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Where are the downloadable documents?
Is there somewhere on the site that has documents for landlords? For example an up-to-date

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24/07/2019 19:14

Electricity card meters.
I have a studio flat which is 'all electric' and I decided to put in a card meter because

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24/07/2019 10:21

Break Clause
Just issuing a new RLA AST to a tenant, but cannot see a 6 month break clause on it. What is t

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24/07/2019 09:19

Tenants that don't like gardening !
So i have some tenants that have been with me for some 10 years now, never once missed a rent pay

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22/07/2019 19:09

Section 21 consultation

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Cueball 83
22/07/2019 12:24

What to include in Witness Statement
Hello everyone, I am preparing to attend a court hearing on 9th August regarding a possess

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21/07/2019 18:29

Rent control for the UK
Jeremy Corbyn has just tweeted that he will introduce UK wide rent controls. The looming n

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20/07/2019 12:07

S21 to be abolished is a game changer so what are the feedbacks from Scotland?
Abolishing S21 is a game changer as a tenanted property that a landlord can not regain possessio

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19/07/2019 17:47

Threats have been made against my tenant
I received a call from my letting agent today telling me that my tenants have been threatened by

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19/07/2019 16:45

NLA gain from SL in Great Yarmouth
The NLA without consulting local landlords supported Selective Licensing (SL) within Great Yarmou

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Caro S
19/07/2019 12:39

Removal storage and return of tenant possessions
Hi all, does anybody have a recommended charge list associated with removal, storage and return

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19/07/2019 12:15

previous versions how to rent guide
im going through section 21 and after several months its finally before the judge who has asked m

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17/07/2019 10:00

Hi all Just wondering with the new changes in effect for landlords, are we allowed to take

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16/07/2019 17:17

GDPR documents to tenants
I have noticed over the past week or so that the RLA checklist includes the provision of both the

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Richard F
15/07/2019 15:22

Digital signatures
I am looking for software for landlords which includes financial/tax application as well as digit

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Jenny Wren
14/07/2019 13:40

elbowe & Shaheen meet, all welcome
@Shaheen " 'Sultan' Turkish restaurant in Ilford, or 'Sheesh' Turkish

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11/07/2019 18:13

Cooking facilities not available during reapirs
Hi all, I have to carry out some damp proofing work to a kitchen in a tenanted property. T

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11/07/2019 17:04

With a HMO what sort of insurances would you take out? I have buildings but would I need c

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11/07/2019 12:41

Not returning the bond, what to do?
I had student tenants living in my property for 12 months. They left the the house in a complete

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11/07/2019 12:39

Letting agent and return of deposit
Hi- The letting agent I use takes a 6.5 week deposit from tenant. With the new laws in plac

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09/07/2019 16:05

Can you sue your estate agent?
Our estate agent always confirmed one mails that there is an addendum to the main contract which

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09/07/2019 10:32

Tenant brakes contract and refuses to give forwarding address
After 2 years with me my tenants asked for a year contract which they signed in February. La

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nicest landlord
08/07/2019 16:44

Homeless and foreign national? Might be deported by the Home Office under new plan

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07/07/2019 16:37

Reference check
Can I charge the tenant to do a reference check on him

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06/07/2019 17:21

mileage return on self assessment tax form
Hi all, wondered if anyone can help please? filling out self assessment tax return, can anyone g

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06/07/2019 11:10

Lettings Agent 'Find Me a Tenant'
I used a lettings agent to 'find me a tenant'. Unfortunately the tenant was a nightmare

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05/07/2019 15:14

Landlord Reference Charge
My tenant is leaving soon and her new landlord is asking for a reference. I was charged a year a

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05/07/2019 09:48

Renant reference check for UK citizens that have been living in Abu Dhabi
Hello, I have an English couple that have just got back to the UK who have been teaching

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04/07/2019 23:32

Agents have informed me glass on cooker door is damaged/broken at property and is my responsibili

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04/07/2019 22:27

Problem getting insurance cover for a rental on same site as home accommodation?
Hello colleagues. This query is for the BinLaw who lives in a rural location in Shropshire, with

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02/07/2019 23:32

Rent arrears from an Agent
An agent owes me a considerable amount of money they were letting to the local authority and not

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Views: 181
02/07/2019 19:47

Eviction under section 8
I am due to go to court next week to evict a tenant I am taking the tenancy agreement and the cop

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02/07/2019 11:21

Tenant Refernce Check
Hello How can my tenant get a self reference check for themselves and their guarantors?

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01/07/2019 16:17

I have CCJ against tenant, then renewed her tenancy agreement
I have in hand a CCJ dated 10/11/17 against a (housing benefit, now UC) tenant who owed over &pou

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28/06/2019 18:48

HMO Cleaning
I have a HMO property is the landlord responsible for cleaning the communal areas?

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28/06/2019 18:39

Tenant going to DPT
Interesting one this ... for a friend, I'd like your take One of my friend rents a hou

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lady in red
28/06/2019 17:45

Selective Licensing Leeds
Leeds Council were due to make a decision on 26 June for the Beeston and also Harehills areas.

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Leeds Landlord
28/06/2019 06:00

Deposit Scheme
My tenant is asking for their deposit via the scheme I used. I did not return the deposit as it

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27/06/2019 15:33

hmo mortgages
Hi there Can anyone point me in the right direction/recommend for a HMO mortgage provider plea

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RLA Mortgages/3mc
27/06/2019 14:24

Notice from tenants V Notice from Landlords
Hello, My tenants are in the 10th month of the tenancy. They moved in on a 6 month AST, an

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27/06/2019 13:37

Ants or other unwanted guests,!
Who is responsible for ants in rental property. I had couple of issues myself with ants and al

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27/06/2019 12:18
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