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Rent Arrears - Interest Rate
If I was to go to court which rate of interest do I choose... 1) RLA standard AST - The i

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07/11/2013 23:11

leaving after one month
a tenant I accommodated for a friend signed a six months contract, he has now lost his job and is go

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07/11/2013 20:09

I have been a member for some years and I have a feeling that the RLA has become too commercial. The

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RLA Campaigns
05/11/2013 15:26

tennant doesn't understand his lease, leaving 2 months early
hi, can anyone recommend a solicitor that can do me a one off letter to a tennant that I have whom h

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27/10/2013 12:16

Housing Association Dilapidation Negotiations
Good Afternoon, Has any member experienced negotiating a delapidation settlement with a h

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21/10/2013 12:43

Property sales agent,Hastings
Does anyone know of a good property sales agent in the Hastings area ?

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20/10/2013 16:57

Do most of you do one AST and give the tenant a photocopy or do you and tenant sign 2 copies at the

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18/10/2013 11:35

What is the best way to manage an electricity supplier?
Hi all, looking for some guidance... I'm about let my flet out independently, without

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17/10/2013 12:25

Recommend a roofer
Hi all, can anyone recommend a reliable roofer in the London area? I like to go by word of mouth ins

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17/10/2013 11:51

The RLA campaigned against this immigration checks. It seems to be back in the news again this morni

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17/10/2013 11:03

London Lets
My daughter is doing a year paid placement and is looking for a 2 bedroom property around 300 per w

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seaside landlady
14/10/2013 11:46

Landlord wants to change Utiity Meters
Hi, I'm a letting agent and one of my landlords is insisting that we have the utility meters ch

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Ray D
14/10/2013 09:51

Graffiti removal
just wondered if any of the members on here had experienced trying to remove graffiti from brick wor

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11/10/2013 15:40

Survey of a flat ?
Anyone have experience of arranging a survey for a leashold flat? i am thinking of buying flat

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11/10/2013 14:33

Is it me or has the London market turned sharply?
For the last six weeks I have been super busy on various projects, one is a refurb in the suburbs of

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08/10/2013 19:16

Going alone
Hi I am the owner of house which is has been let to the same tenant for the past seven years or

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06/10/2013 16:03

Compulsory Purchase pitfall?
I have recieived letter from my local authority today, stating it is a Government, Local Auhority i

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06/10/2013 15:45

Local authority Compulsory purchase potential?
Dear RLA members. I dont know whether any other members have received written correspondence from th

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04/10/2013 15:37

Compulsory Purchase pitfall?
Dear RLA members. I dont know whether any other members have received written correspondence from th

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04/10/2013 15:37

Compulsory Purchase pitfall?
Dear RLA members. I dont know whether any other members have received written correspondence from th

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04/10/2013 15:36

Rent Advance
Hi just out of interest has anyone else used the services of the company Advanced Rent. I was just

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04/10/2013 14:46

Housing benif payments
Hello, to you all i have several properties some i manage and some i have agents for . a few of my t

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04/10/2013 11:04

wasp nests
who is responsible for paying for wasp nests to be removed from property landlord or tenent?

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04/10/2013 10:51

Builder Required
Can anyone recommend a builder in the East Manchester area who can carry out rendering and/or roof w

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04/10/2013 09:57

Tenants Insurance
A friend of mine is trying to rent an apartment and has been told there is a new legal requirement f

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01/10/2013 18:54

2009 RLA Tenancy needed - Can anyone help please?
Hi guys, I need to get my hands on the 2009 residential landlord association tenancy agr

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New Member
26/09/2013 09:49

Requesting a reference for tenants moving from council property
Hi, I have prospective tenants moving from a council house - from out of area. Does anyon

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25/09/2013 15:41

Broken window, who's responsible?
I have had a double glazing window damaged on a property which I rent out. The smashed window is th

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16/09/2013 18:51

anti social neighbours in flats
I would value advice on dealing with a flat owner who has sublet his flat to an addiction charity.

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16/09/2013 09:38

How much notice?
I have a prospective tenant who has been given 4-months notice (the landlord will be moving back int

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15/09/2013 20:32

Council tax and empty properties needing repairs.
Hi, I have couple of properties that are empty and the council is asking for tax.

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10/09/2013 10:26

Buying property with tenant, question about exisitng managing agent
Hello, I am new to the forum and hope somebody has a little advice for me. My husband and

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08/09/2013 21:04

Finding out where a tenant works
Hi, I have work tenants who are in arrears and in the process of being evicted. Has anyb

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08/09/2013 09:19

agreement express electronic signature
Has anyone come across the above? My agent has started to use this. I have asked if it would stand u

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07/09/2013 08:37

pattinson auctions
Has any one dealt with them? were they ok? They have an unusual buyers fee of 6000 inc VAT which go

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04/09/2013 10:28

Tenant movin gout
Hi Dave I asked earlier about one tenant leaving whilst tenancy agreement in periodic sta

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04/09/2013 07:17

Deposit Schemes,able to send deposit money to tenant abroad?
My tenants tenancy ends 10th Sept. We check room same day,then also double check day afte

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01/09/2013 17:20

FREE cavity wall insulation
Hi, I was offered FREE cavity wall insulation for one of my properties yesterday under EC

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30/08/2013 13:28

Hello, With all private rents needing an EPC for advetising, is this the same for social

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30/08/2013 13:09

Company let put additional men in property
We agreed a company let for 4 people for 6 months on behalf of a Landlord. Both sides seemed ve

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28/08/2013 12:13

B&Q Boilers
Has anybody applied for a free boiler through the B&Q scheme. My tenant Is on benefits and has agre

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27/08/2013 12:46
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