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Request to leave belongings in room prior to tenancy start date.
I have a young student signing to start a room only tenancy late in September. Out of the blue sh

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Trans Am
09/08/2018 10:14

Wales - Smoke Alarms and CO alarms ? How to Rent Booklet ??
Hi All Looking for info regarding fitting of smoke alarms and CO alarms. I would al

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07/08/2018 13:45

Flat with no access
Hoping someone can give me a bit of advice! I have a first floor flat which the council are charg

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07/08/2018 12:26

What to do if my tenant at will without a lease won't leave
As you can guess i am rather new to all this. I have one tenant on an assured shorthold ... she

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06/08/2018 17:55

nottingham selective licencing
any one else wading through this application form?

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06/08/2018 17:45

Thank you Maureen
Had a problem with a toilet, remembered your trick of standing on a chair with a bowl of water an

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05/08/2018 13:42

rent increase
Hi everyone my first post although iv been a member for a while. I have a tenant thats been wi

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04/08/2018 14:16

Long term tenant with cats - which are now causing issues
Morning all, We have a long term tenant where it was agreed upon the start of their tenanc

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04/08/2018 12:52

Co-op mortgage terms - consequences if I don't get consent to let?
I obviously object to the fact that they are increasing my mortgage interest rate by 1% rather t

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04/08/2018 07:43


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03/08/2018 12:38

How to rent booklet
Hello, Can the RLA maybe raise that the new booklet does not have the version date on the

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01/08/2018 17:53

Tenant wishing to withdraw
My daughter has a student friend who signed a contract last Friday and paid a deposit by cash int

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31/07/2018 21:48

Bringing an AST to an end by mutual agreement, 3 years to the day after it was created
What formal steps are necessary? Is it enough to just let it lapse, or should an agreement to end

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30/07/2018 10:09

Parking Nightmare!
We have a tenant living in an enclosed small development, she has two allocated parking spaces.

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30/07/2018 09:34

Electric Boilers / EPC rating
We've fitted electric boilers to 4 houses. We did this because we believe electricity is

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29/07/2018 12:39

Tenants AST (2nd)6 month ends Sept 15th. Periods are 16th to 15th..It goes CPT after that but she

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27/07/2018 22:35

Replacement Kitchen Cupboard Doors
Hello, I am contemplating changing some Kitchen cupboard doors, about seven in total.

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27/07/2018 08:34

Tennant receipts
I've just started to manage my own properties. Are landlords legally bound to priovide a rece

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26/07/2018 21:44

Invalid section 21
If the tenants name is misspelt on the section 21 would /could this render it invalid?. Dose t

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26/07/2018 08:33

Finding historic rent rates
Hi everyone, I am doing some research on a potential investment. On Rightmove, I am able t

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JJ Investor
24/07/2018 16:09

Using companies that find houses for renting
Hi I just wondered if anyone out there had used these companies that search for investment

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23/07/2018 15:40

Outstanding Bills + Debt Collectors
Evening All, I need some advice, a previous tenant of mine left just under 2 months ago an

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22/07/2018 22:04

Renting to Foreign students
I am looking for new tenants and have put out an advert. Several foreign applicants are intereste

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21/07/2018 17:47

Five-year electrical checks to be compulsory for PRS landlords
Anyone know when this must be done by? Cannot find the info on dates. Is this a Electrical Instal

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21/07/2018 09:33

Moving BTL mortgage
Hi All, I am currently having a whale of a time with HSBC, with them not calling me back, giving

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19/07/2018 15:17

Best book on landlord/tenancy law
Does anyone have any suggestions on the best book for landlord/tenancy law. Thanks

Replies: 6
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17/07/2018 16:10

Break clause and option to renew
In a Tenancy Agreement can you have a break clause and an option to renew?

Replies: 3
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17/07/2018 09:18

Bad Tenants next door
Hi I have a really good tenant that is getting hassle from a tenant next door. I have spoken with

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16/07/2018 18:43

How To Rent guide has been updated again
Unsure if Landlords are aware of this but there has just been another update on the June 2018 ver

Replies: 3
Views: 342
16/07/2018 18:12

New Agent charging for an existing AST
I have a friend whose rented flat was recently taken over by a different agency. She has t

Replies: 3
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16/07/2018 13:01

Household waste
Is anyone else having difficulties with local authorities over household waste management or coll

Replies: 9
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14/07/2018 22:09

Just been on DPS site. For your information, You now need to give tenants a new 

Replies: 2
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13/07/2018 09:51

Air bnb
I am looking into Air BnB I am just wondering, is there any form of licence I need to obta

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12/07/2018 13:58

Rental Increase
Hi Guys, What form do I need to you to increase the rent? I have had my tenant for 3 year

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11/07/2018 16:23

damp and the council
I have just received a letter from the council saying my tenant has complained about the house he

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11/07/2018 09:26

All London Boroughs have signed Mayor's Rogue Landlord Checker.Where is the rogue tenant register?
We deal with tenants every day and see the same old tricks being used by them all, but they don&#

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10/07/2018 18:52

Section 8
Good Morning guys I would like some help, I literally have a nightmare tenant. Ive been i

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10/07/2018 18:50

Tenants potentially paying for annexed building electric supply they have no control over
My previous tenants with whom I had a good relationship have asked me for some advice with regar

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10/07/2018 15:49

My tenants neighbours making misconstruing comments to my tenant
Hi I have a problem tenant and through RLA have served a section 21(1) notice on her. Her

Replies: 2
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10/07/2018 10:25

i have just looked to find the ccj against my last tenant ( using trust online) only to find the

Replies: 6
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09/07/2018 20:46

What do you charge for tenancy agreement
What do you charge for a tenancy agreement and registering deposit if anything . Average r

Replies: 8
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09/07/2018 10:15
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