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electrical safety check for flats
Hi all, I have a 3 flat building, with a single occupant in each flat. Do I need an electrical s

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06/10/2014 13:56

Expense Standards
Hi Anyone aware of or use an 'industry standard' for repairs and renewals in furnished

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06/10/2014 12:48

Lease Management Company Fee?
What is the normal Lease Management Company fee to manage a block of four or five flats? and for a

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05/10/2014 12:29

Rla team sending out Personalised messages to members
Hi all, I don't know how you guys feel about this, but we all used to receive blanket infor

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05/10/2014 12:27

Building Management
Does the Building Management have the rights to deny their landlords / directors contact information

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Purple Bunny
04/10/2014 18:39

Enfield Licence Court Update
Judgment was delivered today, over the course of 1.5 hours. Short summary is:

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04/10/2014 17:41

Channel 5 can't pay won't pay brilliant
And again tonight ... Massive insight ...l

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04/10/2014 10:37

ENFIELD licence
Home Can you give us an update? How did the Palmers Green meeting go for Mr Re

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03/10/2014 14:02

Debt relief order
Hi, I am a landlord who manages some properties. I am finding that more and more of our tenants are

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03/10/2014 13:28

Hi. I am wanting to start a discussion group about CARL software. Our agency took the plunge and bou

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02/10/2014 14:14

breach of TA after 3 days of commencement of agreement = pets clause
I would be grateful for your comments / advice on the following. I am a private landlord and manage

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02/10/2014 13:48

Campaign Against Landlord Licensing
A High Court judge will hear the application for judicial review on Thursday 2 October 2014, at the

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01/10/2014 21:05

Contribute to the legal action fighting fund
If anyone want to Contribute to the legal action fighting fund, click on the link:

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01/10/2014 21:02

Deposit scheme dispute process
Hi guys Has anyone had experience of tenants not following the deposit dispute scheme and

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30/09/2014 14:56

Another Tessa Shepperson Webinar
This time it is Kevin Firth director of DPS On Oct 10th My confirmation says 1

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30/09/2014 12:58

Hello, Can anyone advise what they do to comply with the Legionella Legislation as a land

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30/09/2014 12:47

Anybody can recommend us a plasterer in Bristol? Who is good and doesn't mind a small job?

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Purple Bunny
30/09/2014 12:03

home growth slowing
interesting article on BBC news web site :

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30/09/2014 11:44

Decorating "demand"
Good afternoon all - Could someone please clarify as follows: We decorated tenant apartment in

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30/09/2014 09:28

Possible New Tenant has Delayed Eviction Notice
Hi I have been approached by a local council body with a tenant. The possible new tenant

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29/09/2014 16:44

Shared rental Income
My wife's mother gifted her house to her three children some twenty years ago. She has been pay

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29/09/2014 16:23

TMW/BMS - How to cut your mortgage rate
If anyone out there has any TMW mortgages, did you know that they have an online switcher which cost

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Trans Am
27/09/2014 12:13

Channel 5 tv pgm tonight high court enforcement officer evicts
Watch on replay if you can. It's amazing,,, "Can't paynwell take it aw

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Trans Am
26/09/2014 18:34

Deposit Protection Service (DPS) - website update
Just thought I'd let people know the DPS website has just been updated. You can now view a depos

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26/09/2014 16:33

Corporate sharers vs family
Hello Guys. Do you think it is better to let a property to corporate sharers or to a fami

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24/09/2014 15:04

company let?
I am a private individual and I am intending to rent a house from a development company to then rent

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24/09/2014 11:49

Newham Council (additional Licencing)
It appears that I have to apply for an additional licence for a 2 story (4 bed)house in Newham which

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22/09/2014 14:41

Company Lets
Hi guys, have any of you out there had any experience with company lets. Is all seems ok on the sur

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22/09/2014 14:37

Oh yes this still happens!
Hi, just come across this pearler and thought I would share it with you and get your thoughts. I di

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22/09/2014 11:59

Some students are about to rent from a landlord who is not keen to give them an AST.The landlord wil

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Trans Am
22/09/2014 09:49

Catch 22 Insurance
I am going through the process of buying a vacant property nearly at completion.The lender stipulate

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Martin lets
19/09/2014 14:11

YES or NO .. surprised this has not come up here
I wonder what the fallout from a YES or indeed a NO vote might be to landlords in Scotland.

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18/09/2014 11:36

Another Council Kicks Landlord Licence Into Touch

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18/09/2014 08:42

Rent Insurance
I will shortly be the landlord of a one bedroom house,my first venture into being a landlord and the

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17/09/2014 09:02

who to use for a mortgage ?
I've decided to re-mortgage a property that has no mortgage and is let. I only need

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16/09/2014 16:02

Retaliatory Evictions, the government are backing the private members bill
It seems that despite the RLAs response to the Shelter report on retaliatory evictions, the Minister

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The Sheriffs Office
15/09/2014 15:35

Prison. Notice charged to deposit. Tenant complains as we moved someone else in
hi All, I am looking for confirmation on my thinking really on this. I may be totally off.

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15/09/2014 14:11

I intend letting a one bed property.The property has the white goods(Fridge,freezer,oven,hob,washer/

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Trans Am
15/09/2014 10:19

Immigration checking - West Midlands is the first

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12/09/2014 12:58

Landlords show tomorrow Barbican
Anybody coming to the Show tomorrow. Perhaps we can meet after Dave has finished his talk

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11/09/2014 18:48

A tenant has recently moved into a property and her drunken boyfriend, who is the father of her unbo

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10/09/2014 11:00
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