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dealing with sub-let tenant
Hi I have a situation where my tenant had sublet my flat to another person, tough he did not issue h

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02/01/2014 12:49

Bills included
I have an HMO property. In the new year I intend to include all bills in the monthly payment. Is it

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29/12/2013 22:14

What repairs do you have to carry out on a regulated tenancy property
I have a flat with a regulated tenant in it. the maintenance of the exterior is the responsibility o

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27/12/2013 16:37

access to stop water leak- uncooperative resident
Is there a legal process to get access when a flat leaseholder refuses to allow access to stop a l

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26/12/2013 12:33

damage to property by police
A property I manage was raided by the police end of october for alleged firearms at the property. T

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23/12/2013 19:58

Canada St / New St Manchester
Does anyone else own houses in this area and share my concern about the way Adactus Housing Associat

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Karry G
23/12/2013 16:55

reliability of condensing boilers
I have had a heatline capriz condensing boiler fail at three years old. The expansion vessel stopp

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22/12/2013 15:41

As a Landlord do I need permission from the tenant to enter the communial areas of an HMO?

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19/12/2013 22:22

Do we have an items for sale bit on this site
I have a gas cooker for sale do we have an items for sale bit on this sight.

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19/12/2013 13:02

Who pays for aburglary damage to garage
Hi I have a tenant who has just end informed me that someone has

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17/12/2013 10:56

Renovation works
I have a landlord who has a family in a 4 bedroomed property which has damp in the kitchen and bathr

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13/12/2013 11:37

large family in a small flat
I have a potential tenant who is interested in my 2 bedroom flat. she is a professional, single

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Karry G
11/12/2013 15:24

has NEWHAM council put a hold on issuing HMO licences?
I have heard of a couple of people who are having difficulty in developing properties within the bor

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10/12/2013 14:32

Satellite dish installed
Hi, My tenant has installed a satellite dish without my consent and breaking the tenancy agreement.

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10/12/2013 11:06

Can anyone tell me if it is law with a property rented to students that you have to carry out a PAT

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Karry G
09/12/2013 18:24

Hi Can we rent out our annex to in-laws, and would they be able to claim HB, as they are on sta

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09/12/2013 10:53

Tenant moved out or not?
Hi, I am in process of getting a possession order through S21 route. S21 notice expired, court paper

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Karry G
07/12/2013 12:45

Property Tax returns spreadsheet
Where within the RLA site can I download a property tax return spreadsheet for this tax year?

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06/12/2013 09:51

Anyone found a good gardener in Manchester area?
I need a gardener to maintain two properties - cut grass, clean up leaves. All easy stuff but stuff

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05/12/2013 23:54

Rent guarantee insurance
Does anyone use rent guarantee insurance and can recommend a good company? If you have a

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Karry G
05/12/2013 19:43

Refs for companies advertising at Landlord/letting show Stoneleigh
Hi All Can anyone provide references/feedback for 2 companies who advertised

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alib 8
02/12/2013 12:54

Management of a block of flats
Hi All, I'm looking for a bit of advice if possible. I currently manage a flat within a bl

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02/12/2013 11:41

Please check - tenants moved in Nov.8th 2013 - rent due 8th each month. Paid one month inadvance and

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02/12/2013 11:32

Landlord's Insurance
Can anyone recommend a robust landlord's insurance policy? I have an unfurnished property, two b

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30/11/2013 21:44

Landlord's Insurance
Can anyone recommend a robust landlord's insurance policy? I have an unfurnished property, two b

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30/11/2013 20:52

Hi I have two properties. For Tax reasons can you pool the income and expenses across the

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Karry G
29/11/2013 22:13

Dave A - Landlord & Letting show, Stoneleigh
Just thought I would say enjoyed Dave A's talk on avoiding tenants from hell at the show yesterd

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28/11/2013 23:11

Buying a property with a tenant
Hi all, I am looking at expanding my portfolio from 2 to 4 or 5. I have looked a a couple of houses

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nice guy
27/11/2013 10:21

Changing moving out date
Have tenant couple on 6 month fixed term finishing Dec 7tth They do not want to renew as

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26/11/2013 13:30

Ventallation problems
Can anybody recommend a good supplier and installer of wall vents for a terrace house in the Oldham

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26/11/2013 12:37

Serving Section 21 at start of tenancy
Hello, It is often mentioned about the practice of serving a section 21 at the start of t

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26/11/2013 11:06

tenant tracing.
After a couple of expensive failures I have found a firm who have been successful for me and less th

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26/11/2013 10:51

infestation of mice
can you please help with the following. My tenants of almost 3 years have contacted me to

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26/11/2013 10:22

tenant tracing
ref previous message forgot .com - so

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25/11/2013 15:18

Tenats buying the propertey that you rent to them
Hi all am looking to reduce my maintenance bills on my portfolio and have just heard of a scheme lo

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Karry G
25/11/2013 14:14

Service charges
Hello, If you own a flat and rent it out, can you pass on service charges you are liable

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23/11/2013 17:52

Still got mouse problem
For first time since Edwardian house was bought in mid 50's we have several baby mouse sightings

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23/11/2013 08:07

Deed of Trust
I have asked the help line but no response. Some where on forum I read that Deed of Trust does

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22/11/2013 13:14

Declaration of Trust
Sorry my last post should be a declaration of Trust - giving a proeprty to a family member

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22/11/2013 13:09

Decoration in the middle of a long term tenancy
I have had same tenants for 3 years - am i under any obligation to re-decorate?

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22/11/2013 13:05

housing act wales
Has the Government in Wales not included the introduction of Secure or Standard tenancies in the new

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22/11/2013 12:21
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