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Landlord starts legal fight over £500 licence scheme
I wanted to bring to your attention Enfield Council's plans for licensing landords, which

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03/09/2014 14:47

Rent tracker
Guyz Ive built a reasonable portfolio, and I have just found out that one of my tenants hasnt p

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02/09/2014 16:40

Redress schemes
Is it only letting agents who need to join the new redress schemes? I assume this does not apply to

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02/09/2014 15:31

How do I find out if a property Im looking at in in an article 4 postcode?
Ive seen a map of the general Article 4 area on the council website but it's so small scale and

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01/09/2014 12:51

Friday Fun Thread
Thought I'd start a thread we use into the distance. I'll start, this weekend I&#

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31/08/2014 12:33

houses / flats for sale
I have properties in Blackburn / Preston. with tenants. Are there any landlords who would

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28/08/2014 12:22

Utility Bill
Cab people confirm please the best procedure for the situation where my tenant has not put the utili

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28/08/2014 10:14

Grants For UPc Windows
Are there any grants available for replacing old single glazed windows to double glazed? The tenant

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27/08/2014 11:35

Council Tax
Here is a case I'd like an opinion on. Tenant of 4 years misses her last fortnightly

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26/08/2014 11:14

cannot upload a picture
has this feature been removed?

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24/08/2014 12:05

Deed of guarantee (Unlimited)
Hello, I have read on various websites about guarantor agreements and some are saying thi

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24/08/2014 11:35

Tenant who owes me money is due to get compensation via injury claim
I have a tenant who I am in the process of evicting. It would not normally be worth going after him

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24/08/2014 11:12

RLA emailing properties
I decided to search for the properties that I've just been emailed about. Bexley Hall

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22/08/2014 16:46

Tenant unreasonable expectation?
My (fairly good) tenant locked himself out of his (my) property in the middle of the night recently.

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22/08/2014 10:22

Rapid rise in fake tenant references
watched the TV pgm Fake Britain this morning. There has been a massive rise in the number

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20/08/2014 15:03

Signing AST without keys
Hello, If a landlord signs a tenancy to start in a few days time and the tenant signs als

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14/08/2014 15:10

Refusal to sign new contract and guarantor agreement.
I recently gave notice to my letting agency and took over management of my property myself, primaril

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14/08/2014 14:55

Equity mortgage
I have just read about a scheme whereby an equity mortgage can be obtained resulting in no monthly m

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13/08/2014 12:54

Fun Friday,estate agent,not letting agent jokes
Why have EAgents stopped looking out of the window in the morning. Because otherwise they

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07/08/2014 12:26

Another Webinar,Ben Beadle of TDS with Tessa
Ben Beadle of Tenancy Deposits Scheme chatting to Tessa Shepperson in live Webinar,lunchtime 6 Aug.

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06/08/2014 13:54

How to politely say no to prospective tenants
I always find this really difficult. Can't really say - "You seem dodgy to me", "There is someth

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05/08/2014 17:40

we appear to have an extra person living at our property, but have difficulty proving it, what next?
We suspect that the tenants have taken in an extra person into our property, but have difficulty pro

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New Landlord
05/08/2014 12:44

Bat in loft space
My daughter rents(from really good landlord) in Sheffield. It is a new build,on 1st floor

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04/08/2014 15:06

Landlord Expansion - is it impossible to build a big portfolio in this day and age?
In recent weeks I have found myself thinking "do I : 1. Expand my property portfolio

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RLA Mortgages/3mc
04/08/2014 11:09

Friday Fun - What councils do you deal with? good or bad?
Mine : Tunbridge Wells - Good London Borough of Bexley - awful Medway Council

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04/08/2014 10:54

AST necessary??
Please don't shoot the messenger!! I have a friend of a friend who has a large portfolio.

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01/08/2014 11:57

Its just a suggestion but I think possibly another button similar to the Thank you button would be u

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31/07/2014 12:40

Deposit/holding deposit and protecting when?
US tenant,still in the states. AST starts 12th Aug,she arrives 26th Learning f

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30/07/2014 21:34

At viewing,things prospective tenant has said and you know they are not for you
"but don't know if there's enough space for couch surfers" This was in a bedsit.

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30/07/2014 14:26

RLA Continuous Professional Development course
Has any of you Landlords went to RLA Continuous Professional Development course?

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29/07/2014 17:18

New Landlord Tenant Hub
Hi all - in April we launched a brand new hub called rooms-a-gogo. It's an on-line facility to a

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29/07/2014 13:28

What would make you move out of rented property,to help Bex get rid of bad tenant
Guys,need ideas here as Bex needs your help from previous post

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29/07/2014 13:15

Non Smoking Property
I advertise the whole property as being no smoking .I mention it 3 times on Ad I am still

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28/07/2014 09:25

Selective Licensing - Gainsborough, Lincs - Calling all Landlords in the area!!!
West Lindsey District Council are holding a consultation period during which they are holding forums

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26/07/2014 12:22

Spencer v Taylor
I have just received what I am sure is a useful email from Tessa Sheperson's landlord law regard

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26/07/2014 10:53

lease-advice anyone home?
Has anyone had any success contacting this organisation? They seem to be running a hoax as they webs

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25/07/2014 15:47

Thanking option not working
Couple of people said they did not have the thank this Member option. Can anyone look int

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25/07/2014 12:53

MEMBER rather than a name
John, can you please PLEASE help us by forcing people to get a name after two weeks of being a membe

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25/07/2014 11:45

A tenant has just moved out. At the time he moved out he was 9 weeks in arears. I have now found out

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23/07/2014 08:44

Tenants hate each other
I am getting sick of 2 lots of tenants living next door moaning about each other. Accusations from

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22/07/2014 12:55

Following the post of EmJ regarding Deposits,we got onto inventories.(off topic) We got t

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21/07/2014 14:51
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