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Hung parliament - consequence for landlords?
I agree with the RLA news section view that housing initiatives are probably going to be pushed f

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20/06/2017 21:54

Newbie landlord
Good afternoon all This is my first posting on here - please be gentle. I am in process of

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Mel Rose
20/06/2017 21:13

Tenanat has made changes
I had rented a two bed apartmentin a block of flats through an agent. the tenant for some reason

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
19/06/2017 14:40

Potential tenant about to get divorced
Doing a viewing this week for a flat Potential tenant earns 100k fantastic job but is about to

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17/06/2017 20:58

heating systems
Have a 10 bed place with very old storage heaters, and I don't want storage again so am looki

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16/06/2017 17:46

Help with term demise in lease
I am the owner of a flat. I bought the property tenanted and have continued to rent out the prop

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16/06/2017 10:48

B2L Mortgage Stress Testing
Am I missing something, or is the current regime counter-productive? It seems lenders have to st

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nicest landlord
16/06/2017 10:46

Minister for housing??
Have I missed something because I do not remember this shambolic government appointing a new hous

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12/06/2017 16:53

Looking for competitive and reliable boiler cover company South London
I spoke with 247 home rescue and they quoted £13.75 pcm inc service and cp 12 where current

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Marie Benn
12/06/2017 13:36

Lodgers Home Insurance
Hello, I have taken in a family of 3 lodgers into the property that I reside in & was looking

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12/06/2017 00:53

Tenant request to stay extra week after notice date
My tenants are on a rolling contract and gave 2 months notice to move out on 12th June. Have rece

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09/06/2017 12:21

What do you think are reasonable costs to break a tenancy early and relet?
I have a flat with 3 tenants. One would like to leave in August. They signed the tenancy in Mar

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08/06/2017 12:48

Tenants gone without leaving me the key
My tenant just informed me by email that he has moved out 6 days ago, which means he didn't g

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07/06/2017 16:04

Prospective tenant on Housing benefit and carers allowance
As the title says. I knew nothing about HB and Carers allowance until I read up on it this mor

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Trans Am
06/06/2017 16:01

Tenant's Abandoned Property
My tenants have sent me an email informing me that they had left the keys in property and have ab

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06/06/2017 15:24

Identity theft by rogue tenants
On the One Show 8th May it talked about identity theft and Angela Rippon mentioned it will be sh

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The Property Reviver
05/06/2017 16:00

LVT- how will this affect landlords
Whilst following various election coverage I have seen various mention of a new Land Value Tax be

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05/06/2017 08:15

Builder dispute
Morning all... I am looking for a solicitor in ideally the chesterfield area but not exclusi

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04/06/2017 10:51

Agents responsibilities
My tenants left on the 8th of May. I had asked the agent to give them notice so it was OK althou

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02/06/2017 21:33

Empire Property Group
Has anyone had any dealings with the Empire Property Group in Surbiton Surrey? We are a new prope

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02/06/2017 17:39

Can someone please give us back our forum

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01/06/2017 20:36

"/forums/topic.shtml" cannot be found.

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01/06/2017 18:19

Rental increase
Hello LLrds, Rental increase: I got fixed term AST and it's coming to end in De

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01/06/2017 01:30

Software to manage portfolio
Hello LLrds I am inquiring if there are any software to manage the propety portfolio to ma

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31/05/2017 21:01

surveyor negligence caused my house sale to collapse.
in a nutshell... I had a property sold STC. The purchaser commissioned a home buyers survey ( the

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30/05/2017 08:44

Hi everyone I have a query, i had 2 tenants who are on a 12 month AST and one has sadly

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29/05/2017 21:52

Issues with another landlord owning property next to mine
I own an ex-council garden flat, which I fully refurbished. About a year ago I decided to rent th

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29/05/2017 20:39

MCOL against tenant who has vacated early but not paid rent
Hi... Newbie here asking for a bit of advice. I have a tenant who has vacated the house 8 mont

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29/05/2017 18:50

How to advertise a property without using estate agents
Hello, i have two properties which will become vacant in the summer. Historically i have always u

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29/05/2017 15:51

Do you ever wonder why you even bother to reply on these forums?
I sometimes, these days, find myself thinking I will not bother replying to some questions becaus

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29/05/2017 13:18

HB fraud investigation
I have just found out a tenant is now under investigation for HB payments as her partner has been

Replies: 9
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28/05/2017 20:12

Management Companies not Value for money
Not sure if this is the correct forum but I have an issue with the service level. The gene

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27/05/2017 14:20

Hammersmith & Fulham Selective Licensing
Hammersmith and Fulham has set up a landlord licensing scheme requiring a £540 payment for

Replies: 3
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27/05/2017 08:58

Pest Control - Ants- Who is responsible
Dear RLA members, I have great tenants, they keep the place clean. They have children a

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26/05/2017 18:09

Predated AST
Situation - A tenant is living in a property with fixed term due to end 12th June 2017. The tena

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nicest landlord
25/05/2017 19:40

Serving writing notice
Just to clarify if a tenant serves notice after the break clause and the tenancy agreement stipul

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22/05/2017 23:20

Self contained accommodation in Sunderland
My son has a 6 month contract working in Sunderland. He is looking for a self contained flat / a

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22/05/2017 19:46

SCUM Tenants ROGUE Landlords - I have an idea
While watching this last night, a poor guy renovating his flat, with a date for new tenant to mov

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nicest landlord
22/05/2017 09:13

break clause and tenant fitting own shower rail
I have just received a phone call from the instructed letting agent"find a tenant only",

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20/05/2017 09:08

Messy end of tenancy
Some general advice would be appreciated: I rent a property through an agent of a national

Replies: 3
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Dean Carpenter
19/05/2017 14:43

Extension of Tenancy Agreements
Morning all A very quick query. If tenant (and myself) decide after the six month tenancy

Replies: 2
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Marie Benn
19/05/2017 11:11
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