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Hi This is an open question, what is the best qualification or training someone can do for val

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14/11/2017 13:50

Which properties are working best for me. Use Gross yield, net yield or based on collateral?
I need to sell a property to free up some cash. Yields are all pretty good. Some have a lot of co

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14/11/2017 10:23

Deceased tenangs
Hi everyone. Both my tenants are now deceased, the tenancy was an AST on a monthly periodi

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14/11/2017 08:31

In view of the current letting agents fees in favour of tenants, does any one feel there should b

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13/11/2017 23:15

One joint tenant has left property
2 Bed Flat, London UK, let on AST 6 month term starting July 2017. RLA contract provided, Deposit

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13/11/2017 20:46

Advertising a property with photos of tenants possessions
Hi I have had viewing booked for a prospective tenant with agreed time of current time. A

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11/11/2017 20:24

Company Lets
We are a relatively new agency and have not been asked to do a Company Let, Years ago they were c

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11/11/2017 15:44

Reasonable Notice
Is there a legal definition of 'reasonable notice' regarding viewings, maintenance visits

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11/11/2017 14:48

County court V High Court for eviction timings
County court seems to have a back log of over 6 weeks after the Order for possession has been iss

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11/11/2017 12:16

Tenant Fails to notify of leak on bath are you able to use deposit to repair
Hello Just after a bit of advice. Our tenants have moved out and during the inspection hav

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nicest landlord
09/11/2017 12:06
Has anyone had any boilers installed by I had someone ring me up today ask

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08/11/2017 19:22

MEES - eco-energi (and others?)
Looking for feedback from anyone who has used eco-energi and/or recommendations of similar firms.

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08/11/2017 11:26

DIY courses
Hi Does anyone know anywhere where you can do short DIY courses in Manchester. I.e tiling,

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06/11/2017 22:55

How to avoid SDLT on buying a property from probate
Thought you might all like to know this :

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06/11/2017 14:21

0.5% base rate
Tears, pain, tantrums. Fiddlesticks... Oh well the last 10 years have been the most extrao

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06/11/2017 09:59

Gas Safety Certificate
Hi, I have a flat that I am wanting to rent it has a gas supply but it has been capped off som

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06/11/2017 09:29

EPC Exemption
Does anyone know who I apply to for EPC exemption. Is there a form to fill in ? and where would

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03/11/2017 17:00

i have a fear of being bumped off because of my knowledge
Banks are fiddling on a scale that you would not believe on daily rate calculation mortgages, I n

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bank mole
03/11/2017 13:55

Group Tenancy signed individually
We have emailed a Group Tenancy (6 tenants) out to a Group wanting to sign up for a HMO. They hav

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03/11/2017 09:54

on line self assessment
I am considering completing my own self assessment . Could anyone advise how you go about this, w

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03/11/2017 09:47

HMO all inclusive rents - utilities capped
We are thinking of advertising our HMOs at an all inclusive price (to include utilities and inter

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02/11/2017 12:22

hi the bill hasn't been passed yet and i am starting to advertise for my student lettings

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02/11/2017 09:32

Leaf clearance from gutters
Please advise who is responsible, Landlord or Tenant

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02/11/2017 00:46

Interior decoration
Hello, I've just joined the RLA and am about to become a 1st time landlord having inherite

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01/11/2017 16:00

Use of social media for checking tenants
I am quite worried by the RLA news report about Information Commissioner warning landlords agains

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nicest landlord
30/10/2017 13:33

there is an electric boiler in an apartment I am letting. The tenant says there is only very lit

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30/10/2017 08:20

Lenders "double billing"
To all Landlords who have ever had arrears,be careful you have not been "double billed"

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28/10/2017 17:07

Hello, What are your normal response times for day to day repairs reported by tenants our

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26/10/2017 19:09

Landlord issue
Hi I live next door to a property owned by a private landlord. I own my property. They are

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25/10/2017 17:17

bank and building society interest
Sorry for writing about something that is not rent related. I understand that building soc£

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25/10/2017 00:06

Evidence is coming to light that Buy to Let customers that had Arrears at some point may have bee

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bank mole
24/10/2017 12:59

Right to Rent
An interesting thread over on Landlordzone which I wanted to share with colleagues here: https://

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23/10/2017 10:34

Looking for West Midland Members
Hi West Midland Members. I would like to create a forum for all West Midland Members, this is

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Paul F L
22/10/2017 14:45

PAT test
Do we need PAT test if all kitchen appliances and white goods are brand new? Thanks

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22/10/2017 01:41

Not-so-small inheritance for the kids
I wonder if anyone has been in a similar position and wouldn't mind sharing their experiences

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22/10/2017 01:37

Graphite insulation lining paper
Hello, I have just joined RLA today having inherited a mid 60's house which Intend to rent

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19/10/2017 15:47

Extra 'guest' staying in a property
We have a 2 bed flat which has a Tenancy with 2 names on it, but at a recent inspection visit, it

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nicest landlord
19/10/2017 12:46

Surrender of tenancy
I have a tenant in a block of flats who is behaving in a totally unacceptable manner (ie: taking

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17/10/2017 09:15

I have just read the above topic with regards to " the effectiveness of complaint mechanisms

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17/10/2017 08:38

After reading tax cafe book I realize there are no changes for the year 2016/17 and that changes

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15/10/2017 16:47

Council Tax: Vacant Property versus One Person Occupation
I have a property in Hastings and the council have advised me that the council tax I have to pay

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14/10/2017 08:00
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