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I am thinking about buying student accommodation in Huddersfield from "Emerging Properties

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Marion Low
04/08/2017 13:21

holding deposit
I have an apartment which is vacant. Two girls were to take it and the agent took up references

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03/08/2017 10:59

tenants wife
I have an apartment which has just been let through an agent. the tenant has been in this countr

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02/08/2017 23:22

Indemnity insurance for Building Regulations
Can I get Indemnity insurance for Building Regulations from RLA? I can't find any link

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01/08/2017 23:40

tradepoint card (B&Q)
I think I remember when I first got the card it mentioned we got a bigger one off discount for fi

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Peter K
30/07/2017 15:03

Guaranteed rent schemes
Hi I've had a bad experience with tenants and as I know longer live near the property,

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26/07/2017 14:31

ROOM LET relief and a moan from me
WE have finally let out our studio room, subject to checks, refs (posh bedsit) in zone 2/3 London

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26/07/2017 12:11

Boundary Fence
Lease/deeds unclear. Who is generally responsible for the boundary fence, freeholder or leasehold

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25/07/2017 16:02

HI im looking at buying another house to become an hmo but the boiler is in one of the bedrooms

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22/07/2017 14:57

Electrical PAT Testing Responsibilities
Dear folks, I am a landlord and have a leasehold flat. today I received a letter fr

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22/07/2017 11:40

Can anyone help, I have just taken back my flat to find that as usual it need though cleaning bef

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21/07/2017 10:31

Council Tax Proof
Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. I gave a tenant notice to leave by 1

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21/07/2017 09:15

Inherited £2M HMO, what would you do?
Just seeing what others would do, I recently inherited a licenced HMO in central London worth aro

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20/07/2017 13:07

Keys put through letter box, rent arrears and deposit deductions needed - communcation stopped
Hi I've never had a problem at the end of tenancies, however I have a property that is on a r

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20/07/2017 10:52

New tenants & existing deposit
Good morning. I am renewing a tenants AST for a further 12 month period. (so new 12 month

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20/07/2017 09:43

selling a property in stages
I was thinking of selling my rental property to the tenant who has been there for over 5 years.

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18/07/2017 16:54

Questionable tenant
I have a tenant who has been a bother from the start: Accidentally turned off the gas, didn't

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18/07/2017 02:52

Airbnb licence
What are the grounds for applying for an Airbnb licence to let a flat for more than 90 days a yea

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12/07/2017 18:14

Rubbish bins
Would or can you charge tenants a nominal fee (of say £5) to put out their bin for collecti

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12/07/2017 09:55

Section 13 notice of rent increase
If there is a rent review clause in the tenancy agreement that states the rent will be increased

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11/07/2017 15:24

Applicant on payroll or Applicant Limited company
If you had the choice of selecting a tenant who is on payroll against one who is a director of a

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nicest landlord
11/07/2017 08:53

Hello, I have come across an agent that reference the one main tenant should they have eno

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10/07/2017 21:11

Forcing repairs on a protected tenant
We have a protected tenant in one of our properties who has been there for more than twenty years

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10/07/2017 15:52

Selling a rented house
I would like to sell one of my properties, do I have to wait until the tenancy ends before I can

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07/07/2017 10:20

Tenant leaving
I have a tenant who has been served with a section 8 and section 21 notice .She has told me by te

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06/07/2017 17:19

Addendum or New Tenancy Agreement?
Hello, I have had a good look through the forum and cannot find the answer to my question!

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05/07/2017 22:54

Smoke alarm
My tenant sent an e mail to say the smoke alarm is bleeping every 2 minutes. As far as I know th

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05/07/2017 15:07

Advice on tenant becoming pregnant
Can anyone offer advice over this circumstance? on 30th July 2016 we signed up a new couple for a

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05/07/2017 15:02

Established Use
Hi, I've had an ex-local authority house which was converted in to 2 separate flats 8

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Southwest landlord
03/07/2017 17:53

Non mandatory HMO?
Tenants are really, really thin on the ground in London right now which means I am considering an

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03/07/2017 16:22

I have a 2 bed property in a 3 floor block. Always gave to one household. Is it an HMO?. Does

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03/07/2017 14:13

Fire Door
Today a builder came to my 2 bed apt in a 3 storey block. He took the door out in the kitchen an

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03/07/2017 12:42

I have a flat (not an HMO ) which I am thinking of renting to the council. They have asked to fi

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03/07/2017 07:50

Definition of Single household
Tenants are extremely thin on the ground at the moment in London and after 2 weeks of advertising

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02/07/2017 21:27

Mice eat fridge
Hi all, My nephew is in student accommodation. Mice have eaten through the cables of his frid

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02/07/2017 10:10

Builder dispute
Anyone out there had any experience of representing themselves in court against a builder and wha

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01/07/2017 12:48

Builder dispute
Anyone out there had any experience of representing themselves in court against a builder and wha

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01/07/2017 12:47

small claims court
I dont take a deposit because of the hassle and the adjudication is biased and judges against the

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01/07/2017 10:03

Couple split up and one tenant wants to remain in property but there is an arrears problem
Hi A couple have rented a property for a few years and they have split up and the man has

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30/06/2017 17:33

Insurance for house in flood area
Hi Can anyone recommend a specialist buy to let insurance company for a property in a flood ar

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29/06/2017 22:03

Paying off mortgage
I am unsure whether to use a lump sum to pay off my mortgage on my first BTL or use it to buy ano

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29/06/2017 18:30
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