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I have epc done on one property in Oct 2008, latest tenancy (still on ) is from December 2014.

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29/01/2018 23:04

Apllicant with IVA
I have got a 38 year old applicant with good income who is about to finish a 5 year Individual Vo

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29/01/2018 23:02

Noisy neighbours - Flat above ( Block Managed )
Hi Colleagues, our Tenants are having problem with noisy neighbours in the flat above. Las

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29/01/2018 13:38

Time to sell?
So, for the first time in 33 years I'm in position to stick a unit on the market. Great tenan

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28/01/2018 11:15

Water leak
I rent out a 3rd floor flat and 2nd floor flat below reported a water leak coming through their c

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27/01/2018 15:03

Quarterly Checks - advice
Morning everyone, As I previously mentioned I am having an issue with my delightful tenant

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23/01/2018 18:12

Wealth grabbing continues in epic form
Billionaires in 2017 increased their wealth by $762bn, enough to end "global extreme poverty

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23/01/2018 12:39

Is a 5 minute shower reasonable
I know this sounds a bit silly but I d be grateful for any opinion. I have a new lodger in my ho

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22/01/2018 12:32

How to rent booklet
Hello, With a new version of the how to rent booklet coming out 'January 18' what

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22/01/2018 09:36

Capital V Revenue allowances when selling
Hello, Our tenants have wrecked place and we want to sell now. As a result of doing it up,

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22/01/2018 07:17

tenant information
How long does a landlord legally have to keep old tenancy paperwork, once a tenant has vacated th

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19/01/2018 13:14

Housing benefit tenant goading us into issuing a section 21
Hello, I am accidental landlord being fortunate to keep the flat I used to live in when we bough

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18/01/2018 17:12

TV Aerial
Hi All, new member here reading lots of useful info. I am to shortly become a landlord (next wee

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18/01/2018 10:09

If you have a business bank account - which bank do you use/recommend?
I'm looking to open a new business bank account and thought I would ask you guys. than

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17/01/2018 21:14

Changing rent due day
One of my tenants started an AST on the 16/6/2017, he is now on a periodic. Due to his financi

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17/01/2018 11:00

Purchase of freehold
I own the freehold to one building within which are three leasehold properties, two of which I ow

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15/01/2018 20:31

notice given on joint tenancy where one person is then refusing to leave- what now ?
Hi 1st time posting. we have a joint tenancy ( 4 tenants) where the lead tenant has given

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15/01/2018 20:25

Housing benefit tenant goading us into issuing a section 21
Hello, I am accidental landlord being fortunate to keep the flat I used to live in when we bough

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14/01/2018 18:17

Best RLA Training Courses?
As someone in a new role with a property company, what would you recommend are the best courses t

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12/01/2018 12:09

Council Tax for HMOs
I work with a landlord who rents out HMOs. My question is: Is it reasonable (and legal)

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11/01/2018 14:56

Amsterdam lettings contracts
Hi I,ve been a landlord with the RLA for many years and wonder if anyone has any advice for me, M

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10/01/2018 18:50

Electronic Signatures on Tenancy Agreement - Renewals
Hi, We are considering moving to electronic signatures for our tenancy renewals, can anybo

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10/01/2018 12:08

Sign of poverty or lack of luxury?
''I haven't been to a pub in a long time, I can't afford to go out with my mates,

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09/01/2018 13:27

Has anyone purchased a house with signs of subsidence? Or sold one?
Hi All, I am looking for advice from anyone who has managed to purchase a house wi

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09/01/2018 12:29

Rita Spreadsheet
I asked the same question this time last year and some kind person pointed the way. Where can I d

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08/01/2018 20:33

Window replacement
can window replacement be but down on your self assessment as an expense/maintenance ? as it ne

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08/01/2018 12:14

Tenancy Welcome packs
Hi, I rent out to students. Each student is given a 'Welcome Pack' on date of arrival. Th

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05/01/2018 16:32

Registering CCJs - automatic?
Hello, My tenants have finally been evicted, but I was wondering whether the CCJ was autom

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04/01/2018 17:01

Wishing you all a lovely Christmas
Just wanted to say I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, raise a glass to those that are not he

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04/01/2018 16:20

Possession Order on Commercial Property
Hi, we have a situation whereby we have a Commercial Tenant who we are trying to evict for rent a

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03/01/2018 22:34

Tenant not paying Utility charges
One of our tenants have stopped paying heating and water charges. The supply is communal. The ene

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03/01/2018 14:22

Deposit insurance
I'm already a RLA member but starting a Ltd company to invest in property do I have to also j

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
03/01/2018 09:24

Happy new year to all. I am curious, has any member been successful in claiming PPI considering

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31/12/2017 12:44

Assured Vs Regulate Tenancy and roll on position
Hi all, We have a tenant who was on an AST but this was for a year and we just allowed it

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30/12/2017 22:28

EPC Renewal Process
A while back I bought a property that had an old EPC. I got a new boiler, new windows, loft insul

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30/12/2017 19:05

Fire Risk Assessment - Apartment Doors
Hi Colleagues, Fire Risk Assessment - Apartment Doors 2 Bed Flat - Block Managed, a

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29/12/2017 10:00

Deposit submitted late to DPS,
I have a tenant in Wales who is not paying his rent and I wish to end the tenancy. The problem th

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28/12/2017 10:52

Fire Risk Assesment
Hi, Does anyone know who needs to carry out a Fire Risk Assesment? I have an HMO, Do i need to hi

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25/12/2017 13:16

RPI Article
Some time ago I read an article in RPI which included a section on want one landlord had written

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21/12/2017 17:54

Freehold Management Agreement
Does anyone have or can point me in the direction of a Freehold Management Agreement whereby we a

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21/12/2017 15:59

What to do if EPC Below E in a new flat?.
We have a couple of flats in a converted Grade II building which were bought in the last 10 years

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19/12/2017 23:07
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