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Changes to council tax mean landlords liable when in periodic!
We have just been charged the council tax because a tenant chose to have two dwellings. The tenant h

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14/02/2014 11:58

Smoke detectors - mandatory?
Is it mandatory to have a smoke detector in a non-HMO rented property?

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12/02/2014 21:54

Internal Bathrooms - Condensation, Water residue related problem solutions??
Internal Bathrooms. We are having an issue with condensation on internal bathrooms. Anyo

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12/02/2014 20:26

Hello Does anyone know any good (i.e. trustworthy) builders in the Burnley area? Many than

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12/02/2014 16:15

Domestic Debt Collectors
I have been done over for nearly 40k by someone promising to make a good return on my investment.

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11/02/2014 22:39

Inventory pictures
Hello, Hows does anyone deal with incorporating pictures with the written inventory to co

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11/02/2014 17:54

Updating Tenancy Agreement
Tenant current on a statutory periodic tenancy and I wish to update my tenant's tenancy agreemen

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11/02/2014 10:54

rent arrears - giving landlord address
I am evicting tenants. Their rent arrears stand at over 1,000. In the letter saying I will be tak

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10/02/2014 14:14

Tenants vacated but left huge amounts of rubbish!
Hi, my tenants have finally moved out (I think) after the end of a possession order. However they ha

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09/02/2014 08:47

A tenant is claiming disrepair because there are black moulds in the property. is it the landlord re

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08/02/2014 10:08

BTL mortgage ... wondering what others have found recently
ok, will keep this short. I have a property at the end of its "term". Mortgage provider c

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05/02/2014 14:35

Open fire
Hello, does anyone know of any restrictions on letting out a property with an open fireplace? Are th

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05/02/2014 13:30

Hi I have the above Tenancy Agreement for an "unfurnished flat". I just had a Gas Annual

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04/02/2014 15:50

including utility bills in the monthly rent- any thoughts or landlords with experience of this?
An increasing number of landlords are offering properties with bills included, particularly to the

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29/01/2014 19:52

Section 21 time limit
Hello, Is there a timescale on how long a section 21 notice is valid for after it expires

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29/01/2014 13:57

insurance problem
hi, anyone had this problem? Took out a policy in 2011 with direct line. Tenancy with agent, tenant

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28/01/2014 10:43

Tenant referencing
Hello, There are a number of companies that offer a full comprehensive tenant check.

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27/01/2014 11:30

Agency guaranteeing rent
I'm speaking to Letting Agents who are offering guaranteed rent on 6/12/24/36 month contracts. S

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26/01/2014 21:50

Mortgage Express Right to Consolidate
Anyone got any thoughts on this? I have 30 odd mortgages with MX. Most are at 90% LTV (and impr

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26/01/2014 21:45

Wear And Tear
Hi Sorry if this has been answered before. I let out 2 houses carpeted, curtains, f

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26/01/2014 16:04

I have the freehold to a block of 6 flats and I own 3 of them .advice plese on what the value would

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25/01/2014 14:52

Succession of an AST
I am due to complete the purchase of a property which is already tenanted. What does the original la

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24/01/2014 13:56

furnished/part furnished/unfurnished
What is the differences in the amount you furnish a rental property and does it have any bearing on

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22/01/2014 10:38

Ending Tenancy - AST reverted to month by month
I have tenants in a property who are slightly in arrears. Instead of paying month in advance they ar

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20/01/2014 20:51

To furnish or not to furnish a rental flat. And how much?
I am getting my flat ready to let. It's a very small two bedroom flat. With the smaller bedroo

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18/01/2014 19:34

Deposit Guard Tenancy Agreement
I have a long standing tenant (commencing 3rd year)who I am going to put onto the deposit guard sche

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17/01/2014 17:42

Compensation,even though Landlord not at fault
Through no fault of ours or a good tenant's water came into her bedsit . This happene

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12/01/2014 12:52

rental advice
Hi I currently let a property to my parents both are retired and receive state pension they recently

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11/01/2014 20:51

Marketing properties
Hello, I just wondered if anyone had any tips on the best ways to advertise rental proper

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10/01/2014 15:46

freehold purchase
Has anyone done this lately? I have a flat with 100year lease at flat rate of 60 per year and am w

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Goddess Wombat!
07/01/2014 19:59

Spurious Company
Has anyone had any joy from applications for new boilers or insulation under the Green Deal 'gra

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07/01/2014 16:36

TV licence/Internet
Have a problem tenant who received letter from TV licencing people. She has no tv but has own I

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06/01/2014 23:12

dealing with sub-let tenant
Hi I have a situation where my tenant had sublet my flat to another person, tough he did not issue h

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02/01/2014 12:49

Bills included
I have an HMO property. In the new year I intend to include all bills in the monthly payment. Is it

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29/12/2013 22:14

What repairs do you have to carry out on a regulated tenancy property
I have a flat with a regulated tenant in it. the maintenance of the exterior is the responsibility o

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27/12/2013 16:37

access to stop water leak- uncooperative resident
Is there a legal process to get access when a flat leaseholder refuses to allow access to stop a l

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26/12/2013 12:33

damage to property by police
A property I manage was raided by the police end of october for alleged firearms at the property. T

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23/12/2013 19:58

Canada St / New St Manchester
Does anyone else own houses in this area and share my concern about the way Adactus Housing Associat

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Karry G
23/12/2013 16:55

reliability of condensing boilers
I have had a heatline capriz condensing boiler fail at three years old. The expansion vessel stopp

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22/12/2013 15:41

As a Landlord do I need permission from the tenant to enter the communial areas of an HMO?

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19/12/2013 22:22

Do we have an items for sale bit on this site
I have a gas cooker for sale do we have an items for sale bit on this sight.

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19/12/2013 13:02
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