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verbal agreement to large maintenance work being carried out, now tennant has gone back on word
My tenant's contract ends at the end of August. We wish to sell the house. We asked two months

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16/05/2014 19:11

6 month Break Clause ith 2 months notice eitherway is that legal?
I have inherited an AST with a Break Clause Applicable after 6 months of tenancy width, 2 months not

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Ray D
16/05/2014 17:16

Zero standing charge electricity
I'm after a zer-standing charge account for BUSINESS use. Anyone use one? It's f

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Ray D
16/05/2014 09:57

Ltd Company
If a Ltd Company owns the properties do you use the company name on AST/Notices etc?

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12/05/2014 13:56

Tenants arrested for growing cannabis - what should I do?
My tenants have been arrested for growing cannabis. Small scale as far as I know. They did't t

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Colin in Leeds
12/05/2014 00:30

cancelled bailiffs cheque
If you cancel a cheque before the courts have even opened the application are they still allowed to

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11/05/2014 17:44

Eviction of violent tenant
Im on my easter holiday. One tenant is threatening another with a knife with threats of violence.

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Walter White
11/05/2014 00:11

John - member pictures
John, went to upload a picture and received this : "{"status":"success","image":"\/images

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09/05/2014 09:29

Issuing Section 21 from tenant start
How do you issue the section 21 notice when checking in a tenant and signing the paper work as you w

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08/05/2014 15:38

Service charges
Do any landlords pass on the service charge to tenants for say renting an apartment?

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06/05/2014 13:56

current situation/fraudster
Some more advice will be highly appreciated. I have mentioned before that I am currently

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06/05/2014 09:50

What happens if a tenant dies
We are thinking of renting a property to an elderly person but need to know what would happen to the

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05/05/2014 15:24

'To Let' boards
Hello, Can anyone recommend a company that can creat letting agent type 'To Let'

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01/05/2014 19:52

Deposit before legislation
Hello, If a deposit was taken long before the deposit legislation came in, what actions s

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01/05/2014 14:43

how far do we go in checking applicants?
My territory is bottom of the market Manchester. I am pretty hands on and thorough. My normal prac

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01/05/2014 11:28

Sorry- more help required please
Prior to our tenant given notice we attended our property for a landlord inspection and wrote to our

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30/04/2014 09:23

TAX - books
guys I am always asked at this time of year about Tax .. what why where .. my

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29/04/2014 23:41

Electricity for a 3 unit freehold - Does it have to be a business account?
I just got a notice from EDF that my monthly DD is going up. While the account has only used 1 kw u

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29/04/2014 17:55

Problems with long leaseholder
I have a flat where I own the Freehold of the property. I manage the ground floor flat as Assured Sh

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Member 1
27/04/2014 17:36

Renewal of 6 month tenancy agreement
Hello there, I have a new tenant moving into my rental next week. This tenant was found by a local a

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Jane Lo
26/04/2014 16:19

Prescribed infomation
Hello, How do people go about getting tenants to acknowledge the prescribed information t

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25/04/2014 18:13

Documents and guides - notice when updated
Hello, Just wondered if a document or guide is updated by the RLA could a notice be put n

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23/04/2014 13:26

Pet Friendly Landlords
I am member of a facebook forum where the question was posed - "Why won't Landlords take pets?".

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nice guy
22/04/2014 21:01

Alteration in RST
I have been approached by a prospective tenant (professional). Who wishes to take on one of my prope

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Member 1
20/04/2014 12:12

There was a break in whicj affected all 4 proerties in the building (period coversion). Manage

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Investiture Ltd
15/04/2014 11:25

S21 form
Hi just read on the guide on the RLA that at the start of a new tenancy you should serve an s21 form

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11/04/2014 08:34

To those with legal knowledge please help!! A year ago, I acted as a guarantor for my st

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09/04/2014 11:29

Green Deal?
The latest Residential Property Investor has an extensive article on the Green Deal and how it's

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08/04/2014 10:36

Tenants partner left and wants new AST
I had a couple with a baby on the way rent my property last year. The young lady now informs me her

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08/04/2014 09:04

Small Claims Court
Good afternoon Landlords I have just realised that I have made an error when making a cla

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Deva Blue Boy
05/04/2014 16:15

A little guidance
Our tenant (who is on a SPT) has just given notice to move out of the property on the 8/5/14 at 6Pm.

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04/04/2014 16:59

Black mould
I purchased a buy to let 18 months ago and it has been plagued with black mould. The tenant keeps tu

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02/04/2014 06:55

Have we a case for a ' Criminal Offence' against bad 'Benefit' Tenants?
We all know how the present system of how housing benefit is paid directly to the tenant is creating

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01/04/2014 11:33

Cultural Differences
Have any other landlords had any issues with tenants whose cultural differences mean unusual bathing

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01/04/2014 09:26

Tenants have failed to register for council tax
My tenants have a 12 month AST which began in August 2013. They are liable for council tax but have

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01/04/2014 09:11

Electric Check
Hi we are going to be getting a new tenant start of may, do we need to get anything electrical rech

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31/03/2014 22:46

Why cant the 'Authorities' help........
I have had an incident where a housing benefit tenant has gone 3 months into arrears with her rent.

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Elite Property Services
28/03/2014 17:38

Guaranteed Rental Schemes in Sunderland
I have a 2/3 bedroom house in Sunderland and when it is refurbished I will be looking for either a P

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nice guy
28/03/2014 11:49

Tenant has been in the property 4 months. Today I have done a property inspection and I find out th

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25/03/2014 20:58

tenants always paying late
HI I wonder if I could have some advice concerning my tenants. They moved in 27/09/13. Since moving

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25/03/2014 18:26

UK Tenant database
Sorry if I am stating the obvious here in my idealistic mind but.. I have often thought a

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25/03/2014 13:30
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