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Overdue rent - student
I have a student tenant on joint AST, who is 4 months in arrears. He has been to the student debt

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07/02/2017 15:21

We have a feeling our tenant may flit
Her deposit has been returned as it wasn't registered in a deposit scheme, no thanks to estat

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06/02/2017 23:30

New tenancy document requested
My tenant has an AST prepared by agents (Bairstow Eves). He now wants to include his wife on the

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06/02/2017 19:20

mortgage arrangements on divorce
My wife and I will be divorcing this year following a couple of years separation. We jointly own

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06/02/2017 19:20

How much to charge for work required if a tenant wants to leave before end of tenancy
Updating addendum Need to know how much to put down for charging tenant for Drawing up a n

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06/02/2017 14:46

Damage to flooring
Departing tenants admit to staining Amtico flooring- they left car tyres (UMM?? - why not leave i

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06/02/2017 10:07

new tenant inquiry with full 6 months rent upfront
Hi , Just wants to have an idea of what you guys thinking about my perspective tenant. Ten

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05/02/2017 04:26

Important request from the RLA Campaigns Team
Hello Members, Please could you help us, every voice counts! We need as many of our

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Tom Simcock
03/02/2017 18:44

TV Licence responsibilty
Hi, can somebody confirm who is responsible for the tv licence. For some reason it is not listed

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03/02/2017 18:17

Guidance on the General Data Protection comes in to force in 2018 (GDPR 2018)
Hi Everyone, Just wondered if anyone knows much about the General data protection regulati

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03/02/2017 17:26

Which is the best start-up business bank account
Hi all, I'm new to RLA and would like to tap in to you fine people's knowledge bas

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02/02/2017 13:43

Statutory Periodic Tenancy
If tenant is on SPT does Llord need to serve Section 13 to increase the rent if tenant does not a

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02/02/2017 10:12

tax returns
It sounds as if George Osborne's harassment of landlords is continuing even after he has left

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01/02/2017 12:40

Getting a mortgage for your own home when you're a landlord
I'm looking to buy a house for my partner and I to live in and have just had a conversation w

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31/01/2017 13:37

HMO Central Heating System
We have just bought a large three storey Victorian 10 bed house. We are currently refurbishing an

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31/01/2017 12:01

FiancÚ moving in
Have good tenant for 5 months on a 6 month AST in a studio flat.Runs out end Feb. She want

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31/01/2017 08:11

Increase in rent
Can I increase the rent midway in a AST? Thanks in advance

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30/01/2017 09:33

Full Refurb - Gas Central heating VS Electric Wall Mounted Heaters
I am purchasing a property which needs a full program of refurbishment from top to bottom.

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29/01/2017 16:09

Bankruptcy? Are we, can we?
Hi We currently have 20 properties all either breaking even or in serious negative equity. Da

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28/01/2017 14:24

Change of name , anything suspicious?
Hi , I am vetting my prospective tenant. I came across that the tenant was previously known by an

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28/01/2017 09:00

Buy or lease a car query?
Hello colleagues. Just running this one up the pole; Time to think about getting anothe

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28/01/2017 08:57

Damage to carpet by cat
Our tenant has told us she intends to leave the property February half term week. We have

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26/01/2017 21:53

Company or Tenant or Both on AST
Shortlisted potential tenant who says his company currently pays for his accommodation. If

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26/01/2017 19:25

HMO Single room lets short term
Hi, I own an 8 bed HMO , but want to use one of the rooms as a short term let i.e. overnig

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26/01/2017 14:23

how to claim for clearing tenants rubbish?
I am about to make 3 estate car full trips of tenants rubbish to the tip after tenant has left.

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nicest landlord
25/01/2017 16:33

Right to Rent procedure
If I am unable to be present to carry out a new tenant's Right to Rent process - i.e. checkin

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25/01/2017 13:17

Taking over management from Letting Agent
Hi, I will be taking over management of one of my properties from the letting agent. I will b

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24/01/2017 20:52

Advice required please re daughter in shared student accommodation
Hi. My daughter has been in her current house since July 2016. She had agreed to stay in the hous

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24/01/2017 16:21

complaint to property ombudsman
Hi,has anyone had dealings lately with The Property Ombudsman? I made a complaint about a

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24/01/2017 14:54

Check list - tenant leaving
Our tenant will be leaving the property towards the end of February. We have had a few pro

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24/01/2017 12:46

My Tenants wants me to evict them on purpose so they can claim to be homeless, if I dont do that

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24/01/2017 11:49

One of four tenants moved out
I signed one tenancy agreement with four tenants. A few months into the tenancy, one of them move

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24/01/2017 10:32

Repossed property with unknown utility providers
Hi I am in the process of purchasing a repossessed property where all utilities have been

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23/01/2017 23:09

warrington recommendations
Hi everyone, Just bought a 2 bed house in Warrington and I am now looking for plumbers, el

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23/01/2017 13:17

Landlord Moving into rental accomodation.
I am a Landlord with one buy to let property . Currently i am in my residential property, but

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23/01/2017 11:39

tenant being difficult whilst deciding to extend the contract
Hi all my current tenant has been with me for 3 years, last year he informed me he will not be

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22/01/2017 21:16

Landlords Insurance - Buildings & Contents
Hi All, We recently had a flood in our block of apartments caused by the common drain syst

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22/01/2017 19:11

Tenant wanting room mate??
Evening. I have a potential tenant for my 2 bed house. However she has informed me she is unabl

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Play hard but be fair
21/01/2017 14:18

i am trying to rent a house but not getting any offers i have agencys working for me can an

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21/01/2017 10:51

Mice, Environmental Health, Niece, Solicitor, Baby, Sister, Mother
That got your attention! As simple as I can put it (I advised against renting this place f

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20/01/2017 18:09

would you like a family house e mail or ring 07792 496 542

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20/01/2017 12:37
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