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A little guidance
Our tenant (who is on a SPT) has just given notice to move out of the property on the 8/5/14 at 6Pm.

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04/04/2014 16:59

Black mould
I purchased a buy to let 18 months ago and it has been plagued with black mould. The tenant keeps tu

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02/04/2014 06:55

Have we a case for a ' Criminal Offence' against bad 'Benefit' Tenants?
We all know how the present system of how housing benefit is paid directly to the tenant is creating

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01/04/2014 11:33

Cultural Differences
Have any other landlords had any issues with tenants whose cultural differences mean unusual bathing

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01/04/2014 09:26

Tenants have failed to register for council tax
My tenants have a 12 month AST which began in August 2013. They are liable for council tax but have

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01/04/2014 09:11

Electric Check
Hi we are going to be getting a new tenant start of may, do we need to get anything electrical rech

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31/03/2014 22:46

Why cant the 'Authorities' help........
I have had an incident where a housing benefit tenant has gone 3 months into arrears with her rent.

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Elite Property Services
28/03/2014 17:38

Guaranteed Rental Schemes in Sunderland
I have a 2/3 bedroom house in Sunderland and when it is refurbished I will be looking for either a P

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nice guy
28/03/2014 11:49

Tenant has been in the property 4 months. Today I have done a property inspection and I find out th

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25/03/2014 20:58

tenants always paying late
HI I wonder if I could have some advice concerning my tenants. They moved in 27/09/13. Since moving

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25/03/2014 18:26

UK Tenant database
Sorry if I am stating the obvious here in my idealistic mind but.. I have often thought a

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25/03/2014 13:30

Bad review on internet.
Due to having to evict a destructive, abusive, non rent paying tenant some time ago he wrote a very

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24/03/2014 16:25

Can a landlord/agent use a PO box address on correspondance and the legal docs or is this not allowe

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24/03/2014 12:34

Worried About Vulnerable tenant
Dear members I am worried about one of my tenants who i think is vulnerable and needs assistanc

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24/03/2014 10:48

Ltd company
Can someone explain the benefits of putting properties into a LTD company. Also if you ha

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23/03/2014 13:23

Noise from essential repairs
Will be carrying out essential maintenance,repairs,renovations and improvements on the (4th)top floo

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23/03/2014 08:00

Leak from above flat
Looking for advice............ I have just read a string on leaks from flats above, which is my

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Member 1
17/03/2014 20:45

Worried About Vulnerable tenant
A tenant recently contacted me to renew his agreement as he had split from his wife He is very old

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17/03/2014 06:13

Whose responsible for outstanding utility bills
I have a tenant who is moving out in the near future and I am concerned about the outstanding utilit

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15/03/2014 12:26

Tenancy Start date before rent payment date
I have an application from a prospective tenant. The property is empty. He would like to move in nex

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15/03/2014 03:13

Agent CLIENT accounts
I am having trouble setting up a new client account with my bank and have been told that the FSA rul

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15/03/2014 02:45

Reducing tenancy risk
What are peoples views on putting in place measures to reduce any arrears etc? Who do you

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12/03/2014 15:12

Buildings insurance - why do bother?
I am in the process of reviewing the insurance policies on all my properties after several years of

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12/03/2014 14:27

End of tenancy arrangements.
1. Tenancy agreement ends in May. Tenants have not replied to my request ten days ago whether they w

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10/03/2014 20:33

Hi All Hope your all having a lovely Monday!! I have a bit of problem and hope I can get

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10/03/2014 16:48

Smoke Alarms
Hi everyone I'm having problems with a tenant 3 months into her contract. rent h

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06/03/2014 12:26

Tenant tracing
Hello, If you use a facility to track down tenants that had gone with no forwarding addre

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06/03/2014 10:29

Section 21 during fixed term
I am managing a property for a relation. Tenant has 6 month fixed term AST start date 4t

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05/03/2014 22:01

Estate Agent charges for buy to rent properties
Please can you let what percentge in general estate agents charge the owner to sell a buy-to-rent ho

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Mike Cole
05/03/2014 16:39

Buildings Insurance for disabled tenant with live in carers
We have a new tenant moving into a 2 bed bungalow with live in carers. The tenant has severe OCD and

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05/03/2014 09:35

tenants allowed additional occupant
we have a registered HMO which we rent to 4 students under an AST. unbeknown to us one student left

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03/03/2014 19:08

Section 21 on SPT and during fixed term
My tenants fixed term ends 5th April,we have agreed he is going to go onto SPT for more flexibility

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03/03/2014 12:15

Is there any way now we can save completed ASTs to our files as we use to? It lets you save it blan

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02/03/2014 20:46

Our tenant left our property after a possession order was issued. She left behind a bed and two mat

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DJ Storty
02/03/2014 20:03

Dave's talk
This is not up for discussion. Dave did another informative talk at the Landlords Show at

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28/02/2014 20:25

DPS Charging
DPS now charging for all deposits over 500 When we chose DPS it was because it was a fre

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28/02/2014 15:04

Of late there have been various initiatives to encourage us all to install loft insulation into our

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26/02/2014 09:28

Extending contract
Hi One of my student lets wants to stay an extra year. Do I have to take another deposit and do

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25/02/2014 18:40

Hi One of my student lets wants to stay an extra year. Do I have to take another deposit and do

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25/02/2014 09:31

Advertising - No DSS, No Children, No Smokers, No Pets, No under 25s
When advertising a property to let is it legal to use any of the following: No DSS (altho

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24/02/2014 11:46

Sick of Owen Jones
If, like me you are sick to the back teeth of Owen Jones (Independent Columnist and regular BBC comm

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23/02/2014 08:48
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