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Requesting a reference for tenants moving from council property
Hi, I have prospective tenants moving from a council house - from out of area. Does anyon

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25/09/2013 15:41

Broken window, who's responsible?
I have had a double glazing window damaged on a property which I rent out. The smashed window is th

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16/09/2013 18:51

anti social neighbours in flats
I would value advice on dealing with a flat owner who has sublet his flat to an addiction charity.

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16/09/2013 09:38

How much notice?
I have a prospective tenant who has been given 4-months notice (the landlord will be moving back int

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15/09/2013 20:32

Council tax and empty properties needing repairs.
Hi, I have couple of properties that are empty and the council is asking for tax.

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10/09/2013 10:26

Buying property with tenant, question about exisitng managing agent
Hello, I am new to the forum and hope somebody has a little advice for me. My husband and

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08/09/2013 21:04

Finding out where a tenant works
Hi, I have work tenants who are in arrears and in the process of being evicted. Has anyb

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08/09/2013 09:19

agreement express electronic signature
Has anyone come across the above? My agent has started to use this. I have asked if it would stand u

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07/09/2013 08:37

pattinson auctions
Has any one dealt with them? were they ok? They have an unusual buyers fee of 6000 inc VAT which go

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04/09/2013 10:28

Tenant movin gout
Hi Dave I asked earlier about one tenant leaving whilst tenancy agreement in periodic sta

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04/09/2013 07:17

Deposit Schemes,able to send deposit money to tenant abroad?
My tenants tenancy ends 10th Sept. We check room same day,then also double check day afte

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01/09/2013 17:20

FREE cavity wall insulation
Hi, I was offered FREE cavity wall insulation for one of my properties yesterday under EC

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30/08/2013 13:28

Hello, With all private rents needing an EPC for advetising, is this the same for social

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30/08/2013 13:09

Company let put additional men in property
We agreed a company let for 4 people for 6 months on behalf of a Landlord. Both sides seemed ve

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28/08/2013 12:13

B&Q Boilers
Has anybody applied for a free boiler through the B&Q scheme. My tenant Is on benefits and has agre

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27/08/2013 12:46

Mice in bedsit
Am sure we discussed this before,but have mice in a bedsit. Have already told tenants to

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26/08/2013 13:56

White goods responsibility,HMO bedsit,What is fair
In order to make a life for myself I added another paragraph to my Room Only AST Addendum with refer

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26/08/2013 09:25

House sale: date of sale for HMRC: exchange or completion?
I seem to recall that the date of sale for tax return is exchange rather than completion. I pla

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25/08/2013 18:39

tenancy as agent
I acted as agent for a family member living abroad ,but Housing benefit not paid as I am not the la

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25/08/2013 17:47

Prospective tenant with dog
I let a bungalow in a quiet residential area. The prospective tenant owns an Alaskan Malmute (husky

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24/08/2013 22:01

Does it matter who pays rent?
I have 2 friends on AST as joint tenants. The full rent is paid by only one of them.She

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22/08/2013 01:16

Hi. first time landlord here. I have a garage and parking space ( in front of garage) that I have in

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19/08/2013 22:28

Farewell to Landlady 1954 to 2013
This is probably strangest post I will ever make on here. Sadly after 59 years of being a

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18/08/2013 19:40

Hi, I have just found new tenants and they requested a 24 months AST agreement without break clause.

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17/08/2013 21:38

Is email acceptance legal
I send out hard copy tenancy renewal letters to my tenants and ask them to sign and return as a hard

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17/08/2013 10:51

AST for sharing students
Situation : 4 students about to share a house. Agent wants separate guarantors for all 4.

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17/08/2013 00:22

wear and tear
I am still confuse about these 10% wear and tear. New Carpet, new boiler, new blinds are includ

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15/08/2013 11:29

Accredited Landlord
I have tried searching for info on the forum but have been unable to see anything. What i

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14/08/2013 11:40

Can any of our estate agent colleagues please tell me what is a reasonable amount to charge for refe

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13/08/2013 23:16

RLA Energy Performance Certificate Service & RLA communication
Anybody else had problems with the firm the RLA promote for EPCs? They had my money for nearly two w

Replies: 2
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11/08/2013 17:55

Free Boilers
Have any members actually got a brand new free boiler? We seam to be pestered constantly for a list

Replies: 3
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06/08/2013 16:42

Starting my own letting agency
I have finally had enough of the poor service provided by the lettings agency's I have used over

Replies: 22
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06/08/2013 09:54

Council's advice to "just stay put" to tenants
The more I think about this, the more infuriated I get. It's absolutely barmy for councils to te

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05/08/2013 10:02

Tenant moving room within same property
We are moving current tenant to another room in the same property as there is a problem with the air

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04/08/2013 12:29

Protecting your property from fraud
There have been cases recently of properties being the subject of Land Registry fraud. This is a par

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02/08/2013 20:04

Tenant wants lock on bedroom door...
Hi, I am currently renting my 2 bed flat as a joint AST to 2 people. One of the tenants h

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02/08/2013 15:55

All get behind a new shed tax? it would be foolish not to !
In the news over the last couple of days has been the story of the surveillance flights over Slough

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02/08/2013 12:15

Unfair term on AST
Hi gang Your views,comments welcomed My daughter is moving into her first flat and i

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30/07/2013 12:47

RLA Helpdesk
Hi, There are topics dated 19/7/13 left unanswered, yet questions dated 22/7/13 which ha

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30/07/2013 12:02

AST term?
We have had a lovely family in our house for 3 years, they moved in when the house was brand new, th

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30/07/2013 11:23

end of tenancy
my tenant's tenancy ends in two months.what need to be done if I donot want to renew the tenancy

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30/07/2013 10:48
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