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Tenant Eviction Date Appeal- Court Hearing- Advice
Hello Our tenant has appealed their eviction (after we served a section 8/ Suspended Possessio

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02/09/2018 20:55

Submitting Evidence to Court
Hello We have a court hearing this week and I would like to submit evidence After much sear

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02/09/2018 18:35

non- housing act tenancy
what are these? I seemed to have signed one! :(

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01/09/2018 11:09

How Does a Landlord Cancel a Guarantee Agreement
Dear All, I wonder if you could help? Last year, I let a property to a bunch of students, w

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01/09/2018 10:02

Seeking rent arrears and costs from evicted tenants
Tenants from Romania were evicted. They still managed to be housed in Housing Association. Infor

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30/08/2018 20:32

Victim of a rent-to-rent scam - Help!
My problem falls between the Section 8 or 21...i had a corporate tenancy via an agency, but the a

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29/08/2018 22:39

End of Tenancy
What is you advice if a tenant askes to arrange get their own quotes for their dilapidations a we

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29/08/2018 18:44

Tenant contra charges me for plumber call out
Tenant (apparently) had problem with continual flushing loo - so calls out emergency plumber at 1

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29/08/2018 18:14

Check out meeting , form to sign
Do you get tenant to sign a surrender of tenancy document at check out meeting at end of the tena

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29/08/2018 15:41

Torts notice period
What is the minimum notice period I need to state on Torts notice (following eviction by county c

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27/08/2018 14:43

Torts notice period
What is the minimum notice period I need to state on Torts notice (following eviction by county c

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27/08/2018 13:30

Torts notice period
What is the minimum notice period I need to state on Torts notice (following eviction by county c

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27/08/2018 13:23

Short term lets via Airbnb
Does anyone have experience of this? and would care to share their experience of it? In pa

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Leeds Landlord
26/08/2018 13:26

Backdates Move In Date
Hi - I have an situation where the tenants have agreed to take the flat from the 2nd of September

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24/08/2018 22:21

My new tenants wish to leave
Good morning My new tenants signed up and took possession last Friday. Last Tuesday she in

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24/08/2018 10:46

Prior Approval
Is there someone who has got an experience with changing an empty shop into flats via Prior Appro

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24/08/2018 08:23

Unsociable behaviour from tenant below
Iíve had an on going(7 years) situation with tenant in the flat below who is a vulnerable person.

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23/08/2018 22:11

Rental Increase
Hiya guys, Some advice please, we have given our tenant a rental increase, the first in 3 yea

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23/08/2018 09:51

Evicting a lodger
Hi, Does anyone have any experience of evicting really problematic lodgers? Unfortu

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22/08/2018 17:47

changed from sole trader to ltd company
Hi i have recently changed from being a sole trader to a Ltd company by my Accountant. He

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22/08/2018 14:38

tenant with asthma / dampness in house
when my tenants viewed my house the house was lived in by previous tenants.One of the new tenant

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19/08/2018 09:57

Tenant eviction in. HMO
I have a HMO and one tenant constantly missed rent so I went through the while process of friendl

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18/08/2018 21:22

tenant arrears
Hi recently in court, defendant filed defence on day and got duty solicitor, basically said house

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17/08/2018 01:19

Guest Stay
Good Evening First post since joining so any help would be appreciated. I manage a couple

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16/08/2018 18:45

Serviced accomodation
Hi there, Any thoughts and ideas on serviced accomodation...what to look out for/how to ma

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15/08/2018 08:44

Rent Repayment Order
Hey Guys I received a letter from the tribunal that 3 of my tenants who lived at my proper

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14/08/2018 09:39

RLA inventory
HELP! When I try to use your furnished inventory document to online - the typing goes vert

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13/08/2018 19:17

Member Introduction
Hi, I am a Landlord in Norfolk who has recently left the National Landlords Association du

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13/08/2018 17:59

Garden studio
I let a 3 bed house to 3 students - was wondering could I let the garden studio - or use of garde

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12/08/2018 11:15

Tenant potentially has others living there with no approval from landlord
Hi One of my tenants has been renting from me for several years now (her and her son) and

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11/08/2018 15:50

Student tenancy
I have four students already signed agreements to continue in current property for a further year

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11/08/2018 15:48

Landlord Home Emergency Cover
I was with insurance company 24/7 for landlord home emergency. Every time I had a problem they wa

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Charlotte Cc
11/08/2018 12:29

Countrywide Group
Having read recently in The Times that the countrywide Group have issued four profit warnings in

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10/08/2018 14:09

Request to leave belongings in room prior to tenancy start date.
I have a young student signing to start a room only tenancy late in September. Out of the blue sh

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Trans Am
09/08/2018 10:14

Wales - Smoke Alarms and CO alarms ? How to Rent Booklet ??
Hi All Looking for info regarding fitting of smoke alarms and CO alarms. I would al

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07/08/2018 13:45

Flat with no access
Hoping someone can give me a bit of advice! I have a first floor flat which the council are charg

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07/08/2018 12:26

What to do if my tenant at will without a lease won't leave
As you can guess i am rather new to all this. I have one tenant on an assured shorthold ... she

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06/08/2018 17:55

nottingham selective licencing
any one else wading through this application form?

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06/08/2018 17:45

Thank you Maureen
Had a problem with a toilet, remembered your trick of standing on a chair with a bowl of water an

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05/08/2018 13:42

rent increase
Hi everyone my first post although iv been a member for a while. I have a tenant thats been wi

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04/08/2018 14:16

Long term tenant with cats - which are now causing issues
Morning all, We have a long term tenant where it was agreed upon the start of their tenanc

Replies: 6
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04/08/2018 12:52
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