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Hi Does anyone have any experience of using the ADR alternative dispute resolution service

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16/03/2017 18:32

Water pipe leak ?
Hi, I am sure we have had a similar recent query but cannot recall details, thanks. I was

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16/03/2017 07:03

New tenant trapped in a tenancy until January 2018
I have found a new tenant for a property (via openrent - interesting process - I'll report on

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15/03/2017 18:39

The tenant asked to clean the oven and the cobwebs behind the wardrobe before they move in. I

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nicest landlord
15/03/2017 10:11

shared driveway
My tenant has a shared drive way with the neighbour. I understand from my deeds that it is shared

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15/03/2017 09:12

Single Room Card Meters
Hi, I am going to put in single room pre-payments meters in each bedroom of my HMO. Once t

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14/03/2017 16:35

How to avoid cannabis farms
I would be interested to know what realistically can be done to avoid this (as opposed to spottin

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seaside landlady
14/03/2017 12:47

Electrical Installation Condition Report
I had a new consumer unit installed last year when upgrading the kitchen and was given a electric

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14/03/2017 00:47

Accounting & Property Management Software
Hi, I'm going to be buying some accounting software for our student property rental bu

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13/03/2017 09:28

nightmare tenant
Hello I currently rent 4 properties in SW London and after several years of zero hassles o

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12/03/2017 23:20

Tenancy & deposit
After AST had ended I issued another new one on request for a further 6 months but did nothing to

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12/03/2017 22:59

RLA tenant referencing
We are getting close to advertising our property. We plan to use the RLA tenant credit che

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12/03/2017 13:04

EPC - Unlevel playing field for Landlords and Home Owners
Why are we landlords being unfairly targeted on EPC compliance? We should not accept that

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11/03/2017 13:58

Chimney seep
Hi, I would like to know is it the responsibility of Landlord to get the chimney sweep don

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11/03/2017 12:28

Capitol Allowances
Hi all Has anyone had any dealings with a company called HMO Tax Ltd? Bill Lorryman runs they&

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11/03/2017 07:45

Death and spouse
All my property mortgages are in my name and I obtained them prior to meeting my wife, if I died,

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10/03/2017 14:48

Right to Rent
Can a Landlord / Lady specify that they will not take tenants that are not unlimited time to stay

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10/03/2017 10:52

Need some advice please
We have had an enquiry about the property we hope to be letting soon. We are in the throws of sor

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09/03/2017 10:27

are forum topics being deleted?
I'm sure I posted on an HMO TAX thread yesterday .. and today I cannot find it. Is it

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08/03/2017 10:00

Charging for electric
I am confused. I currently understand that I can not make a profit from selling on electric to my

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The Nugget
07/03/2017 19:50

Compulsory Water Meters
Does anyone know if it is now compulsory to have a 'Smart" water meter installed?

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07/03/2017 10:27

Section 21 / Eviction
I have two tenants on a joint AST, both of which are on housing benefit. One of the claims was

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06/03/2017 14:22

New Tenant has lost job after first month -advice please
My new tenant (young family) paid the deposit and first months rent and all seemed well. Unfortu

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05/03/2017 12:57

Cancellation fee
Do any of you Landlords charge your tenants cancellation fee due to electrician etc if if you ha

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04/03/2017 18:41

Hello I would just like to introduce myself to fellow members, I am based in South Wales having a

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03/03/2017 16:26

Feeling apprehensive about
After a bad experience with our first tenant, who left the property in a very poor state, we are

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03/03/2017 16:23

Grouping my properties under one Utility Provider
Does anybody have ALL their properties with one Gas/Electric provider, that gives each tenant the

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03/03/2017 07:27

Which mould device have you installed?
Hi I had single device heat recovery devices installed in each room with the problem. Howe

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02/03/2017 16:17

Landlords responsibility towards child safety
Hi, Does anyone know what the landlord's responsibility towards child safety is.

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02/03/2017 13:26

Annual RLA YourSay Survey
Hello members, We have recently launched our Annual YourSay Survey. We are committe

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Tom Simcock
28/02/2017 16:09

Squatters with a conscience?
Good day all! I'm having some issues with a tenant of mine and would like to hear othe

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28/02/2017 16:09

How soon can a tenancy agreement be signed
Hi, How soon would you sign a tenancy agreement/inventory after the references and right t

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28/02/2017 13:25

Final inventory and deposit distribution
I had tenant vacated few over a week ago, contract was with daughter in law and mother in law. N

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27/02/2017 22:59

advices on landlords gas certificate
Would like some advises on engineers for landlord gas checks and certificate and approximate fees

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Hind S Scott
27/02/2017 18:19

advices on landlords gas certificate
Would like some advises on engineers for landlord gas checks and certificate and approximate fees

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Hind S Scott
27/02/2017 18:19

Who should be named on tenancy agreement
Hi, I have a prospective tenant with a wife and a kid. His wife is not employed. Should

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26/02/2017 14:45

Some local authorities are getting very stroppy (and legal) about landlords renting to companies

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25/02/2017 08:35

What other forums do you use?
I'm just interested in what other property forums we all use. I'm a member of two

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24/02/2017 13:25

Anyone ever rented to tenants with CCj's? If so any problems with this in your experience?

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23/02/2017 11:46

House in dirty and neglected state.
We have the keys back now and have been in the house this afternoon. We had to return the

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23/02/2017 10:41

RLA building insurance cover
Hi, Would like to think that RLA building insurance cover is both robust and good value fo

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21/02/2017 10:49
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