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Tenants wishing to purchase rented property
I have a tenant (family with 2 children) who have lived in my property for 2 years and they would

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13/02/2019 08:57

How good are the 247 rescue?
Hi, I have bought four policies and my tenant called them but they won't go. They say

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12/02/2019 17:12

Neighbour below threatens to go to court
Good evening We have a flat with a very nice tenant. In December, just before Xmas he info

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12/02/2019 08:53

CGT tax on sale of property.
A few years ago I looked at the tax implications of selling a rental property I owed. As I knew l

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12/02/2019 08:11

Chasing arrears of evicted tenant.
I have successfully secured a Possession Order through a Section 8 on a tenant who ran up signifi

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11/02/2019 11:40

Advice on finding own tenants
I've always used an agent to find new tenants. Last time I did so I was disappointed with the

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11/02/2019 10:18

applying for managed payment afrter serving S21
Hi All I have a situation with a tenant on UC benefits. Basically he has stopped paying re

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11/02/2019 08:36

Tenant wants to end tenancy early (still in fixed term on 6 months)
My tenant who has only been in the property for four months, has asked if she can end the tenancy

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10/02/2019 19:27

Request from tenant for landlord letter for spousal visa
I recently found a new tenant through an agent, who did all the necessary checks and she passed t

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10/02/2019 00:21

Does anyone know if the future EPC standards for private domestic rented property is going to inc

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09/02/2019 10:33

Best Letting Agent for Tenant Find
Hi, Can I have any recommendations for best online Letting Agent for Tenant Find only with some i

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08/02/2019 09:09

Contractual periodic tenancy
Hello, I am referring to RLA Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, April 2018 edition. S

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06/02/2019 23:53

Becoming an EPC assesor and other related jobs, has anyone done it?
In my 50's. We are not rich (or cut throat business people)and never will be. We own a few ho

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Jen & wayne
06/02/2019 07:56

Unfurnished Property
Good afternoon My previous tenant moved out last month (unfortunately) and the property wa

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05/02/2019 11:42

Owing outright then mortgaging
I am looking to invest in a property with a friend of mine in a JV whereby we would both put up t

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RLA Mortgages/3mc
05/02/2019 11:13

AST for applicant who owns a property
Possible applicant for flat who is working down south for a fixed term. Can I offer them A

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03/02/2019 22:56

Tenant Fees - proposed measures
I notice the following from the guidelines - see below. Does this mean that we cannot char

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02/02/2019 14:12

Contract for parking space
Hi all, I'd like to use some form of contract to let out a parking space that I own. Does an

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Dan Castro Harman
01/02/2019 15:09

Glass doors on fitted wardorbes
Morning, I have taken over a property built in the 1960's The two bedrooms have full length

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01/02/2019 11:16

Dippy tenant giving grief
After a lengthy telephone conversation with tenant explaining exactly why we wanted to look at th

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31/01/2019 21:41

Tenants in HMO putting fridges and freezers and kettles in bedrooms
Hi, I've just completed some house checks - on HMO's with 5 tenants on a joint AST, share

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28/01/2019 21:50

In Arrears
My tenant has been excellent over more than 6 years, paying on time and looking after the propert

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28/01/2019 16:17

Guys been a blast but I'm calling it a day on the forums!
As some of you know I've been on the forums since the dawn of time. I've shared ma

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28/01/2019 16:07

Conifer Trees
hi. my tenant has been living in the property for 10 years When she moved in there was 3 co

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28/01/2019 15:33

New EPC cost
Hi All Upon doing some checks i have now noted a couple of my properties EPC's have no

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28/01/2019 14:46

Oven damage
Did some viewings as bad tenant moving out soon.Lives on his own but has children visitors freque

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28/01/2019 14:19

Gas Safety Certificate
Hi All,  I am a new Landlord so still trying to learn the  ins and outs,  I have a BTL pro

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28/01/2019 10:54

Confiscation of property may happen in a no deal Brexit - Sunday Times
''UK ready to declare martial law to avert no-deal Brexit chaos The government is

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28/01/2019 10:23

DPS Scheme leaflet and horrifying paperwork
Just trying to get it right again. Tenant moving in. We filled in DPS custodial Prescri

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Jen & wayne
27/01/2019 19:28

Please can anyone tell me if the training centre in Manchester has car parking as I'm thinkin

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27/01/2019 00:07

Short term contracts for LESS than 6 months available?
Hello, I wish to sell my house but considering entering into a short term contract of appr

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26/01/2019 16:26

Hi Like many people the 10 year expiry date on EPCs is coming up/or has come up on propert

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26/01/2019 09:40

Student Tenant moved out before end date
Hello All, I just wanted some advise on my current situation: I have a rental prope

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24/01/2019 18:16

Poll time again - easy one - When do you get your tax return in?
I normally do all my paper work sometime in the April / May time frame, so it is all done. Then I

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24/01/2019 07:45

Continuation of S21
Hi, I have served s21 and applied to court for possession with the hefty 3 packs of photocopies n

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22/01/2019 16:28

Locked Brexit forum post
Dear members, We have taken the decision to lock the recent thread on Brexit as a number o

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21/01/2019 17:28

mortgage full renention
Hi all I have been offered a mortgage with full retention the lender want me to do essenti

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21/01/2019 17:11

Three pet rats and a rabbit
I have a four bed house, rented out to four student friends on one tenancy agreement for a year,

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21/01/2019 11:52

Mid-tenancy check ins.
Hi, I'm self-managing my first BTL (tenant found through Easyproperty - which worked really w

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21/01/2019 09:55

Wealth and inequality report for the world 2018
26 people of the planet own as much as bottom 50 per cent of the planet's population. It is g

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21/01/2019 08:40

Pending Leasehold Reform legislation
Hi everyone, I am trying to gauge what the Government's intentions are and what the likely

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20/01/2019 13:36
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