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Utility Companies
Hi all. Can anyone recommend a good utility company please? At the moment I am with Spark

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07/10/2017 10:39

landlords be aware of ltigation against you.
Annual mortgage Statements do not tell you the full picture. All AMS should be accompanied with (

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bank mole
06/10/2017 21:14

Cleaning charges
Sorry if this has been on before but would like to know how much people pay cleaners on average.

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Marie Benn
05/10/2017 19:22

Process for vetting and viewings
I have a number of people interested in my property some of which I have already rejected in resp

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nicest landlord
04/10/2017 19:02

Landlord gas meters
Does anyone have experience of landlord gas meters - where the landlord pays the gas bill but sel

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04/10/2017 16:32

Eviction and judgement for money after Section *
I went to Court last week and got a section 8 possession order to take effect on 6 October at 4pm

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04/10/2017 10:57

Charge for credit check
Do you usually charge a prospective tenant for credit checks or do you take that on as a cost to

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04/10/2017 10:10

Fire Exits
If a building (with 5 flats)has a front door and a back door - are they both required to be used

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04/10/2017 01:41

Right to Rent - how often
How often do right to rent checks need to be carried out? Do they need to be checked on an annual

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03/10/2017 14:28

Boarded up property
Morning all. I am looking at a ground floor flat that has metal boards over the doors and window

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02/10/2017 21:27

Insurance cover - RGI & Legal cover
Rent Guarantee & Legal cover. IF you have a 12 month policy and Tenant leaves start of month 8

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02/10/2017 17:05

Rent via Agents: How long is it reasonable to wait?
Hi How long is it reasonable to wait for rent to arrive via an agent? Say (for example) the

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Teg's Dad
02/10/2017 10:49

Room only tenancy agreements
This is the first time I'm renting two rooms in my house on a room only basis. I will not be

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01/10/2017 21:16

heads up for advertising on MSH web- site for autumn - 31st March 2018
For those with suitable accommodation in M/cr & districts; the period for advertising with MSH ha

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01/10/2017 17:04

Council chasing me for tenants council tax payments
We have had two students rent a flat over the past year. As they are students they are not liabl

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30/09/2017 17:47

Can the Council breach Data Protection with Private Tenants information
I have a property in East London which is under the London Borough of Waltham Foroest. I had to

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28/09/2017 21:41

Utility Bills/Supplier
My tenant has just recently left my rental property.I have set up a new account with the gas/elec

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28/09/2017 08:48

Housing Associations in Stoke on Trent
I have a pal who has a 2 bed house to let in Stoke on Trent, and is considering NACRO housing ass

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27/09/2017 13:34

How to find the owner?
Basics are : - Owner buys leasehold flat - lets to tenant - I bump into tenant, with

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27/09/2017 08:54

Tenant wants to Girlfriend to Move In
My tenant has asked me if his girlfriend can move in with him. She is currently renting elsewhere

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25/09/2017 23:30

Opinions wanted
I'll keep it short. One of my longest serving tenants(70 years old), 20 years, has fin

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22/09/2017 17:20

Propery inespections
Hello all, What is everyone's view on frequency of inspections on properties?

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22/09/2017 10:28

EPC Ratings
Hi, Things might have changed but a while back I bought a property to rent and it came wit

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20/09/2017 12:07

Missing Landlord
This is a bit of a strange one - The Landlord has gone missing (makes a change from a Tenant!).

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20/09/2017 07:21

Pop up basin plug
Our pop up basin plug is stuck at rental,needs sorting usually you push it to open or close Ha

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19/09/2017 19:41

I have somebody wanting to move in to a property tomorrow but I need an EPC. If I date tenancy t

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19/09/2017 17:13

Heads up about an Energy perk for LL's
Hello colleagues. In June I contacted EON as per when tenants vacated & I swap the Energy Acco

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19/09/2017 16:00

Launch of RLA Quarterly Survey on Finance and Tax
The last two years have seen a number of changes announced that could adversely impact your letti

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Tom Simcock
19/09/2017 11:26

RLA Cert
Is there somewhere on the site I can download my RLA membership Cert or invoice so I can save and

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17/09/2017 21:37

Landlord & tenant
Would love to hear thoughts on this: I'm a landlord who moved to a new area to build a

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15/09/2017 16:34

How often a lodger can invite the friend(s) to visit the property?
I am a living-in landlord with two lodgers.My lodgers are inviting their friends for short and ov

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14/09/2017 21:57

addendum to tenancy agreement
Could anyone advise me what addendums if any they add to their tenancy agreements. I saw earlier

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14/09/2017 17:16

Accounts software for landlords
Dear all, I am trying to investigate the best accounts software for a portfolio of under 2

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13/09/2017 16:49

Arranging EPC certificates
Hi, Can I please check that the EPC certificates available via the link on the Gov website

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12/09/2017 16:30

redress scheme
How to check if a letting agent has registered on the Redress Scheme as a letting agent? Thank yo

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11/09/2017 16:52

Tenant moved boyfriend in without telling us
It has come to our attention that our tenant moved her boyfriend into our property several months

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11/09/2017 14:23

reference check
We need an advice on reference check on tenants: How long does it take to have the res

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11/09/2017 14:17

Photos for Rightmove top tips
I have been pulled up by my landlord mate Basil who has told me how rubbish my 9 photos are adver

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08/09/2017 18:09

Hi All Anyone know of any good firms Manchester area.

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bank mole
08/09/2017 15:03

Tenant is sub-letting his flat out via Air bnb!
We recently discovered that a tenant of ours is advertising the flat he is renting, on airbnb.

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08/09/2017 12:01

24/7 Home Rescue
Has anyone had any dealings with this company? On Thursday 31 August, one of my tenants re

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08/09/2017 10:28
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