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Dear All On an HMO facebook page the following was posted: "Are you aware of th

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Mrs C
18/12/2017 10:44

The council want to rent one of my flats on a day to day basis, but they want me to be VAT regist

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Mrs C
18/12/2017 10:38

Liverpool Landlord Licensing
Hi, I have recently had my first inspection from the council for one of my Licenced properties in

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15/12/2017 14:57

Phone line
We have bought a small development of 4 mews properties. it has come to light that the developers

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13/12/2017 14:27

Tenant moving out inspection process
Hello, I have a tenant moving out at the end of this month. They have a deposit secured in

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12/12/2017 12:49

Bulk Utility Deals - Gas/Electricity
I have a portfolio of 45 HMO's and we have to pay all the utilities. Could anyone recommend

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12/12/2017 09:12

No Gas since 2012 but EDF suing for 27 pence per day since
Recently purchased a studio apartment from client. Gas was disconnected in 2012 on the instruct

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10/12/2017 17:52

Council provides Deposit how to protect
I am about to received the whole deposit via my agent from the council. Its for some new tenants

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09/12/2017 20:05

Bacteria lurking in the water tank!
Although strictly speaking not relevant to this forum I would appreciate your advice on the follo

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09/12/2017 15:01

Until RLA produce there own?? Can anyone recommend a dedicated photo storage smartphone app suita

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09/12/2017 08:09

Cleaning charges
I asked a local cleaner to give me prices or a rough idea of costs to clean various sized apartme

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08/12/2017 18:39

Illegal eviction complaint
I recently received a letter from the Council, informing me that one of my previous tenants has a

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08/12/2017 18:11

Disagreements with tenant over works
Hi All, after some advice on how to manage a difficult relationship with my tenants. Te

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06/12/2017 23:54

Woking - Selective Licensing
I feel like I'm fighting a lone battle against Woking's Selective Licensing Scheme where

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06/12/2017 14:11

Sadly one of our tenants has passed away.
Earlier this year we had a young family move into the house. They were partners with two young ch

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02/12/2017 11:30

Fire door closers & tenants complaining
We've installed fire doors and closers as per the new council requirements and the tenants ar

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29/11/2017 21:47

Smoke alarms/CO dectors
I have a property (built 2010) I am about to rent out but have it fully managed for me due to lo

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28/11/2017 21:02

Private Rental Sector Numbers
Can anyone please advise the approx numbers of tenants in the PRS in any of these territories? (f

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28/11/2017 15:55

landlord software
Hi Does anyone have any reccomendations for cloud based management software, There is a lot ar

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28/11/2017 14:12

Less tenant enquiries recently
Ordinarily rooms in my HMO properties are filled within a week or 2 of advertising, I'm still

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28/11/2017 10:42

Hi all, Some advise needed please... I have a 5 bedroom HMO (all single occupancy r

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28/11/2017 08:49

Reoccupying after checked out
Have checked out of property but tenancy have not expired yet. After separated from family I h

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25/11/2017 14:33

Budget announcement
The recent RLA news letter on the budget didnt mention the proposed 40% CGT on sale of BTL which

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25/11/2017 09:58

Good tenants have left, now have debt collector chasing them.
Hi, I had good tenants for 18 months. Paid on time, kept things in good order. Debt collector

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Susan Smalley
25/11/2017 08:24

rent arrears
My tenant did not pay last months rent...i sent reminders but although receiving text and a cal

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24/11/2017 19:30

Section 8,10, 11, 21 awarded - facing counter claim and encouraged to wipe out court ruling!
I have just won a court case to remove a tenant who stopped paying rent (for over 8 months) and c

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24/11/2017 12:23

HMO shared kitchen - food going missing
Hi I have a HMO with 7 tenants who share a kitchen - Over the past few months I have had comp

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22/11/2017 18:02

Rats - who and how to deal with Rats
Hi, we have had the property for over 4 years now and this is the first time it has been reported

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Elaine Evans
22/11/2017 17:12

Condensation - Mould early signs
Hi All, one of our properties has signs of excessive condensation early mould appearance. Prev

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22/11/2017 14:41

gas pre pay meters
My new tenant is insisting the prepay meter (gas) be changed. It was installed during the last te

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20/11/2017 18:05

I have been advised by a letting agent that an independent inventory check must be carried out by

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20/11/2017 15:15

Anyway of preventing credit on an address for a name?
I rent a property to a young lady and her parents have asked me if there is any way we can put a

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20/11/2017 14:53

Managing Software
We have been using Property Manager for quite some time now. But now we are considering switching

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20/11/2017 11:59

deposit guard
Can you still register the deposit even if 30 days have passed?

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20/11/2017 07:35

Client Accounts
Hello - can anyone recommend a good current account for a small business?

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19/11/2017 10:15

Social Housing and working with Local authorities in Wales
Any fellow long suffering landlords any experiance of working with local authorities, social hous

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Elaine Evans
17/11/2017 12:20

s21 court form
Just about to submit forms to court. It is just question 10C I am confused by if anybody can hel

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16/11/2017 13:05

Hi This is an open question, what is the best qualification or training someone can do for val

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14/11/2017 13:50

Which properties are working best for me. Use Gross yield, net yield or based on collateral?
I need to sell a property to free up some cash. Yields are all pretty good. Some have a lot of co

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14/11/2017 10:23

Deceased tenangs
Hi everyone. Both my tenants are now deceased, the tenancy was an AST on a monthly periodi

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14/11/2017 08:31

In view of the current letting agents fees in favour of tenants, does any one feel there should b

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13/11/2017 23:15
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