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I would appreciate your expertise in this matter, Who is responsible for bed bugs the landlor

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18/09/2019 17:30

EPC Exemption (high cost, 7 year rule, etc)
Does anyone have any experience or advise on gaining an EPC exemption? I'm trying to understa

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17/09/2019 21:43

Hi there looking for advice please. I have a HMO and one of my tenants has handed in her notic

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17/09/2019 14:11

Morning all. Please can you let me know what paperwork you provide to your tenants re GDPR

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Caro S
17/09/2019 11:26

Japanese knotweed
Hi. I think i have noticed this plant growing on the other side of the neighbouriing property to

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Jane Lo
17/09/2019 07:28

Changing from buy-to-let rental to a home for elderly relative
We have tenants moving out of a property and are considering putting an elderly relative (semi re

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16/09/2019 18:04

Guests staying over
We have a 3 bedroom flat, which has a HMO licence for 3 tenants, and has a Joint tenancy agreemen

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16/09/2019 09:21

Rent Increase
Which is the best way to increase rent, via a Section 13 or issue a new AST. What are the pros a

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15/09/2019 10:43

Is my tenant entitled to compensation if the frezzer was not working

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13/09/2019 12:53

Judgement entered
Hello, I have recently had to request a judgement on a tenant for an amount of unpaid rent, this

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13/09/2019 08:14

chancel repairs liability
Not related specifically to tenancy/landlord issue but was wondering if one should consider buyin

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12/09/2019 21:33

Cat quandary
Met a prosepctive tenant, liked what I saw, gave her an application form to fill in, with "No

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12/09/2019 16:58

PM Johnson urged to ‘reinvigorate buy-to-let’ by introducing tax changes

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11/09/2019 19:40

Dog pool in house
guys My tenants have gone away for two weeks and we are finishing an extension we started some

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11/09/2019 09:14

How do you tell your tenant the house is dirty
Help, I have a tenant that moved in 5 years ago with her family. I pointed things out at each 6

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10/09/2019 22:34

bathroom replacement cost
guys just getting my head space correct. Standard bathroom, bath, shower over bath

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10/09/2019 21:40

Fire alarm inspections
I have a couple of blocks of flats in Morecambe and ive always had my fire alarm and emergency li

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Ben Pattinson
08/09/2019 13:10

Long term great tenant in difficulty.
I am in a quandry. I have a great tenant renting a house off me for 14 years. She have been claim

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08/09/2019 12:07

Changing Cylinders when tenants change
Is it a good idea or even necessary to change the cylinder at the front door when the tenants cha

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07/09/2019 08:44

UC making payment to my tenant when I filled UC47 form.
Hi, I have tenant who owes me well over £1800 and he moved from the Housing Benefits

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06/09/2019 15:54

Tenant made redundant
Hello, First of all apologies if this topic (question) is a repeat and I am asking for what wa

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06/09/2019 11:59

RLA & NLA to merge?

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06/09/2019 09:04

Has anyone used a video/photo inventory package
Hi I will shortly be changing tenants and wondered if anyone uses a video/photo inventory serv

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06/09/2019 07:38

How would a credit check agency view a potential tenant who is employed but temping
Hi everybody, I have someone interested in renting a room (HMO) and he works for Engage Educat

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05/09/2019 17:05

Council tax on Flats converted from shared bedsits
How do I register for council tax on a property converted from 7 bedsits with an hmo licence to

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03/09/2019 08:45

What expenses are deductable on Tax Return 2019?
I am sending the info to my accountant for Self Assessment. I am not sure what expenses can be ta

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02/09/2019 14:08

section 21
Having heard that Boris is suspending Parliament do you think that the clock will be reset on abo

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02/09/2019 10:11

Another reason to have multiple addresses, and not property address, with Land Registry
You'll possibly be aware of the risks from tenants selling or otherwise your treasured BTL in

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01/09/2019 07:38

Rights with a managing agent
Hi, I'm the landlord of a flat in a ~10 flat block, managed by a managing agent on beh

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31/08/2019 09:54

Advertising sites for private rental house (not using letting agent)
Hi, what sites could I advertise a house in Cotswolds available to rent via Assured Shorthold Ten

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30/08/2019 10:03

Bicycle Shed
My tenants have just taken occupation of my flat and they now want me to provide them with a bicy

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29/08/2019 10:22

Maximum Rent increase % in cl 16 RLA AST
Just doing my first AST on the form that has this clause in.. Could RLA explain why we need a max

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28/08/2019 22:02

Difficulty renting HMO
Hello, I was only wondering if anyone else is struggling a bit these past few months - we

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28/08/2019 21:21

Irregular Gas Safety Certificates
Question: I have a property which when the tenant moved in had a gas safety certificate. For what

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28/08/2019 13:12

Holding Deposit lodged by Stranger
I currently have a large 3-bed 3-storey house available to rent. It’s not registered as an

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Member Lilychip
28/08/2019 09:19

GT Campion
Calling Cornwall or Devon landlords - Has anyone had Mundic testing done and did they put the cos

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g turner
27/08/2019 19:07

Article 4 Manchester
I have a house which was used as a student HMO but which fell into disrepair and I let it as stor

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27/08/2019 16:06

Marketing a property in the fixed term
Hi there I have a tenant that has told me via WhatsApp that he intends to move out of his propert

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27/08/2019 12:57

Hi members I have a tenant that moved into one of our rental properties on 28th June 2019.

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24/08/2019 19:54

Decision time - shall I sell?
So, a long-standing tenant has given notice. Now I have to decide whether to do as I planned when

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24/08/2019 13:51

Building responsibility
I am looking for some answers to the following scenario. When I bought my bye to let flat some ye

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24/08/2019 12:49
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