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Ltd Company
If a Ltd Company owns the properties do you use the company name on AST/Notices etc?

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12/05/2014 13:56

Tenants arrested for growing cannabis - what should I do?
My tenants have been arrested for growing cannabis. Small scale as far as I know. They did't t

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Colin in Leeds
12/05/2014 00:30

cancelled bailiffs cheque
If you cancel a cheque before the courts have even opened the application are they still allowed to

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11/05/2014 17:44

Eviction of violent tenant
Im on my easter holiday. One tenant is threatening another with a knife with threats of violence.

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Walter White
11/05/2014 00:11

John - member pictures
John, went to upload a picture and received this : "{"status":"success","image":"\/images

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09/05/2014 09:29

Issuing Section 21 from tenant start
How do you issue the section 21 notice when checking in a tenant and signing the paper work as you w

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08/05/2014 15:38

Service charges
Do any landlords pass on the service charge to tenants for say renting an apartment?

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06/05/2014 13:56

current situation/fraudster
Some more advice will be highly appreciated. I have mentioned before that I am currently

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06/05/2014 09:50

What happens if a tenant dies
We are thinking of renting a property to an elderly person but need to know what would happen to the

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05/05/2014 15:24

'To Let' boards
Hello, Can anyone recommend a company that can creat letting agent type 'To Let'

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01/05/2014 19:52

Deposit before legislation
Hello, If a deposit was taken long before the deposit legislation came in, what actions s

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01/05/2014 14:43

how far do we go in checking applicants?
My territory is bottom of the market Manchester. I am pretty hands on and thorough. My normal prac

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01/05/2014 11:28

Sorry- more help required please
Prior to our tenant given notice we attended our property for a landlord inspection and wrote to our

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30/04/2014 09:23

TAX - books
guys I am always asked at this time of year about Tax .. what why where .. my

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29/04/2014 23:41

Electricity for a 3 unit freehold - Does it have to be a business account?
I just got a notice from EDF that my monthly DD is going up. While the account has only used 1 kw u

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29/04/2014 17:55

Problems with long leaseholder
I have a flat where I own the Freehold of the property. I manage the ground floor flat as Assured Sh

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Member 1
27/04/2014 17:36

Renewal of 6 month tenancy agreement
Hello there, I have a new tenant moving into my rental next week. This tenant was found by a local a

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Jane Lo
26/04/2014 16:19

Prescribed infomation
Hello, How do people go about getting tenants to acknowledge the prescribed information t

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25/04/2014 18:13

Documents and guides - notice when updated
Hello, Just wondered if a document or guide is updated by the RLA could a notice be put n

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23/04/2014 13:26

Pet Friendly Landlords
I am member of a facebook forum where the question was posed - "Why won't Landlords take pets?".

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nice guy
22/04/2014 21:01

Alteration in RST
I have been approached by a prospective tenant (professional). Who wishes to take on one of my prope

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Member 1
20/04/2014 12:12

There was a break in whicj affected all 4 proerties in the building (period coversion). Manage

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Investiture Ltd
15/04/2014 11:25

S21 form
Hi just read on the guide on the RLA that at the start of a new tenancy you should serve an s21 form

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11/04/2014 08:34

To those with legal knowledge please help!! A year ago, I acted as a guarantor for my st

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09/04/2014 11:29

Green Deal?
The latest Residential Property Investor has an extensive article on the Green Deal and how it's

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08/04/2014 10:36

Tenants partner left and wants new AST
I had a couple with a baby on the way rent my property last year. The young lady now informs me her

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08/04/2014 09:04

Small Claims Court
Good afternoon Landlords I have just realised that I have made an error when making a cla

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Deva Blue Boy
05/04/2014 16:15

A little guidance
Our tenant (who is on a SPT) has just given notice to move out of the property on the 8/5/14 at 6Pm.

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04/04/2014 16:59

Black mould
I purchased a buy to let 18 months ago and it has been plagued with black mould. The tenant keeps tu

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02/04/2014 06:55

Have we a case for a ' Criminal Offence' against bad 'Benefit' Tenants?
We all know how the present system of how housing benefit is paid directly to the tenant is creating

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01/04/2014 11:33

Cultural Differences
Have any other landlords had any issues with tenants whose cultural differences mean unusual bathing

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01/04/2014 09:26

Tenants have failed to register for council tax
My tenants have a 12 month AST which began in August 2013. They are liable for council tax but have

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01/04/2014 09:11

Electric Check
Hi we are going to be getting a new tenant start of may, do we need to get anything electrical rech

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31/03/2014 22:46

Why cant the 'Authorities' help........
I have had an incident where a housing benefit tenant has gone 3 months into arrears with her rent.

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Elite Property Services
28/03/2014 17:38

Guaranteed Rental Schemes in Sunderland
I have a 2/3 bedroom house in Sunderland and when it is refurbished I will be looking for either a P

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nice guy
28/03/2014 11:49

Tenant has been in the property 4 months. Today I have done a property inspection and I find out th

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25/03/2014 20:58

tenants always paying late
HI I wonder if I could have some advice concerning my tenants. They moved in 27/09/13. Since moving

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25/03/2014 18:26

UK Tenant database
Sorry if I am stating the obvious here in my idealistic mind but.. I have often thought a

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25/03/2014 13:30

Bad review on internet.
Due to having to evict a destructive, abusive, non rent paying tenant some time ago he wrote a very

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24/03/2014 16:25

Can a landlord/agent use a PO box address on correspondance and the legal docs or is this not allowe

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24/03/2014 12:34

Worried About Vulnerable tenant
Dear members I am worried about one of my tenants who i think is vulnerable and needs assistanc

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24/03/2014 10:48
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