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Hello fellow members, I have property rented as houseshare of which some of the tenants ha

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14/03/2018 16:33

Update on offering tenant a bigger property - you were so right :)
Today has been interesting and I hadn't expected for this to come full circle so quickly. My

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14/03/2018 09:23

Gas Certificates - confirmation of receipt
Following the recent case of a S21 failing due to the tenant not being provided with a gas certif

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Hythe man
13/03/2018 12:48

Check-In & Check-Out Inventories: Who Pays For These?
Check-In & Check-Out Inventories: Who Pays For These? Tenant or landlord? Thanks

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Hythe man
12/03/2018 09:45

Creating my own property management company
With 5 properties in zone2 London now, I'm considering setting up my own property management

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11/03/2018 20:49

Hi, I have a tenant who was on an ast which provided by a letting agent. When that tenancy

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11/03/2018 12:29

Tradepoint card
I've recently applied for and received my RLA "Tradepoint" card and thought I'd g

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11/03/2018 10:06

Hi, I have only just joined as a trainee property investor (talking 2 weeks new!) and am tryi

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Kate Mellor
09/03/2018 20:47

We have an 8 bed HMO and one of our female tenants who has 2 months to run on her 6 month AST has

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Kate Mellor
09/03/2018 20:32

New to self managing
Hi all, I am just taking over the management of my rental property so can anyone offer some gu

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09/03/2018 15:28

Do your tenants pay by Direct Debit?
I'm setting up new rental business next week, and considering using Xero and GoCardless for t

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Kate Mellor
08/03/2018 16:04

Tenant reference - looking for wisdom
I am collecting references for a new tenant ( HMO - room only ) This is a new situation - this

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Kate Mellor
08/03/2018 14:12

online letting agents
Hi I am a new landlord looking to let my first property ad shocked at the prices the estat

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Mr Apple
07/03/2018 13:12

My tenant's AST is due for renewal in a month or so. Do you ever give a cash "sweetener&#

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07/03/2018 09:34

Hi all, any advice on what colour/ paint brand to use for a rental property? Is it worth paying f

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David P
06/03/2018 00:35

Is there a need for survey?
I am buying a one bed flat, in a block of four purpose build flats built in 1970s, brick under a

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David P
05/03/2018 17:01

search not working
Bad Request HTTP Error 400. The request is badly formed.

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05/03/2018 13:29

Property Management Software
Dear All I have a number of properties of my own and I also manage a number of properties

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05/03/2018 11:29

For How Long Can A Tenant Have Visitors...before they are deemed to have moved-in?
Please see this email below from a tenant of mine...any ideas gratefully received Thanks Ro

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05/03/2018 10:29

Smoking Marujana
My tenant has contacted me to say that one of the other apartments in the block of flats is using

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04/03/2018 20:41

BBC1 Wednesday 830pm Panorama this week
Panorama are airing "Evicted for no reason" this week. One of the Sunday supplements d

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04/03/2018 11:37

Is tenant leaving early liable for the council tax till I can relet?
Hi, I had a tenant recently, who left at very short notice, 3 months into a 6 month AST. He ha

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01/03/2018 10:12

Replacing a fridge freezer
Hello everyone, When my tenant moved in, I left a fridge freezer in the property, which wa

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28/02/2018 23:22

who was the guy that ...
...used to answer all the questions, way back when? Took a lot of the courses? Was

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28/02/2018 15:08

Last week, there was a BBC programme where council tenants were housed in squalid conditions by a

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28/02/2018 13:06

Access for gas safety check
I am currently in the process of trying to repossess one of my rental properties. I have lodged

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27/02/2018 17:11

EPCs will become significantly more important after April. However, there is no Ombudsman or syst

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27/02/2018 12:45

What is your favourite thing about being a landlord?
Share your knowledge. Head over to

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26/02/2018 13:51

how much deposit you can charge?
I normally charge twice a month worth minus £5 , and taken deposit for new tenancy, signing

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26/02/2018 09:54

Giving back the Deposit before proof of bills paid
Hi, I've been a landlord for 20 years now. I remember the heady days when I just gave tena

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26/02/2018 09:28

Trouble with rodents
I have a maisonette, rented to students, which is in a block of mostly housing association proper

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24/02/2018 12:47

Short term rental
I am thinking of selling my 2-bed property to try and upgrade to a different property in a better

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24/02/2018 03:50

Consent to Mortgage
Hi All, I am in the process of remortgaging my property, all is well except that, I have recei

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21/02/2018 19:04

Receiving housing benefit through a Credit Union
Hi, has anyone else had a problem receiving HB through a credit union or other collection method

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20/02/2018 14:43

Carpet replacement - wear & tear
I have some long term tenants and because of central heating issues I am paying an excessive amou

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19/02/2018 13:55

Good evening, I am looking for some Property Management Software, the RLA recommend Landlo

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19/02/2018 12:38

Would you rent the property to someone who is on debt management plan !
A couple with good income, but good amount of out goings too with good credits , looks decent in

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18/02/2018 17:35

Hello, I had a large house which around thirteen years ago was converted to four self cont

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18/02/2018 17:16

non resident tax status
Hi.I have rentals in the UK but live abroad now, i am trying to establish non resident status to

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17/02/2018 08:48

Homeless man dies after his sleeping bag got taken away
''A homeless man found dead near a town hall had his sleeping bag taken away by the local

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16/02/2018 17:43

Hi All Just wanted to know before I go ahead, is it advisable to have more than 1 kitchen

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13/02/2018 23:08
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