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Do I need a whole new inventory when a good tenant renews their 12month AST?
Hello, this may have been asked before, but I could not find relevant answers, so here goes.

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29/03/2015 20:14

What Colour to Paint the Walls
Buy to let. plastered walls. Magnolia or white, mat or silk? views please...

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29/03/2015 17:16

Just Joined....Accreditation question...
Hi All, Just joined the RLA after attending an landlord accreditation course. Have alread

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29/03/2015 00:20

Deregulation Bill - Deposit and Prescribed Info nightmare - Great news!!!
The Deregulation Bill received Royal Assent 26 Apr 2015. The Act contains amendments

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28/03/2015 16:46

Hi. One of our tenants rang with a change of mob number and to give his notice to leave. We ha

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27/03/2015 23:24

Unoccupied property insurance
Hi there, Have any of the members got advice in how to deal with insurance and unoccupied

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Ray D
27/03/2015 21:11

Insurance Conundrum
Buying top flat in block of two as BTL. Leasehold flat but joint freeholder of building with lower f

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David P
27/03/2015 07:51

Has the EPC got to be given before the agreement?

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25/03/2015 12:16

I asked this the other day with no replies. How much do any of you think is a reasonable

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25/03/2015 11:41

20k FINE! Council fines Sole Trader Landlord or LTD company for fire at property? Insurance??
If a landlord has a fire at rented property and he is fined, IS THEIR INSURANCE OUT THERE TO PAY FOR

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25/03/2015 10:08

attachment of earnings
Can an attachment of earnings be applied for if someone is on benefits?

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25/03/2015 09:49

Cost of rehousing
We have had a flood in flat we let out of human waste and the flat is currently uninhabitable. We ha

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Member 1
24/03/2015 18:30

Shaz - contact
Hi Shaz Please contact Roe on 07867008340 regarding the thread on separating the propert

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23/03/2015 18:13

rolling contract
Is it correct, by law, if neither parties serves notice the AST will go automatically onto mont

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23/03/2015 18:13

On the RLA Inventory,who signs the "Check In Inspected by" the landlord or tenant ?

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23/03/2015 09:33

Have couple moving into our luxury flat next week,they are signing AST and Addendum tomorrow

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22/03/2015 21:04

Great questions at viewing
Short listed 4 sets of working young couples to view/be interviewed for one bed luxury flat with gar

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20/03/2015 17:29

Property Keys
As a Landlord am I allowed to hold a set of door keys to the property ? What if for example an emerg

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20/03/2015 15:14

What will happen if you add your own addendum on a separate sheet of paper instead of using the RLA

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20/03/2015 07:25

what will happen if we do our own addendum on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to the RLA agr

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20/03/2015 06:29

Gas v Electric Heating
I am in the process of buying a btl 2 bed flat. It is partially heated by a historic gas boiler and

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19/03/2015 17:45

builders responsibilities
Does the builders responsibility end when the NHBC guarantee runs out after 10years?. I have bought

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Member 1
19/03/2015 16:46

leak in a flat
I have a flat on the 8th floor. The pipes are buried in the concrete floor and when a leak happens

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Member 1
19/03/2015 10:05

pre tenancy
Can some one please refresh my memory of pre tenancy requirements?

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19/03/2015 08:35

letting agreement
I downloaded the RLA letting agreement but cannot see how to print. Can anyone tell me please becau

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Purple Bunny
17/03/2015 16:43

Late payer
one of my tenants since November part pays the rent on the due date, then pays another two payments

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Trans Am
17/03/2015 14:23

Dividing property into two separate dwellings
I would like to divide a property into two separate dwellings to sell on. Apart from plan

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16/03/2015 23:12

Begining of ast/move in date
My tenant (with good references) wants to start paying rent on 1st of the month because of salary pa

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16/03/2015 11:03

Hello, I know Periodic Inspection Reports (PIR) are not a legal requirement but like to h

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Member 1
14/03/2015 19:03

Leasehold Management Company (building management)
As mentioned long time ago we have serious issues with current management company. eg: various

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13/03/2015 13:46

Legionella course
Just a note to say I attended the Legionella risk assessment course yesterday at the IBIS in London

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12/03/2015 23:16

Tenant Home Insurance
Is there any mention of tenants having suitable home insurance on the RLA Standard ast or is this so

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11/03/2015 23:46

Tenant Check
I am confused by the credit check guide.It states under Data Protection...If you are a landlord you

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10/03/2015 17:38

selective licensing
Hi all, I've just had an interesting discussion with my local estate agent/letting agent r

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09/03/2015 21:37

Addendum To AST
I didn't have much luck with my query regarding a tenant check,maybe someone can help with this.

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09/03/2015 20:47

RLA news
Help! Is it me or is it the system playing up? I can't seem to open the news items. T

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07/03/2015 08:19

Advertising on rightmove
Just had chap round to do an EPC on our new flat so soon able to advertise more widely Ha

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06/03/2015 16:49

Comparing letting agents
Hi does anyone know of a website that compares letting agents. Thanks

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Purple Bunny
06/03/2015 16:24

Hi ! I use RLA's inventory documents to prepare the inventory. I never used or seen E

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05/03/2015 22:51

When to take the initial deposit and rent for new tenants?
This might sound daft but I've forgotten what is best practice for new tenants going into my pro

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Mike Agate
05/03/2015 15:00

Renewing a tenancy, new AST or Periodic? TDS renewal? Council Deposit?
Hello, I am a new landlord with only one property. We have had a good tenant for one year now a

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New Landlord
05/03/2015 09:07
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