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Gas safety chack

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Pound Behind
12/03/2019 10:38

More difficult to shortlist
Due to all the regulations attacking us all the time I have become increasingly fussy re whom I s

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12/03/2019 08:52

Picture hooks
Hi, can anyone share any recommendations with me of what to advise tenants to use so they can pu

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12/03/2019 08:36

Good morning all, Newbie here! I have recently created an SPV for my next crop of i

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11/03/2019 09:08

RLA Credit Checks
I have an HMO. Over the years I have had some fantastic tenants. I have also had total garbage. A

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08/03/2019 17:58

One month's notice by e mail
Hello Just a quick question is it ok for my tenant to e mail me there one month's notice

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nicest landlord
08/03/2019 09:17

Section 21 issued to tenant - have they left ?
So a s21 notice gets issued to tenant, at the end of this notice how do you know if the tenant is

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07/03/2019 17:52

Right to rent/tenant has left property
A tenant has just informed us that his wife has gone back to Thailand, he still wants to remain a

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07/03/2019 13:10

Prepaid card for utilitity Bills
Good afternoon I have a lady who is interested in renting my property and asked if it was

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05/03/2019 15:59

Prospective tenancy viewing/ application form
Hi there I have just started using the open rent advertising platform (seems good so far!!) I hav

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05/03/2019 12:11

LATEST AST in line with fees ban
I am replacing a 6 month AST with another one this week. Tenant pays couple of months in advance

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04/03/2019 13:34

TEnant fees ban
I have some ASTs that are periodic, with a 6 week deposit registered with the DPS, do I now need

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
04/03/2019 12:40

Tenants want out of lease early
Hi all I would appreciate your advice. I am an accidental landlord so new to all this.

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02/03/2019 23:12

Small claims or not
My tenants moved out after I served notice. On getting the property back the whole place has had

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02/03/2019 20:43

HHSRS inspection by council
I have served a tenant a section 21 notice as they are in rent arrears and in return the tenant h

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02/03/2019 09:44

Right to Rent scheme ruled incompatible with human rights law
At last, some good news for much maligned private landlords. "Right to Rent scheme rul

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01/03/2019 19:55

Anybody attending the National Landlord Show on 21st March in London Olympia?
just wondered ..

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01/03/2019 14:45

Hi, We have a small self contained flat which consists of a main room, very small kitchen

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28/02/2019 15:27

hand back keys
where do I find the letter for a tenant handing keys back that the sign please?

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28/02/2019 14:01

Tax return service
Hello I am looking for a tax return service based in Nottingham. Can someone advice? Man

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26/02/2019 09:08

Property valuation
I need some advise on how property valuation works? We recently put massive two storey sid

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26/02/2019 08:04

Tenant Nuisance
I have a 3 bedroom semi-detatched house, privately rented, which is currently rented to 3 studen

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25/02/2019 19:16

Bedsit sizes
Hi, I can find the minimum room sizes for bedrooms in an HMO but are there minimum sizes for a be

Replies: 5
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25/02/2019 18:35

Avoiding 3% SDLT levy
did you guys know a court case was won recently by a Bristol couple who avoided the 3% SDLT hike

Replies: 3
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25/02/2019 15:57

Rent Income Insurance - Is there an insurance that covers 'voids' or 'empty properties' ?
Hi Is there any insurance out there that would cover rental voids, so you would still rece

Replies: 2
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25/02/2019 07:33

Tenant wants council house - stopped paying rent !
Ok so i am sure many have been in this situation ? I have a tenant who has always been a b

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22/02/2019 10:46

fair usage - clause when bills are included
Hi, I'm looking to rent a property to a group of students and include bills within the

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Andy A
20/02/2019 19:30

87 Year Old Hoader
I have just taken over my fathers affairs as he sadly has dementia and is now in a nursing home.

Replies: 12
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19/02/2019 21:25

Unexpected forced entry into property under section 17
Just a quick message to see if another landlord has had forced entry into their property with unf

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nicest landlord
19/02/2019 09:19

Viewers refused to give surnames
Shortlisted a couple from answers to basic questions. Before giving them a time fir viewin

Replies: 42
Views: 342
18/02/2019 22:06

Tenants belongings
Our tenants were in arrears with January’s rental payment so we called them on the 5th Feb to rem

Replies: 4
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18/02/2019 18:11

Members thoughts on Selective Licensing
Hello, Just after some fellow members thoughts on Selective Licensing. Many thanks!

Replies: 2
Views: 169
18/02/2019 17:16

Fan Assisted Storage heaters
Hi there does anyone know what the best energy rated fan assisted storage heaters are ? I need to

Replies: 0
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18/02/2019 13:24

Universal credit telephone helpline for landlords
Hello Would anyone know of any such number available. Tried on several occasions to call

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17/02/2019 10:11

Tenant household waste
Most tenants have to pay council tax and even if they do not pay, as a result of their personal c

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15/02/2019 17:45

Landlord partnership agreement... do you use one?
Hi, my husband and I have 3 rental properties and are now buying a fourth,,, this time joining in

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15/02/2019 11:39

No fault Section 21 - not again

Replies: 5
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14/02/2019 09:44

Weird deposit situation
Hi all, Some advice would be welcome. After many months and several section 21s the tenant ha

Replies: 9
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Jane Lo
14/02/2019 07:59

Tenants moving out
Hi my tenants are moving out after 3 years. I have been round and chatted to them and advised the

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14/02/2019 06:59

Allowing current tenants to have a final veto on a new tenant
Hi, I have a good 4 bedroomed house, once let to students or prosessionals,as a group of 4, bu

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14/02/2019 01:22

Initial Questions to tenant on telephone
Hi there does anyone know what questions should be asked to Vet tenants when they initially ring

Replies: 7
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13/02/2019 20:01
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