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advices on landlords gas certificate
Would like some advises on engineers for landlord gas checks and certificate and approximate fees

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Hind S Scott
27/02/2017 18:19

Who should be named on tenancy agreement
Hi, I have a prospective tenant with a wife and a kid. His wife is not employed. Should

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26/02/2017 14:45

Some local authorities are getting very stroppy (and legal) about landlords renting to companies

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25/02/2017 08:35

What other forums do you use?
I'm just interested in what other property forums we all use. I'm a member of two

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24/02/2017 13:25

Anyone ever rented to tenants with CCj's? If so any problems with this in your experience?

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23/02/2017 11:46

House in dirty and neglected state.
We have the keys back now and have been in the house this afternoon. We had to return the

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23/02/2017 10:41

RLA building insurance cover
Hi, Would like to think that RLA building insurance cover is both robust and good value fo

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21/02/2017 10:49

Non payment of electricity
I pay the electric and recharge my tenant at cost. He hasnt paid. I pay the bills on dd. Am i 1)

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20/02/2017 19:40

Hi, just after some advice on showers, I am currently refurbing a property as a HMO, i'm just

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18/02/2017 15:18

Selling a house using an on line agent
My son is thinking of selling his home and I am trying to persuade him to advertise it on line. H

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18/02/2017 13:54

possible deposit dispute help please
hi i am new both to the site and relatively new as a landlord i rented out my former home to a

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18/02/2017 12:34

Right to rent checks
At what point do landlords do the Right to rent checks - after you get the offer or do you ask te

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17/02/2017 22:43

Can potential tenant afford it
Wondered what others used to work out if potential tenant can afford rent, EG multiplying

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17/02/2017 11:43

Electrial Certificate
Hi We are in the process of looking for new tenants for our property and just wondered if we w

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17/02/2017 11:40

Probationary period
How do you deal with tenant to be who has not yet completed probation period(6 months)? If

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16/02/2017 15:38

Defamation on Facebook
Hi Same 4 bedroom house I am talking about , old tenant got section 21 due to condensation

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16/02/2017 13:57

We are mostly getting interest from housing benefit tenant
Hi I have 4 bed house to let , advertising through open rent and Facebook , from 40 enquiries, 15

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nicest landlord
16/02/2017 11:44

apartment advice..
Hi Guys, Is there anyone out there that knows about freehold/ lease set ups? I have conve

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16/02/2017 11:07

section 8
I have a tenant who has not paid rent for 2 months. Should I serve him with section 8 or wait unt

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15/02/2017 18:10

Do I Charge the Tenant
I had a call from the tenant to say the shower had broken down and the switch was very hot to tou

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15/02/2017 17:15

6 month rent in advance
Hi, a protective tennant has offered to pay 6 months rent up front. Their reference and id checks

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15/02/2017 13:17

TV Aerial
I've new tenants moved in 12 days ago, they have just informed me the tv doesn't work and

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14/02/2017 23:30

how to set up a limited company? Is it too late ?
Hi I am buying a new property outright , how to set up a limited company ? Is that too late for t

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14/02/2017 09:29

How to rent issued,do we issue again
Renewing a 6 month AST with another 6 month AST. Doing physical paperwork at end of week.

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13/02/2017 23:12

Noise problem,tenant not committing,options needed
He had told us before the noise issue that he would be signing a 6 month AST starting Mid March.

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13/02/2017 18:32

landlords in Manchester?
Do we need a landlords license in Manchester? Thank you

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13/02/2017 17:07

Renewing tenancy
Tenant been on fixed term for 6 months in studio flat. Renewing now with another 6 months

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11/02/2017 20:35

Tenant wants a 3 year agreement
My tenant wants a lease for more than 1 year at a time, preferably for a 3 year term... is there

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11/02/2017 19:07

Tenant not communicating
Our tenant is still in a Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. We have agreed verbally that she ca

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11/02/2017 18:23

My tenant is experiencing late night noise from next door,new neighbours (1st time had noise from

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11/02/2017 15:31

HOPP policy
some thoughts please.... my solicitor has recommended a HOPP policy. It covers things like

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10/02/2017 17:59

Black mould on ceiling
Sorry guys not having a great time recently , need to ask you for your help again ! My ten

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09/02/2017 07:38

Planning Permission Confusion
I have just read the section on planning here which is very helpful, but I am still confused as i

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08/02/2017 11:40

3year tenancy
Hi everyone, I have a couple of want to rent one of my properties for 3 years. Are there a

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08/02/2017 10:51

Legal advice in South Wales
I have an issue with one of my properties whereby access to the house is being restricted by a ne

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07/02/2017 17:46

Overdue rent - student
I have a student tenant on joint AST, who is 4 months in arrears. He has been to the student debt

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07/02/2017 15:21

We have a feeling our tenant may flit
Her deposit has been returned as it wasn't registered in a deposit scheme, no thanks to estat

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06/02/2017 23:30

New tenancy document requested
My tenant has an AST prepared by agents (Bairstow Eves). He now wants to include his wife on the

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06/02/2017 19:20

mortgage arrangements on divorce
My wife and I will be divorcing this year following a couple of years separation. We jointly own

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06/02/2017 19:20

How much to charge for work required if a tenant wants to leave before end of tenancy
Updating addendum Need to know how much to put down for charging tenant for Drawing up a n

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06/02/2017 14:46

Damage to flooring
Departing tenants admit to staining Amtico flooring- they left car tyres (UMM?? - why not leave i

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06/02/2017 10:07
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