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Noise from a baby. Tenant not notifying us of issues. Extra people living in the flat. ???
Hello all, Any advice on what to do if Other residents have complained to me

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18/02/2015 17:00

tenancy expires before completion of sale?
We are in the process of purchasing a flat which is tenanted, but the tenancy agreement expire

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Member 1
16/02/2015 12:06

return deposit after tenancy
Is it correct landlords need to give agreement before DPS or TDS is released to the tenants aft

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Purple Bunny
13/02/2015 16:50

letting out to a company
Hi I am in the process of buying a flat to let in central london with car parking space. D

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13/02/2015 12:40

Rights regarding parking
Hi I am in the process of buying a flat in central London with an allocated car parking space.

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13/02/2015 10:24

Thoughts on how to calculate wear and tear, problems with deposits
How do I calculate wear and tear on carpets which are old, 7 years in this case but would be good co

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13/02/2015 08:59

Seems to be more living in my property!
I have a 4 bedroom house, let out to a tenant and her child. I recently did an inspection via an age

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12/02/2015 23:59

close relative
HI - I am thinking of letting to my grandson & partner so would like to know if there are any drawb

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11/02/2015 20:00

AirBnB website
Hello, I wondered if anyone has come across this? I rent a flat on an AST and it's come to

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Trans Am
11/02/2015 17:35

Landlords Show London
Anyone coming to Barbican on 25th/26th Feb for Landllords Show?

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10/02/2015 15:24

Cannabis Farm
A young lady tenant of one child is living in a two bed house of mine, rent paid direct on LHA.

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10/02/2015 12:03

Council planning to change rentals to "business use"
I have been in discussion with Tendring District council (Colchester area) and either I have misunde

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09/02/2015 12:00

That time of year again - tax planning for those that do not have a clue
guys I'm asked all the time about how best to approach tax in April. I giv

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09/02/2015 09:43

rent increase from periodic
Hi, I have tenants who have been on a periodic agreement since last summer when the fix t

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05/02/2015 12:44

HMO Licences
LBN have implemented a policy of issuing Enforcement Notices on landlords who hold HMO Licences but

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04/02/2015 21:34

I will shortly be marketing a brand new luxury hi spec one bedroom flat with garden in zone 2 Londo

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04/02/2015 21:13

TV licence
Hello, When a new tenant moves in we notify the utility holders. What do you do with rega

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04/02/2015 10:35

sell a flat with the tenants
Please advise what is the proper procedure to handle a situation like this: We are sellin

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02/02/2015 13:05

building management company
We have issue with our building management company for quite a long time, for exmaple: 1.

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Purple Bunny
02/02/2015 12:31

Prescribed information
How long after the tenancy going periodic do I have to supply the prescribed info again.

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01/02/2015 18:54

Electrical regulations BS7671 2008
Hi, my letting agent based in Manchester has informed me that following a visual inspection by an el

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30/01/2015 13:27

Licensing - what difference will it make?
One of my areas is set to introduce selective licensing this year (Oldham). I know we don't lik

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29/01/2015 11:04

Hello, Landlords/Agents/Help desk - If you reference and tenant at the start of a tenancy

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26/01/2015 09:49

Possession claim fees - Consultation to put fees up - ends 27 Feb!!
I received an email today from and was surprised to learn that the government

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22/01/2015 14:28

what is the legal requirement to let your own flat?
I am disatisfied with the current lettings agent and would like to take care of the property and ten

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Purple Bunny
19/01/2015 13:46

Prescribed Information Again
Have just renewed a current 6 month AST with a new 6 month AST. Old one finishes 11th Feb

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19/01/2015 09:54

Communal kitchen
Hi all, I have had a complaint from a tenant about the state of the communal kitchen in a

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18/01/2015 10:39

Is it necessary to serve Section 21 before the end of the tenancy? if the tenancy clearly indicates

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13/01/2015 14:23

Tenant failure to vacate
My tenant gave me notice that they intended to vacate by today but have sent a text to say they are

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11/01/2015 11:32

Absentee Landlord needs to arrange Eviction
Hi everyone, I have been asked to represent a family member who lives abroad in a section 8 ev

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Trans Am
09/01/2015 13:27

Agents claiming no records on tenant let and deposit
Hi, I have a tenant who is on a periodic tenancy. The original agents, who are still in busines

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Teresa Cooper
09/01/2015 12:49

manage a property
Hi i have properties of my own that i rent out successfully over the past 15 years, and a landlord h

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07/01/2015 11:33

Tenant not signing end of occupation end certificate/inventory
Hi, I would like some advice - I recently had a tenant move out of the property that I rent. I comp

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06/01/2015 08:37

LHA Rates Website
Can anyone advise if there is a website I can go to to check current local housing benefit allowance

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Trans Am
05/01/2015 18:32

Fire Safety
With regard to the fire safety; what fire precautions are needed in an unlicensed HMO? F

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Jane Lo
03/01/2015 09:28

buy to let with tenant already in place
I am about to purchase a new rental property and there already is a tenant living there on a short h

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02/01/2015 16:54

Advertising Property To Let
I have used Tenants4U to advertise properties in the past but they have been swallowed up by Purple

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Martin lets
31/12/2014 21:05

2couples in one house
Hi ! Sorry if i sound dumb, but this is first time i come across so need bit if advice.

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31/12/2014 19:29

Neighbour land grab
My new neighbour has annexed my garden with my tenants agreement (who is now jumping ship).

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30/12/2014 19:54

Hello, I'm new to this but have a few questions. I'm showing a prospective Tennant around to

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Martin lets
28/12/2014 21:54

I am being charged a standing charge by British Gas ( I urge all landlords to NOT deal with any par

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28/12/2014 10:04
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