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How to find out if the tenant is claiming benefits
Hi All, My tenant is having trouble paying his rent I have advised him to seek help from t

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28/04/2020 20:10

Lacors fire safety in HMO's
Hi all, I own a three storey block of three flats (one flat on each floor). i have a inter

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28/04/2020 11:19

Right to rent
Hi there Reletively new to the self managing and i have a question that i hope someone can

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28/04/2020 10:11

Tenant plans to leave on 5th May before the lockdown is lifted
My tenant informs me that he intends to leave the house on 5th May 2020. I have pointed out that

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28/04/2020 09:54

Tenancy Notice
Hi Colleagues, I hope you are all staying safe & well. I have a prospective Tenant whom

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27/04/2020 23:05

Noise issue: ground floor flat in a grader 2 listed building circa 1700s
Hi I recently purchased a leasehold a ground floor flat in a grade 2 listed building with 6 flats

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27/04/2020 10:49

Are the costs of extending a lease and buying the freehold allowable expenses?
Hi, I've no access to my accountant at the moment and during the last year 2019-20 I have

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Susan Smalley
27/04/2020 08:58

Cleaning in HMO
Hi everyone. I do hope you are all keeping well. I'd like some balanced advice on the fol

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Hythe man
26/04/2020 10:54

I believe the NRLA are having discussions with Government over payment of council tax on vacant p

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24/04/2020 15:47

Tenat wants to put notice to quit in, after just pying 6 months rent in advance
Hi Guyz I wonder if someone would advice please I have a tenant who lives in a block of

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23/04/2020 12:01

Landlord law conference 2020 (May)
Has anyone got their invite for this conference? It's going to be an online event, and, seei

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22/04/2020 18:30

Renting during Covid 19
Hello all, Could the NRLA clear up an on going discussion re. moving in during Covid 19.

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22/04/2020 15:22

Cunning plan list twice on rightmove, flaws?
I am thinking of listing a property using snippie with their first property free offer. This I th

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22/04/2020 12:40

one akward tenant
At this time I am surviving quiet well but I have one tenant who is taking the mick. She is st

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21/04/2020 23:06

How to rent Guide query
The tenancy started before 2015, I did not issue a "how to rent guide" Do I still

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21/04/2020 11:02

Simple information / poster to inform tenants about Universal Credit
I'm trying to find some simple information about Universal Credit that I can display in HMOs.

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SM Reading
21/04/2020 08:33

Student finance and sec 24
Does any one else have an issue with Student Finance assessments following Section 24? My

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20/04/2020 16:24

New Court form N5b
Anyone had a look at this yet? Very War and Peace in its length. Not such a good ending ei

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20/04/2020 09:03

Vetting Tenants during the Pandemic
I recently requested help from this Forum of lovely people and decided not to go ahead with a ten

Replies: 10
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19/04/2020 19:35

Housing benefit claim for a joint tenant
Hope someone can give some advice here ? I have a tenant who has a joint tenancy. Apparent

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18/04/2020 15:27

Tenant left without informing the landlord and somebody else has moved in
I had a lady renting a flat on a shorthold tenancy, she moved out without telling me and her fath

Replies: 2
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17/04/2020 15:29

Tenant Threatening Injury Claim in Attempt to be Released Early from Fixed Term Agreement
Hi, some advice appreciated. Last month my Tenant notified me that he'd 'had an incident&

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16/04/2020 16:58

Much appreciated
A huge thanks to Harper, Maureen_539, LLO, Bobby08, DPT and Elbowe. You will all be delighted to

Replies: 25
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16/04/2020 12:22

Property Redress Schemes
Good Morning, I am a private landlord with a portfolio of 10 properties. I let and manage the

Replies: 2
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16/04/2020 11:54

Worth a punt
I havean emptyproperty. I have an applicant whois a single mother , 3 kids (10, 9 and 4), has a

Replies: 33
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Cueball 83
15/04/2020 21:42

I have a tenants who gave 1 month's notice two weeks ago. The tenant is self-isolating in an

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15/04/2020 18:22

How are you helping non payers ?
So as expected one particular tenant has emailed " Sorry cant pay this month because of the v

Replies: 2
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15/04/2020 17:38

Viewing on an empty property
I have a property that has been empty for two weeks now and I wanted to do a viewing for some ten

Replies: 15
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15/04/2020 14:21

Letting Agency fees during Coronvirus
Would anyone have had a similar experience during current Coronavirus crisis. Our tenants have

Replies: 6
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15/04/2020 11:07

Plea to posters
Please give full story not part so other forum users can give proper informed opinions. Re

Replies: 2
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14/04/2020 21:20

Renting out my parent's home
Tring to research what to do with the above. Unfortunately, my mother (who has had a strok

Replies: 35
Views: 310
Mrs M.
13/04/2020 00:17

Not profiting from utilities
As far as I'm aware, it is illegal for a LL to make a profit out of gas & electricity.

Replies: 9
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12/04/2020 12:59

No contact
Good afternoon I have a tenant who has paid late continually and has turned a nice clean p

Replies: 3
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Tony the greek
11/04/2020 15:49

Does an EPC that has expired need to be renewed immediately or only when renting to a new tenant?

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11/04/2020 15:14

AirBnB to enter residential letting market in a bid to survive
I have no idea how this will happen but they have made a statement to say they are entering this

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11/04/2020 14:06

Thousands of landlords offer free homes to NHS workers - COVID-19
The BBC has recently put this on its website

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11/04/2020 10:04

Property Insurance
My Landlords property insurance has been deferred from 30 days to 60 days and since my tenant mov

Replies: 2
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Mrs M.
10/04/2020 20:42

A question to the general Landlord 'community'. Background :- I've been a land

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09/04/2020 14:39

Remote Management - Electronic signatures
How do other Landlords manage using e-signatures ? Typical costs for a sole trader is it cost

Replies: 4
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09/04/2020 10:22

Looking for a solictor for making a will
Hi I have several houses and am looking to make a will asap. Any ideas on leaving in-trust or

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09/04/2020 09:41

Gas Safety Cert
I have just noticed my plumber has incorrectly put my parents address on the gas safety certifica

Replies: 2
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08/04/2020 09:28
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