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Guarantors and pitfalls
What are the pitfalls of a guarantor.? So if tenant can't pay rent after 2 months doe

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24/06/2015 16:01

Tenant wants to pay 6 months in advance, is this a problem?
Tenant wants to pay 6 months in advance,is this a problem? I have read in an earlier post, the

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Ray D
24/06/2015 14:14

Can a downstairs room be counted as bedroom for LHA purposes ?
I have a two bedroomed house with a separate lounge, dinning room and kitchen downstairs. i.e. two u

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23/06/2015 14:56

Tenant harrasses me
Hi All I've got a tenant who I let in my property with no deposit but I have a guaranto in

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22/06/2015 22:35

AST and S21
3 months into a six month tenancy I want them out,! S21 served at beginning, what's the next st

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22/06/2015 18:33

Two peole on LHA
I am increasingly getting couples or two friends both unemployed wanting to rent a two bedroomed hou

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22/06/2015 14:21

AST Clauses
Hello, Does anyone have or can point in the direction of some good wording for an AST cla

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22/06/2015 13:53

Building/Contents Insurance for 4 floored mandatory HMO
Need to renew the above,current insurers likely to be very expensive,but most insurances will not co

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22/06/2015 13:11

Landlord Insurance Recommendations
Could someone recommend landlord insurer for 2 bed semi in Cheadle Hulme? Thanks in advance.

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22/06/2015 12:43

tenants bringing over extra family members for 4 months
My tenants have just told me that their in laws will be staying with them for just under 4 months.

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21/06/2015 18:18

Rental deal
i had a trashed property and a builder friend needed somewhere to live so we struck a deal. He live

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19/06/2015 08:38

Possible tenant from Portugal with no history in UK
An excellent tenant from Portugal is moving out and he has a friend from Portugal who is over here l

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18/06/2015 17:24

SOS - Help!!!
To all you good agents on here. Can you please confirm to me if it costs 26K to advertis

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18/06/2015 17:03

New tenancy
Ok,Let me accept, last time i made a mistake in choosing tenant ,suffering from it so confidence is

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16/06/2015 16:41

Spark Energy
I have just bought a BTL flat and am preparing it for occupation. My letting agent has suggested

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Ray D
16/06/2015 13:42

Checking lettung agents credentials
Hi can anyone advise me if there is a website I can use to check out the credentials of a particular

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13/06/2015 23:32

Council tax dispute
The tenant left (without paying any rent after notice was given)and then the council wanted me to pa

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Jane Lo
12/06/2015 12:24

Legionnaires risk assessment
How often do you need to do the risk assessment for Legionnaires - what measures can you take to ens

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11/06/2015 10:18

Advisory Overcrowded Notice
We have a bedsit that is only designed for a single person or a couple at the very most, for the las

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Southwest landlord
09/06/2015 10:33

Share of freehold - Leasehold
Hello, This feels like a silly question but I need to ask it. I've started

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Member 1
08/06/2015 20:54

Agents seeking to rent and then sub-let my property to corporate clients
I have a flat advertised for rent and i have a large number of agents contact me asking to rent the

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08/06/2015 16:33

Rent increase
Could you please guide me as to what the procedure is to increase the rent under a periodic tenancy.

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08/06/2015 07:38

Addendum addition re furniture
I am about to do a new addendum on a self con luxury flat. I do not want tenants to bring

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06/06/2015 17:28

Pre-Qualifying Veiwees for a shared house let to avoid time waster 'tyre kickers'?
Just asking how colleagues handle requests for viewing rooms in a HMO property. My ads describe EXAC

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Ray D
05/06/2015 15:26

Current views on Advertising portals
Guys sometime ago we had a great debate on these, I wondered what current opinion is?

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02/06/2015 21:56

computer software for landlords
Can anyone recommend any computer software recommended for landlords.

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02/06/2015 20:23

Anyone tried the new tenant app from Arthur?
Looking to try the new tenant app from Arthur http://arthuronli

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Marc T
02/06/2015 16:53

Tenant's given notice by text
My tenant's given notice by text. She said she would provide me with written notice but so far n

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02/06/2015 07:56

Number of persons in a 2 bed terrace
Does anyone know the legal number of occupants allowed in a two bedroomed terrace where they are not

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02/06/2015 07:53

Sophie Martin
I just wanted to change the name on my profile as i got married!

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01/06/2015 21:24

Liability - pulling out of purchase
Hello, We have had bad experiences in the past with being ready to purchase a property bu

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01/06/2015 14:11

Conservatory no planning permission
Hello, We are considering of purchasing a property but apparently the conservatory doesn&

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31/05/2015 19:31

Am I a residential homeowner through marriage?
Hello, this is my first post as I'm very new to this game. I am about to purchase a p

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RLA Mortgages/3mc
31/05/2015 10:59

Tenant controlling access to flat exposes landlord to a claim
a new tenant moved in a week after we had brand new upvc windows fitted. 3 or 4 weeks have passed, a

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30/05/2015 19:26

Company lets
Hi does anyone have any experience of company lets ? I have been approached via an estate agent to l

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27/05/2015 22:31

Rent increase when on a statutory Periodic Tenancy
Hi, I have several tenants on a statutory periodic tenancy which followed after a 6 month AST using

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27/05/2015 22:15

Tenecy contract clause
Hi all, Can anybody help me to improve me on contract clause please. I use rla 's co

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27/05/2015 11:40

Friday Fun - I'm back (again)
afternoon all .. hope you haven't missed me to much :-) Just popped away for a six mo

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23/05/2015 23:53

Water company haven't been charging me enough - how much arrears can they charge me?
I have a property which is 2 flats (converted before I purchased it from a terraced house).

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Member 1
20/05/2015 13:06

Gas and Electric meters
Hi, my sister and I have recently inherited a house that has turned into 3 flats. Current

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20/05/2015 08:17

Multilist or not
Hi I am a new landlord just about to buy my first property in London. Is it a good idea to list your

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seaside landlady
18/05/2015 15:20
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