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Rita Spreadsheet
I have used the Rita Property Accounts spreadsheet for the last 2 tax years for my own benefit.I fou

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24/04/2016 12:11

How can I stop my lender appointing an LPA Receiver
How can I stop my lender appointing an LPA Receiver, we were recently in 3 months of arrears these h

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23/04/2016 15:35

Pre tenancy - tenant access?
I have a property available now and a family ready to pay a holding deposit, the trouble is, they ar

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23/04/2016 10:40

Building insurance
I have a property that I rent to the local authority to use for clients who report to them as homele

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19/04/2016 12:04

Decking - who's responsibility?
Our tenant has complained that the decking in the back garden is rotten and needs replacing - they h

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Hythe man
19/04/2016 10:54

Liability insurance
Is there such an insurance that a tenant has to get called 'Tenants liability Insurance" as tena

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18/04/2016 21:22

Friend to rent our empty property. Short-term, no rent.
A good friend needs somewhere to live for 1-3 months whilst she sorts out a marital separation. We&

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18/04/2016 16:55

If the tenants have not changed their name in the Council ta bill at the start of AST
Hi, if the new tenants have not contacted the Council to have their name from the date they moved in

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Ray D
18/04/2016 16:04

Capital gains tax
I have owned my house for 14 years of which it was my family home for the first 10 years and rented

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18/04/2016 12:55

Damp course work - Tenant rent reduction
Have a Tenant who requested some damp proofing course to be done in the lounge, dining room and half

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Hythe man
18/04/2016 08:44

Mortgage Problem
We are in the process purchasing a property which has only been owned by the vendor for about a mont

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RLA Mortgages/3mc
16/04/2016 10:09

Right to Rent...Biometric permit expiry!
A new proposed tenant of non-European nationality has applied for a 6 or 12 month tenancy to start 1

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15/04/2016 13:17

PLC Mortgages
Hi, I want to continue my portfolio by starting a public limited company (PLC) due to the on co

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14/04/2016 18:50

Can anyone recommend a good HMO insurance company?
Hi, I currently use Rentguard, but their premiums go up every year without me ever makin

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13/04/2016 13:05

Do you have a holiday let?
hi guys I've been offered a flat to buy that I think would work as a holiday let (ass

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12/04/2016 14:27

Coal-fired back hot water boilers
Hi Brothren, I have a coal-fired back boiler in the fireplace and it has started leaking

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Member 1
12/04/2016 11:47

Grout Cleaner in shower
Has anybody got any recommendations for cleaner between the tiles in shower cubicle? Prev

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11/04/2016 17:51

What NOT to allow tenants to bring into a flat
The only thing at present on my addendum we don't allow because of health and safety/insurance i

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11/04/2016 14:28

Temporary Accommodation
I have a standard RLA agreement with my tenant who lives in my basement flat. The flat has rising da

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11/04/2016 12:07

First months payment on new contract
Hi my new tenant gets paid on the 26th but would like to move in on the 18th ( I will start his cont

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Hythe man
11/04/2016 10:06

residential mortgage
I have a residential house that I am living. I have three buy to lets as well. My problem is my re

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RLA Mortgages/3mc
09/04/2016 09:42

Is the Lha rate based on the room or the number of people
I have a possible tenant with children that would take her allowance up to the Lha 4 bedroom rate.

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08/04/2016 15:11

Holding back some of the deposit to pay finders fee
Our tenants are breaking their contract and are paying rent until our new tenants move in, we have u

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i dream of jenie
06/04/2016 18:01

Holding back some of the deposit to pay finders fee
Our tenants are breaking their contract and are paying rent until our new tenants move in, we have u

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i dream of jenie
06/04/2016 18:01

oven cleaning firms..any good.
Hello colleagues. It's almost that time when I return shared- houses to their former glory

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06/04/2016 13:14

Some advice for a tenant.
A friend's son has come to me for some advice as he knows I own a couple of rental properties.

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04/04/2016 18:39

Washer or Washer Dryer ?
If you can please advise. Is it better to provide a washer dryer - sunny Manchester ! Woul

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Hythe man
04/04/2016 10:02

Does the RLA credit check deliver on addresses in Scotland?
Hello colleagues..just asking if anyone out there has used the RLA credit checking service for poten

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03/04/2016 01:29

hi i let an unfurnished property to a couple with 2 children.recently the couple split and the

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02/04/2016 13:18

Manchester Tradesmen
Hi there. Looking for reputable tradesmen in and around Manchester. Any contacts?? Thanks

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01/04/2016 13:30

Excellent Article please share via

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Jane Lo
01/04/2016 08:32

Rent paid by someone else
My tenant, a woman on her own with 4 children, has had difficulty paying the rent. Her benefits hav

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Jane Lo
01/04/2016 08:16

Anyone heard of or dealt with MISTORIA?
Have seen a few properties marketed by Mistoria who run several companies, buying, renovating, selli

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31/03/2016 22:46

Unchartered territory ... Newbie, thanks
Hello Colleagues, we have recently acquired a flat - 2 months in the 1st bank holiday weekend, we ha

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31/03/2016 21:38

Tenant murdered in property
Hi, I have been asked to fully manange a flat by a landlord i have dealt with before. I

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31/03/2016 16:44

Proof of service
Hello, What does everyone do in order to prove provided Gas Cert, EPC, How to rent book e

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31/03/2016 10:29

Property Buddy Manager Software App from Apple for i Phone/Pad
Trying to get used to the app but struggling, anybody using this who could give me some help. Once y

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Mark Gregory
29/03/2016 22:49

Oil Boilers
Should we be getting Oil Boiler certificates like we do gas?

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Member 1
29/03/2016 14:24

solicitors increase their monopoly
I have just had my money refused for a property purchase because it did not come from a solicitors a

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Hythe man
29/03/2016 12:41

Tenants query - new purchase, thank you.
We are about to purchase a 2 bed flat, although a private sale, the owners may rent the flat back f

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Hythe man
29/03/2016 12:37

Gas Safety certificate
Do I need a gas safety certificate. My son was renting 2 rooms at our house and is now leaving. We a

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Paul H
27/03/2016 20:50
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