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would you like a family house e mail or ring 07792 496 542

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20/01/2017 12:37

is it off peak time for letting houses i am struggling to find a tenant for house can any b

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20/01/2017 12:28

Renting to relatives
I have recently bought a property to let, and I have a relative on housing benefit that wishes to

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20/01/2017 08:26

During our emergency lights and fire alarm check in our 4 floors of hall I noticed that one of th

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19/01/2017 16:33

Jury Service
I am currently on jury service for two weeks. Other self-employed jurors are naturally claiming f

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18/01/2017 11:39

Purchasing Freehold
I am going to compulsory purchase the freehold of a house I own. The Ground Rent is £4.20p

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18/01/2017 09:16

If you would like to thank a member for their post please do so by pressing "Thank this Membe

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17/01/2017 11:49

Cooking smells
Hi Everyone,wish you all a prosperous New Year. I have new Tenants on ground floor upsetti

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archie speedo
16/01/2017 19:15

HMO Agent Rates
What would a fair rate to expect to pay for an agent to let and manage my HMO in London? Any g

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RLA Member_308
14/01/2017 21:41

Vacant or Not??
I have a tenant who owes over £1k in rent arrears, and the other tenants in the property ha

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12/01/2017 12:49

Tenant say she does not want to renew tenancy in July
I have joined RLA yesterday. We have had a tenant at our property for 3 years. She was fou

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11/01/2017 09:20

RLA Membership - tax deductible?
Hello there. Have just joined. Can only find conflicting information.Is membership of RLA tax-ded

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08/01/2017 19:20

Article 24 - are you ready?
Just wondered if people have started to get their houses in order for the implementation of this

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06/01/2017 16:41

Can you start a CC claim for unpaid rent while tenant still living in property?
I have a couple who have not paid £1050 rent so far over 2 months - they paid the first 4 m

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live and learn
06/01/2017 07:21

Letting agent
I have given my property to letting agent but they refuse to give me any information of the tenan

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Peter G
05/01/2017 12:35

Rent Increase - Does the tenant need to sign anything?
Hello I have just issued my tenants with a notice that their rent will increase in 6 weeks

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04/01/2017 20:37

Tenancy Break Clause
I have been asked to include a break clause at 6 months in our tenancy agreement. How do I word

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04/01/2017 13:11

Homelet (Barbon Insurance)
Hi - I have just let a property through haart of Chelmsford. Wow they were good. They also arra

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04/01/2017 10:52

AirBnB - underletting
We have another leaseholder in our block who lets on Airbnb. This has raised our and other landlo

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04/01/2017 10:12

It's funny how ...
....Christmas allows tenants to spend their rent money on presents. I've only ever had

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03/01/2017 13:59

Cavity Wall Insulation
Does any one know if cavity wall insulation can be installed in a stone built property

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Jane Lo
02/01/2017 15:12

Tenant is leaving - what forms?
Hi all, I am being a little dim. I am looking for a surrender form that I get tenant to sign

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Jane Lo
02/01/2017 15:05

Welcome to 2017
Just wanted to welcome you all into the new year .. 2017 .. I remember starting out in property i

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01/01/2017 13:32

HNY Everyone
Just wanted to wish everyone on this forum a HNY. It seems we have lost a few regulars thi

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30/12/2016 20:25

Hypothetically - Thoughts on getting tenants to sign this at beginning of a tenancy

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26/12/2016 18:02

Adding a Tenant to an Existing AST
I have a married couple in a 2 bed flat. They want their friend to share the rent and have the s

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Joe Ross
21/12/2016 11:13

A new venture for RLA?
I note with interest there is another "advert" for property for sale. Would it be viable

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19/12/2016 14:22

Check-out inventory
Has anyone had experience of doing their own check-out inventory at the end of a tenancy? I us

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15/12/2016 13:59

Upmarket HMO-licensed property in prime location
Dear Fellow Landlords, Our company owns a large semi-detached Victorian property, licensed

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HMO- licensed property
14/12/2016 17:23

Incorporation under threat from Labour Shadow Ministers
Hello, Shadow CLG Minister Lord Beecham has tabled written parliamentary questions on upco

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Tom Simcock
14/12/2016 12:07

Credit Check /Guarantor
I have a potential new tenant who visited yesterday to do some prelimary paperwork. The couple h

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nicest landlord
13/12/2016 21:05

Epc con
I have just paid a man £60 for an epc certificate which I am legally bound to do. My inner

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13/12/2016 13:04

Can my tenant callthe shots?
Apartment requires extensive work to shower and kitchen after water damage from flat above. Build

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Trans Am
10/12/2016 01:09

EPC Requirement
Good Afternoon, We have a tenancy which began on the 7th June 2006. Neither the agreement

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09/12/2016 23:08

How long is EPC valid
Hi. Just about to start a new tenancy this month. The previous EPC was done in 2010. Its rat

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09/12/2016 23:06

Private surveyor
Hi guys. Is it possible to use my own surveyor for inspections on my HMO props rather than the co

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08/12/2016 17:57

Crisis homeless campaign
"Homeless charity Crisis is asking landlords to back its latest campaign, lobbying the Govern

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08/12/2016 12:26

Kitchen damage
Hi there Our tenants have somehow managed to damage the extractor hood in the kitchen they

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05/12/2016 22:46

carpet and boiler expense tax self asessement
I have a property in the UK which I let unfurnished. I have changed the carpet and the boiler boi

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05/12/2016 10:16

Toilet seat
How often should a Landlord change a toilet seat.? We have had some of ours for years with

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01/12/2016 20:50

How to rent booklet
Was told recently by one of LAT that the govs how to rent booklet may be re issued again this mon

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01/12/2016 10:36
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