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White goods
I have a integrated fridge freezer and dishwasher. I have had to replace the fridge freezer recent

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05/12/2014 00:46

Carpet Advice
I need to carpet a one bedroom flat ready for let. Does anyone have any carpet advice, and what I sh

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Jane Lo
04/12/2014 19:47

tennant claiming for moth damage
Hi I am currently looking at a bill from a tenant for 3000+ for apparent damage to clot

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04/12/2014 12:32

I was thinking of taking a PAT testing qualification to self test but then it seems the equipment ha

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Hythe man
04/12/2014 10:22

Holiday lets
I spent a lovely weekend up in the Lake District this weekend. The cottage is owned by the family of

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02/12/2014 10:58

Hi All I transferred my Buildings Insurance property portfolio to these people 3 years ag

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01/12/2014 19:12

canabis smoking
What can you do about canabis smoking? All my properties are self contained. Nobody is allowed

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Member 1
01/12/2014 01:11

Evicted tenants property
I have finally managed to evict my tenants and they have left all their stuff behind. I've issue

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28/11/2014 18:22

Typo in tenancy agreement
Hello All I am wondering how to correct typing errors with is a signed contract ? I have

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28/11/2014 15:03

Assured shorthold tennancy eviction
We have a tenant who, halfway through the 6 month let, has failed to pay his initial deposit and has

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28/11/2014 11:23

Trouble obtaining a buy to let mortgage due to corrugated asbestos boarding roof
Good morning, We are currently trying to obtain a mortgage for a ex council house that has a co

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RLA Mortgages/3mc
26/11/2014 14:32

Tenants without heating for less than 1day
Hi my tenants recently had a power cut which affected the remote room thermostat. So central heatin

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Hythe man
25/11/2014 08:34

Hi everyone! I want to start using property management software to make my life easier and wondered

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25/11/2014 00:03

Gas and Electric Liability
Hello Please can somebody advise me as to whether or not I am liable as a landlady if my

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Trans Am
24/11/2014 18:39

county court have not issued correct paperwork
I applied (after a section 21 for possession) to the court for possession of my property and for the

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24/11/2014 13:59

Guttering maintenance
Hi, it's the autumn leaf time of year again and as a landlord I wondered who is responsible for

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24/11/2014 12:23

hPASS is a trading name of Enviro Estates Limited - anyone else with issues?
I ordered an EPC through the RLA/hPass. They have a system where you pay up front. The only time the

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23/11/2014 17:53

Paying six months rent in advance.
I know this has been discussed on here before. I do not remember what the implications were.

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22/11/2014 02:28

Evicted tenants mail
I went and inspected all the rubbish and stuff the tenants had left. There was a lot of mail for the

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21/11/2014 21:38

Has anyone ever heard of the terms joint tenants and joint tenancy in common. If so please explain w

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21/11/2014 10:41

liability for leak
A departing tenant caused a flood that damaged the flat below making the ceiling fall down and soak

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Hythe man
21/11/2014 09:06

ID for Landlords?
Hi Just a quick query hoping that someone can help? We take ID for all of our tenants -

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19/11/2014 14:01

contents insurance
After just having a water burst the tenants came to me to replace their TV, fortunately on inspectio

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19/11/2014 13:20

Any way of advertising a let on the web without strings?
Hi I am a new member Does anyone have any suggestions [other than Gumtree] on ways you ca

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19/11/2014 12:53

'Check out' procedures/ tips
Hi all, First time, wet behind the ears, private landlord here... My tenant is

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Hythe man
19/11/2014 12:07

Estate Agents
I am hoping to purchase two BTL flats on the Isle of Wight in the near future. I have a fixed criter

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19/11/2014 08:34

HB v Private
My HB tenant has just had her HB stopped because of work circumstances, I have now issued her a lett

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Trans Am
18/11/2014 16:22

Leasehold Query
I have viewed and am interested in buying a one bedroom flat in a small block of one bedroom flats a

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Hythe man
18/11/2014 11:19

You Tube advert
Hi all, Call me "moany " if you wish, but can somebody please tell me how to get rid of this i

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15/11/2014 09:13

tenants personal items!
If a tenant has left a property but has left personal items behind how long are you legally responsi

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14/11/2014 18:28

PDF bacs form template
Hi to all!, i need a pdf bacs fom template, to download for free, does anyone have any ideas?

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13/11/2014 22:49

Credit check shows what?
I have just done an RLA credit check. It uses Call Credit and costs 10. In this case I have seen

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nice guy
13/11/2014 10:08

ARMA-Q extra costs and confusion
The management company of some flats I let out is aspiring to ARMA_Q. it is supposed to be a quality

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11/11/2014 08:51

Who's responsible for chimney sweeping
Hi, Prior to letting my cottage I got the chimney swept. We did have an informal discussi

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11/11/2014 08:09

Landlords investment show
Anybody coming to Olympia on Nov13th Thursday? If not then I will just see the RLA people

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10/11/2014 19:14

Letting agent is family member - just our property
Does anyone know if, under the new regulations, my daughter is contravening "The Redress Schemes for

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Ray D
10/11/2014 14:42

I'm telling my tenants about SPTs... Some advice, please.
I have a few renewals coming up soon and I'd like to tell my tenants about the fact that SPTs ex

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10/11/2014 14:06

Increasing rent
Hi, I'm looking to increase the rent on my property (would have been 2 years, the las

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10/11/2014 13:51


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10/11/2014 13:41

tort notice
Has anyone had experience of using a tort notice after eviction of tenants. Some people say if they

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10/11/2014 13:29

Selective Licensing for Hastings & St Leonards
Is anyone else aware of the council's consultation period now active on this proposed scheme? I

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08/11/2014 17:27
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