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Tenant wants to run business from home
My longstanding tenant wants to start a day nursery/baby minding business from her home. What a

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06/08/2015 12:31

Property Aquisition
Hi Folks, Does anyone know of a reputable acquisition officer in the london area? There is a pr

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06/08/2015 01:04

Apartment in Murcia region on a polaris Golf course.
I have a 2 Bed flat in the resort of Hacienda Riquelme. Looking to swap one in the uk in derby

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05/08/2015 16:08

6 month contract
6 month contract room only, DPS scheme deposit contract, tenant changes mind one month into contract

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04/08/2015 18:01

Please Help! Short Survey for Landlords of Residential Lets about your EPCs.
I need your help! I need more responses for my dissertation questionnaire and would appreciate anyon

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31/07/2015 14:59

Reference for outgoing tenants
My current tenants are leaving shortly and have asked for a reference through a letting agency

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30/07/2015 14:17

back rent from council
on checking record I noticed one my DSS tenant did not fill in the claim in between resulting in not

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30/07/2015 13:38

Another credit check require?
Hi, I have a tenant (a single woman with 4 kids - dss - get about same in benefits as my rent ,with

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30/07/2015 11:10

Solid fuel burning appliance
Hi everyone, Given the new regislation coming in Oct, I'm interested in getting the f

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29/07/2015 17:52

Hi I am completing the form to increase a tenants rent but am unsure which date to put at note 3. It

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28/07/2015 18:20

Tenant has Toy Dog - What to legally put in Addendum Agreement
I am thinking of renting my property to a tenant who has a toy dog (Shih Tsu). I have nev

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Hythe man
28/07/2015 11:46

Will Council pay rent if tenant pays for 12 months in advance ?
I have an unemployed Turkish lady with two children that wants to rent my two bedroom house.

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Trans Am
28/07/2015 00:34

Planning HMO conversion
Hi, We are in process of completing the sales on 2 properties to convert into HMOs.

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24/07/2015 13:56

Share of freehold claim not true
Hello, I have found out that there is actually only one share, owned by one person, when

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23/07/2015 13:12

Client Bank Accounts
I have two client accounts. Both were with Bank A. One account for lettings 'Clients No 1) and

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Mike Golding
22/07/2015 17:44

Notice to end Tenancy
Hi, We have a tenant who gave notice on 17th July 2015 to move out on 31st August 2015.

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22/07/2015 12:09

Please help. Short survey on your views of EPCs, their effectiveness and future enforcement.
I am a current landlord writing a research paper on EPCs, their effectiveness and future enforcement

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19/07/2015 22:59

Tax releif on a loan from family?
Does anyone know if HMRC will recognise a loan from a family member on which I would be paying inter

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17/07/2015 13:52

Providing tenants wit fans in hot weather.
My tenant asked me for a fan because the property was too hot in the recent heatwave. I did not have

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Ray D
17/07/2015 08:46

Hi all, Has anyone had any experience of this please. I've just purchased a property

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Bill McCullen
15/07/2015 18:32

Finding a good Builder
How to find a good builder that does not charge extortionate labour costs on building conservatories

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13/07/2015 21:50

Private Landlord meetings
Do any private sector landlords meet in person in Greater Manchester to discuss housing issues?

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13/07/2015 18:14

We have a tenant and the shower is over the bath and is only part tiled. One of the tiles has now f

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13/07/2015 09:50

Template letter of ending tenancy
My tenants are moving out shortly and I would like to send them a letter reminding them that the pro

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11/07/2015 22:05

Valuation Office Agency - Electronic Rent Register
I have 3 properties and have just been sent an email asking me to register my rental properties with

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11/07/2015 08:36

Tenats not providing forwarding address
What experience or advice can you give for tenants not providing a forwarding address and leaving ow

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10/07/2015 12:43

Paperwork Management
Hello, could you please advise how long to keep old documents I.e. Agreements from previous tenants,

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10/07/2015 11:05

Rent increase
Is it legal to put a phrase in the tenancy agreement that the landlord can increase the rent in futu

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10/07/2015 00:40

Inheritance tax in todays budget
I get the impression that the 1000000 inheritance tax exemption applies only to the property that w

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09/07/2015 12:10

Asbestos survey
Hi all, I am in the process of selling a flat in a converted georgian house and have been told

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Jane Lo
08/07/2015 08:18

When a Parent or Sibling is no longer a guest
tenants moved in to a one bed flat 2 years ago with one child under 5. now have another baby. p

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Hythe man
06/07/2015 08:05

hi folks, Much as we all want all landlords to be legit and provide quality service to tenants,

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04/07/2015 11:39

Tenants witholding rent
What is the situation if a Tenant withholds part of the rent because they were out of central heatin

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03/07/2015 13:39

Private rented property licence
Hi, I am aware that some Councils intent to introduce Private rented property licence from Octo

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03/07/2015 06:50

Permitted entry into property
I inadvertently opened a letter today from Belvoir agents in Colchester, addressed to a tenant, with

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30/06/2015 18:51

date of surrender and move out date
if a tenant decides to surrender, can he choose a different move out date?

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29/06/2015 12:50

Online Letting Agents
Hello - does anybody have wise words about using an Online Letting Agent? We handle the p

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29/06/2015 12:47

I am only into my first year of letting my buy to let property. I took out a buy to let interest onl

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29/06/2015 12:45

Council-run Paper Bond Guarantee scheme - serving Section 21 Notice
Does any one know if you can still serve a va;id S21 Notice even though the deposit is not be lodged

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29/06/2015 12:29

Wasps nests
Hi, one of our tenants have just informed us they have a wasps nest outside just below the roof. Who

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29/06/2015 07:35

Deposit issue
Tenants 6 month AST finishes 11th Aug. She has asked to stay for just one more month from

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29/06/2015 07:17
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