 13:30

Replacement for online letting agents Upad
We have happily used Upad online for many years and are sorry to find that they are no longer tra

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25/10/2019 09:35

sink in toilet
Hi we have just purchased an old council property which has a separate bathroom and toilet. The

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24/10/2019 11:46

Inventories In AND Out
Quick question. Do you normally do a separate out-going tenant inventory AND a new in-going

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23/10/2019 20:51

Agents Rules in Wales
Can anybody tell me please.... do I still count as an agent if the property is owned by my spouse

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23/10/2019 08:59

If the rental income has always been split between husband and wife in the tax forms and if for a

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22/10/2019 15:34

Renting to a tenant with Autism
I have been approached by a mother of a an adult that wishes to rent my one bed house. Now, its p

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17/10/2019 19:58

Gren Deal Assessment Liverpool
I have a property EPC grade F, which needs to be brought up to standard by April 2020. I need th

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17/10/2019 09:22

UPAD closing
Just got this message on my phone on my lists of news. Got quite a shock, thought they wer

Replies: 23
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16/10/2019 18:01

One Touch Investments
I get a lot of emails from One Touch Investments, I am not sure how I got on their mailing list,

Replies: 1
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16/10/2019 15:51

Tax template Ltd Company
Hi all, I have got the template for property tax but this appears to be for private landlo

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16/10/2019 13:36

Refunding a deposit
Hi need some advice please. I had someone pay their deposit on a room in my HMO and now they a

Replies: 3
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15/10/2019 17:19

request for a copy of tenancy after the tenant has left
a tenant that vacated a month ago has contacted me for a copy of his tenancy, his bond was paid b

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15/10/2019 12:44

Handling Spare Keys Without Agent or Local Presence
Hi, I'm trying to think of options for resolving lost key issues in my HMO properties.

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14/10/2019 22:20

CAR PARK ANPR? Your thoughts please
guys I know ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition reader) are seen as bad (airports MaC

Replies: 10
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14/10/2019 08:56

Small HMO external door locks & fire extinguishers
I'm thinking of letting a 2-storey 3-bed house to 3 sharers. I believe this would count as a

Replies: 5
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13/10/2019 18:50

Guarantor application info & form
Hello everyone I'm new here so apologies if I'm asking the obvious. I'm proces

Replies: 7
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13/10/2019 10:53

Section 21 consultation ends today
Just a reminder that the S21 consultation ends today. Donít forget to have your say!

Replies: 3
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12/10/2019 19:59

Access for Maintenance
Hi I have a property which I purchased with a tenant in situ, I issued a new AST and all the c

Replies: 9
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nicest landlord
11/10/2019 09:03

It would appear that tens of thousands of flat owners are now caught in the double issue of not b

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10/10/2019 09:00

Including Utilities in Rent
When I first started renting I included utilities in the rent - this did not go well as I once ar

Replies: 18
Views: 296
09/10/2019 15:14

Section 21 and Agent managed property.
I am having some problems with rent payment from a tenant, this house is currently managed by a l

Replies: 3
Views: 215
09/10/2019 13:22

Advice on a Commercial lease please.Are both partners liable even if only one signs the lease?
First of all, I hope you don't feel it's taking a liberty posting a query about a commerc

Replies: 1
Views: 194
nicest landlord
09/10/2019 13:01

ICO. What address do you use?
Although our home address is shown on tenantsí AST agreements, I am not very happy about having i

Replies: 5
Views: 253
Mrs M.
07/10/2019 17:15

Inspection Checklist
HI Everyone, Does anyone have or know where I can find a regular property inspection form

Replies: 3
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Caro S
04/10/2019 13:16

Possession Hearing
Hello I have a hearing that was adjourned for possession and rent arrears, however the tenant has

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04/10/2019 08:23

Form N5B
Can anyone advise whether I have to complet certificate of service on page 6 of the form. I unde

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01/10/2019 21:09

UC making payment to my tenant when I filled UC47 form.
Hi, I have tenant who owes me well over £1800 and he moved from the Housing Benefits

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01/10/2019 13:38

Utilities Management
Has anyone used Utilitease - to manage their properties utilities? They are partnered with RLA a

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01/10/2019 12:36

your experience on having insurance for legal and rent payment
Hello can anybody give me information and your experience on having insurance for legal and r

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30/09/2019 20:56

What's the best way to add a new tenant to an existing contract?
Dear All, I wonder if you could help? I am letting a 3 bedroom flat to 3 students,

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30/09/2019 13:02

Help information required to register a County court judgement
Hello I read the following Comment on recovery of overdue court fees pos

Replies: 2
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30/09/2019 09:40

When to be a limited company
Hi Re all the tax changes for landlords.... Is it best to be a limited company? Or what

Replies: 3
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Cueball 83
29/09/2019 20:07

Selling property and sec 21

Replies: 4
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28/09/2019 12:23
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