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Does the RLA credit check deliver on addresses in Scotland?
Hello colleagues..just asking if anyone out there has used the RLA credit checking service for poten

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03/04/2016 01:29

hi i let an unfurnished property to a couple with 2 children.recently the couple split and the

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02/04/2016 13:18

Manchester Tradesmen
Hi there. Looking for reputable tradesmen in and around Manchester. Any contacts?? Thanks

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01/04/2016 13:30

Excellent Article please share via

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Jane Lo
01/04/2016 08:32

Rent paid by someone else
My tenant, a woman on her own with 4 children, has had difficulty paying the rent. Her benefits hav

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Jane Lo
01/04/2016 08:16

Anyone heard of or dealt with MISTORIA?
Have seen a few properties marketed by Mistoria who run several companies, buying, renovating, selli

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31/03/2016 22:46

Unchartered territory ... Newbie, thanks
Hello Colleagues, we have recently acquired a flat - 2 months in the 1st bank holiday weekend, we ha

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31/03/2016 21:38

Tenant murdered in property
Hi, I have been asked to fully manange a flat by a landlord i have dealt with before. I

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31/03/2016 16:44

Proof of service
Hello, What does everyone do in order to prove provided Gas Cert, EPC, How to rent book e

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31/03/2016 10:29

Property Buddy Manager Software App from Apple for i Phone/Pad
Trying to get used to the app but struggling, anybody using this who could give me some help. Once y

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Mark Gregory
29/03/2016 22:49

Oil Boilers
Should we be getting Oil Boiler certificates like we do gas?

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Member 1
29/03/2016 14:24

solicitors increase their monopoly
I have just had my money refused for a property purchase because it did not come from a solicitors a

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Hythe man
29/03/2016 12:41

Tenants query - new purchase, thank you.
We are about to purchase a 2 bed flat, although a private sale, the owners may rent the flat back f

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Hythe man
29/03/2016 12:37

Gas Safety certificate
Do I need a gas safety certificate. My son was renting 2 rooms at our house and is now leaving. We a

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Paul H
27/03/2016 20:50

Tenancy forms
Have RLA changed the tenancies. I have downloaded the 2016 form but can't type in to

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25/03/2016 12:09

Gas Safety certificate
Do I need a gas safety certificate. My son was renting 2 rooms at our house and is now leaving. We a

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Paul H
24/03/2016 17:53

Gas Inspection Tenant not responding or debt on meter
I have one tenant who has 170 debt on meter so cant carryout annual gas inspection. Another te

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24/03/2016 15:48

How to deal with annoying tenant who don't pick up the calls !
Hi We have a tenant who complained me in January about the mould and I called Enviovent ,

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Jane Lo
23/03/2016 18:13

Has anyone let their property with Apex Housing Solutions Ltd ?
An Estate Agent has recommended I let my property to Apex Housing Solutions (

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23/03/2016 17:32

where to advertise when selling a block of flats
Hi, im currently selling my block of flats, there up with an agent and have been since novembe

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22/03/2016 16:19

Tenants Girlfriend won't leave.
Hello All Not sure best way to approach this. I've got a nice tenant who is threatening to

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Mark Gregory
18/03/2016 17:58

Rent increase
Hi , I now don't wish to issue new contracts to any of my tenants and I think it's time to r

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16/03/2016 21:04

short term manchester let needed from 21st march
Hi A good friend who is a consultant is looking for a fully furnished short term let ide

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15/03/2016 16:39

Noise nuisance
Tenant A on ground floor flat is making noise in the early hours and waking tenants B who are on the

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15/03/2016 07:44

Ensuring a tenant will leave at end of 6 month agreement
Can anybody advise me if there is a way to ensure a tenant leaves at the end of a 6 or even 12 month

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14/03/2016 11:48

service of notice
Hi, Could anyone help me with letting me know how many months before a years rental is due to be up,

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13/03/2016 17:41

Mortgages passed to spouse on death?
Can anyone advise please, i am a sole trader with some 14 properties all i interest only loans. If

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12/03/2016 11:11

Tenants with Visas
Please can anyone guide us on our first tenant with a right to remain visa. They have produced the v

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11/03/2016 16:44

Property Purchase soon - Electrics query
We are about to purchase a property - 2 bed flat ( Block managed - service charges apply ) T

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Hythe man
11/03/2016 12:11

Tenancy termination
Hi, Our tenant has emailed to say she is ending the tenancy at the end of year 1. This will be in 3

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10/03/2016 13:53

Finding new tenants
Hi there I'm fairly new to this game and was wondering if people had any suggestions

Replies: 13
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Tony A
09/03/2016 12:17

Section 21, should I?
Later this week is the first date I can properly issue a Section 21 for my less than ideal tenant.(

Replies: 4
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nicest landlord
09/03/2016 10:26

my electric heating isn't good enough
ive got a block of 6 self contained flats ( 4 x studios, 2 x 1 beds) and ive just had an inspection

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07/03/2016 15:25

Tenant moving within same building/same landlord,Deposit question
If a tenant moves within the same house/same Landlord from one accommodation to another is it ok for

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04/03/2016 19:09

Sewage coming in to my basement flat from next door.
Hi, This may be a legal question so any comments welcome. I posted recently regarding wat

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Jane Lo
04/03/2016 10:03

Accounts/Landlord Software
Hi I am currently wanting to update our accountancy software and I am after recommendati

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Osborne Properties
03/03/2016 11:42

Debt Relief Order
Hi, Does anyone know if a Debt Relief Order affects a standard AST in any way please?

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nicest landlord
02/03/2016 16:11

Right to rent?
Where is the RLA advice on right to rent? I think a tenant has an African boyfriend who h

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01/03/2016 19:22

Qualifications NFoPP or CIH??
Hello, I'm looking into studying Level 2 and Level 3 Residential Property Management.

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Matthew Gordon
01/03/2016 17:52

My first post has a few questions
I'm not sure whether I should ask any of these questions separately or not; please excuse me if

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01/03/2016 13:42

My first post has a few questions
I'm not sure whether I should ask any of these questions separately or not; please excuse me if

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01/03/2016 10:56
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