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Anyone encountered LA charging their tenants a fee for a Landlord Reference
I'm credit-checking/screening 3 candidates for an AST to commence on 28th June. All evidenc

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27/06/2016 11:52

Is Upad any good?
In searching for an alternative letting agency I came across with Upad - who claim they are the larg

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24/06/2016 10:39

Signing tenancy documents in counterparts
It's often difficult to get everyone organised to sign tenancy documents. I believe it's po

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22/06/2016 21:50

Rightmove advertising
Hi there does anyone know the cheapest way to advertise on rightmove please?

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22/06/2016 21:25

Gas Safety Certificate
Do I need a Gas Safety Certificate? I am letting an Annex in my house; the central heating

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20/06/2016 18:26

New AST does not save my text!!
Any ideas, when I save the document the text is deleted. thanks

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17/06/2016 22:04

Right to rent Checks
Have some tenant applicants,1 has a jfull time job here,she is from Poland,but her boyfriend will be

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17/06/2016 09:42

unfair competition
Has anyone else had trouble with social housing providers getting easier access to housing benefits

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17/06/2016 08:52

Start of tenancy checklist
Do we have to give these documents to ALL the tenants on a joint tenancy.? For example fo

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15/06/2016 16:45

Vacating Tenant
Hi, I have a tenant that has vacated the property 4 days early but on checking out the p

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Member 1
14/06/2016 16:33

Tenancy Renewal and Deposit Protection
I am just about to let my second property. I used a letting agent for the tenant find on my first pr

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13/06/2016 21:01

West Bromwich borrowers £27.5m windfall.
Thanks to Mark from property118 and his team for this victory. Some 300 to 400 borrowers and o

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13/06/2016 17:18

I cannot grant myself a lease extension?
I have just learned that my flat is 67 years lease remaining the same as the other flat which is

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Jimmy Ragadi
13/06/2016 10:47

Breach of Contract
Dear All, I wonder if you could help. I have a house being let with a standard Depositguar

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10/06/2016 14:23

Downloading the AST and filling in on my computer problems
I'm trying to fill in an AST. Downloaded ok but cant fill in anything in as its saved as a PDF.

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09/06/2016 23:36

Mould on rubber part of fridge
Kept an icebox fridge in our garage for a year. Unfortunately door got closed so went bla

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09/06/2016 17:13

Liverpool as a destination to buy to let
I would be very pleased if you could advise me in which areas that I should look to buy and let - I

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09/06/2016 08:10

Landlord & Lettings Show Manchester
Anyone been to this trade fair today? I thought it was one of the better ones. Dave Abso

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nicest landlord
08/06/2016 17:28

Routine Inspection Letter and Routine Inspeciton Checklist
Hi there. I read somewhere that unless you were specific in what you would be looking for in the ins

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Busy Bee
07/06/2016 17:02

False Reference
Section 21 is served and tenant says she is looking for a new property. Part of her difficulty is th

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07/06/2016 16:45

Guarantor changed mind
My tenant (filthy scruffy mare) has advised me she has had a fall out with her guarantor and the gua

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06/06/2016 19:09

Syrian LHA tenant
I have a Syrian lady and her 19 year old Student daughter, want to rent my house. She has been in th

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06/06/2016 10:43

What do you think of the new Mayors proposed London Living rents?
I have watched the new Mayors question time and the comments that he made on London living rents whi

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02/06/2016 09:26

Guttering dispute with neighbours insurance company
I'm looking for some advice/help if possible. I purchased my only rental property two

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01/06/2016 12:23

Where do we go from here.
Was just wondering with all what's going on with the tax changes and stamp duty which would be t

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30/05/2016 11:23

Service charges
Hello, Can a landlord add the cost, or some of the service charge on top of the rent for

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Silversurfer 2015
29/05/2016 20:47

Councils are lying to Tenants being evicted - be warned
I evicted(S21 & Court form + 280) somebody today, with the standard court bailiff (110 for warrant

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28/05/2016 14:55

My tenant wants end their tenancy early
My tenant is only 6 weeks into there 12 mth AST. They have contacted me saying how much notice do t

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26/05/2016 14:23

Small Claims Procedure
This in not intended to involve they Money Claim Online Service. If you issue a small cla

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25/05/2016 12:36

Tenant leaves after 2 months
What is my position as a landlord /agent when my tenant gives notice after 2 months into a 6 months

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24/05/2016 20:41

Private Message
Hello Are you able to private message somebody else in the forum? I can't see a "con

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24/05/2016 16:54

rent increase
Hello, are there any rules to follow with regards to increasing the rent? Thanks

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23/05/2016 23:30

best way to put up rent in periodic tenancy
Due to government inteference in the market. I am increasing all my rents. All the tenants are on

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22/05/2016 11:42

Does anyone have experience of property management and financial (incl taxation) software? I need to

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Member 1
22/05/2016 10:26

Scarcity and Fair/Regulated Rents
Hi, I own a flat in Hendon subject to a Fair Rent and as confirmed on the recent reregist

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Eddie P
21/05/2016 14:55

Make changes to inventory
Hello Please can somebody help me and tell me how I make changes to the inventory docume

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Charlotte Cc
21/05/2016 07:53

Access for repairs
Does anyone know what the process is for going through the magistrates court to gain access for repa

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20/05/2016 18:42

i need them out
Last November I brought a house and made the mistake of buying it with a Tenant in situ, I did not i

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20/05/2016 11:56

LHA - paymernts after section 21 issued
Hello, We have just issued the latest section 21 to a tenant is not happy. Would have iss

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20/05/2016 10:31

Tenant name chamge
I have just received an answer phone message from one of my tenants who advises me they have changed

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Hythe man
20/05/2016 10:28

Increase in Rent
Hello I now rent out a number of properties with varying rental values. Some of the prop

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19/05/2016 22:57
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