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Holiday lettings
Hello, I am new to RLA and landlording overall. I am now considering getting a buy-to-let

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30/05/2013 14:41

court issue
Hi can anyone help me. I am being sued by my former tenant over harassment and the place being in di

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30/05/2013 12:40

I don,t know what is happening. I have just replied to a post, "LETING AGENTS A CAUTIONARY TALE" my

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29/05/2013 08:58

Wanted to thank ZTA for help with dates on tenancy agreement for intern plus sec21 BUT can't fin

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26/05/2013 14:55

Suggestion - can I be allowed track certain members posts
for example, I really enjoy a number of members posts, ZTA, Rigsby, etc. I would like to

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26/05/2013 14:52

I often sit here wondering who the people are on this forum, are they like me, etc In oth

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25/05/2013 10:23

Feedback link does not work!
I have tried sending feedback re small fault direct, using the leave feedback button at top left of

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24/05/2013 15:51

Frequently Asked Questions - Ideas wanted
Hi Guys, Hope all is well for you all today? We've been asked by Elbowe ab

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23/05/2013 15:30

Forum has broken
has the forum links gone mad?

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23/05/2013 13:33

bank of Ireland rate rise
are there any posts regarding the rate rise on bank of Ireland trackers.

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Richard Ashton, RLA Campaign Officer
23/05/2013 09:50

are there any normal tenants in inner city?
Every viewer for my 2 bed inner city house in Manchester is either a. an immigrant with limited Engl

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21/05/2013 14:16

Letting Agency Recommendation Central Liverpool
Hi Can anyone recommend a good lettings agency in Central Liverpool - looking to mov

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Landlord RLA
12/05/2013 23:08

family member living in rented house
hi just a quick one. if my mum has a mortgage through the mortgage works could my partner rent it of

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11/05/2013 16:46

helping first time buyer
Hi I want to sell one of my rented properties in derby. I would like to help a first time buyer

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Ray D
09/05/2013 12:05

asbestos register
hi i was wondering if any one can help a friend of mine. they have been renting a shop to be us

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07/05/2013 14:58

new forum layout
I do not like the new layout as its hard to spot the live discussion topics. Also I cannot find the

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30/04/2013 16:14

AST duration advice
Hi Just after a bit of general advice regarding the minimum length of a 'room only' AST

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29/04/2013 14:52

Change of landlord
Due to my divorce I need to transfer my tenants contracts from my sole name into my ex husbands name

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29/04/2013 13:57

Can I move tennants electricity meters to a communal area?
I am a relatively new landlady of a HMO which is divided into 4 self-contained flats. I pay the

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29/04/2013 13:15

Search within Forum?
Search within Forum? As you are aware, the search within the forum does not work. Is

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26/04/2013 13:09

Tenant Insurance
I would like my tenants who rent on a room only basis sometimes for only 6 months,to take out insura

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22/04/2013 21:20

Advise need with Students
I have a property let to 4 students until the end of August , due to a fall out 1 of them has

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21/04/2013 21:16

Is the designer of the new forum taking note of members' comments on new format? THE FUN IS GONE

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21/04/2013 15:24

Identification Checks
Are there any methods of ensuring that identification submitted by tenants is genuine/legitimate? ie

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Landlord NW
20/04/2013 11:07

Counters [Thanks..] don't not seem to work?
When you thank someone the counter does not seem to work. Unless, maybe it only works for futur

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25/03/2013 11:47

FIRE next door
I have a HMO and there was a fire next door and there was quite some damage to my property and my te

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21/03/2013 10:54
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