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Change of name

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18/05/2018 11:16

death of tenant with no will, exec, or personal representatives
Hi I have a tenant who has died in hospital March 20th, and he has no executors, will or family t

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18/05/2018 10:44

Certificate of Lawful Use for C4 HMO usage in article 4 area
Hi all, Looking for some help/advice or if anyone has any experience with obtaining a Cert

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17/05/2018 15:03

Fensa Certificate
Hi. I am about to sell a property but have realised that the windows i had replaced five years ag

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17/05/2018 11:40

Advertising - I know we chew the fat on this .. however;
First property has come up for let / sale in over a year and I thought I'd give openrent a go

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16/05/2018 22:08

GDPR Policy
Does anyone have a template that I can use or can give me some guidance on writing a GDPR policy.

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16/05/2018 18:04

Company car insurance
Can anyone recommend an insurance company offering company car insurance please - our current ins

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15/05/2018 13:32

Tenant gives notice on Friday, of a Sunday leave date
Hi I received the following - out of the blue - in a text message from my tenant yesterday

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Accidental llord
13/05/2018 22:20

Following on from our last post. EPC and gas cert now in place, dated today. I have read that s

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12/05/2018 00:24

Energy Supplier
I have the dual fuel energy supply at my property with one of the mainstream companies. When a te

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11/05/2018 21:15

Following on from our last post. EPC and gas cert now in place, dated today. I have read that s

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11/05/2018 14:53

Help with getting possesion
I brought a house (two and 1/2 bed) nearly four years ago, with tenants already in place, Mum Dad

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Hythe man
10/05/2018 14:27

Pest Control
Hello everyone just after a bit of advice. My tenant has just contacted me to say she coul

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10/05/2018 11:03

can one discover why Bailiffs attend a property, or that a CCJ has been awarded?
Ive asked this before folks so excuse asking again. I'm in process of completing Court for

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nicest landlord
09/05/2018 21:35

Following on from our last post. EPC and gas cert now in place, dated today. I have read that s

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08/05/2018 16:46

Ex-Lodger vandalises property
Hi all I am a live in landlord and had a lodger for two months under the "Resident Landlor

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07/05/2018 21:17

anyone replaced stair carpet with laminate for low maintenance purposes.
Despite asking for outdoor shoes to be removed, the dirty stair carpet says differently. I sup

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07/05/2018 08:47

Query on submission of Form N5B
Having never submitted the above I'm looking for tips/advice from experienced colleagues as I

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06/05/2018 12:16

Under what circumstances do I need to uae the Tenancy Application Form. Should it be used for eve

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05/05/2018 08:54

Allowing tenant access prior to tenancy start date.
Hi, I'm new to all of this, have previously been using an agent for our property, but decided

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04/05/2018 14:59

council's responsibilities
I have an apartment in Kent and the council is renting it from me for their council tenants. Thi

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04/05/2018 10:43

Members may see a link to a free GDPR elearning course. Apparently this now costs £10.00 fo

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04/05/2018 10:39

GDPR and Mid Term Tenancy Inspections
When appointing an inventory clerk to undertake a mid term tenancy inspection they will often tak

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04/05/2018 08:15

tenant from hell & hades has vacated.
Hello all.When under verbal attack from a thugee tnt the support from colleagues was utterly inva

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03/05/2018 16:30

GDPR Privacy Notice and Table
Can someone clarify if the table within the privacy notice for tenants needs to be personalised f

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03/05/2018 13:22

Boiler/electric/plumbing insurance
Hi From past experiences which company would you recommend for the above type of insurance for

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02/05/2018 17:02

It has become clear that several of the people denied British passports failed to find rental acc

Replies: 15
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01/05/2018 14:35

Dangers of not doing an 'affordability test' on potential customers?
A pedantic customer of mine [ a friend of a smashing customer] has recently sacked his Letting Ag

Replies: 3
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30/04/2018 16:52

Query re Power of Attorney and Tenancy agreements etc
My husband and I are both a Power of Attorney for my husband's uncle who had dementia. We ar

Replies: 16
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30/04/2018 13:15

Housing Benefit 2 week run-on and UC Housing Costs Direct
Good morning Some of you may already be aware , but from the 11th of April 2018 two signif

Replies: 2
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28/04/2018 10:37

End tenancy documents
I have a tenant who has been with me for ten years. I have decided to sell the property, and wish

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27/04/2018 08:57

Illegal activity
Hi. It has been brought to our attention today that our tenant of 10 months (on an AST) is sublet

Replies: 11
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27/04/2018 08:09

Universal Credit
Hi, We have recently been advised that all our tenants will be moving onto universal credit from

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26/04/2018 17:05

GDPR Advice wanted
Hi, I am trying to get my head around the new GDPR regulations and will be honest am strug

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26/04/2018 11:08

Good Landlord's scheme- Birmingham- Amnesty
What are members views on this? What defines a rogue landlord? Too much power I think Grea

Replies: 6
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25/04/2018 17:21

What should I look for from a good letting agent
I have just inherited two properties in Southampton that I want to rent out. I live miles

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25/04/2018 14:03

Future Renting Conference
Hello all, I've created this thread about our Future Renting Conference. Our next conf

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25/04/2018 10:41

GDPR - nightmare for landlords!
Thank you RLA for your GDPR templates... but what an administrative burden for landlords!!

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24/04/2018 09:00

LA Addtional licencing schemes HMO
Hi this is just a thought. I was woundering if RLA could set up a page/survey for all members to

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23/04/2018 13:31

Who is the tenant?
Hi oh wise ones. I have a generous one bed flat that a family wish to rent. They live in London

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23/04/2018 08:37

Clause in Tenancy requiring access for viewings at end of tenancy
We currently include a clause in the Tenancy that tenants are required to allow access for viewin

Replies: 5
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18/04/2018 21:41
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