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Rent Arrears

How can i track down an ex tenant who owes arrears and damages and has given me a incorrect forwa

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08/07/2020 10:18

Rent Arrears
We have a tenant who I have given a 3 month rent holiday ( deferment). We have been very s

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NRLA Advice Line
06/07/2020 11:09

moving out
my tenant has emailed to say she will be moving out on 11 July, (her tenancy ends 24 August but t

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Linda B
04/07/2020 14:56

Debt Recovery
Hi all, I have a tenant whom I've served S8 notice on and he has willingly given up the ro

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NRLA Advice Line
30/06/2020 08:59

Section 21
I currently have a tenant who is 2 months £1000 behind with his rent and on the 16th of Jul

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29/06/2020 12:05

Hello, I would like some tips on what's the best thing to do now my tenant finally lef

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25/06/2020 18:34

Mal Evans
Hi. Two tenants were in rent arrears so two months'notice was given to quit at the end

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23/06/2020 09:53

Rent unpaid and tenant gone silent
I have new tenants who moved in on 20 Feb, paying their deposit and first month's rent at the

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22/06/2020 08:29

Rent arrears during Coronavirus
Hi All, Firstly I am sympathetic to my tenants situation, I just feel they could do more a

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16/06/2020 13:02

Distress for Rent act 1737
Is this still valid and if so has anyone used it?

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Linda B
11/06/2020 14:45

On-going saga with student refusing to pay their outstanding debt for the remainder of their term

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NRLA Advice Line
11/06/2020 13:30

rent arrears and credit in the UK
Hi All, Where should we report tenants credit in the UK??? they refused to pay the rent during lo

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09/06/2020 14:33

Recover arrears
Good afternoon just looking for a bit of a sounding board and perhaps some of your own exp

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05/06/2020 20:06

As a landlord what can i do
Hi All , I have just been informed that my tenant has vacated the property but in doing so

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05/06/2020 17:28

serve notice
Can I serve notice on a tenant who has only paid £250 in the last 3 months. the usual rent

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NRLA Advice Line
02/06/2020 09:50

Hi there, Looking for a template letter to send to my tenant regarding rent arrears that h

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NRLA Advice Line
01/06/2020 11:31

Rent shortfall repayment Plan
Given the COVID-19 situation, my Tennant has a shortfall in rent for the first two months. She ha

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Paul 123
31/05/2020 18:42

Universal Credit
My tenant is more than eight weeks in rent arrears. She receives her rent from Universal Credi

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Linda B
26/05/2020 22:03

chasing rent outside UK
We have two tenants and their mum is a guarantor, they went back to Canada and don't want to

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26/05/2020 14:02

Tenant asking to reduce Rent
Hi, Our tenants are looking for help with Rent during lockdown. They are offering t

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21/05/2020 16:15

My tenants work in hospitals and recently moved to my flat in January this year. They have decide

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16/05/2020 09:44

Hi, longstanding tenant on benefits arrears over the years almost cleared until large overpayment

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13/05/2020 13:03

Student rent arrears
Hi All We have a student who has now moved out but owes 4 months rent. He's refusing t

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NRLA Advice Line
11/05/2020 13:39

Gj smith
Hi. My tenant has given me notice and is leaving at the end of the month. This months rent has no

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
07/05/2020 11:44

Non payment of rent
Good afternoon My tenant paid half the rent last month and I'm not sure what they intend d

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05/05/2020 16:22

GO Cardless Direct Debit service for rents
Hi all and thanks for any advice in advance. Does any self managing landlords have any exp

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01/05/2020 17:48

Tenants refusing to pay
Dear Legal for Landlords, I have an additionally licensed HMO, with 4 tenants on a joint A

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01/05/2020 10:09

Apart from mortgage holiday what other financial help is there from Government for private landlo

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25/04/2020 11:49

Opening tenant letters
I have a tenant who left a property owing a large sum of rent arrears without providing any forwa

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17/04/2020 14:50

Rent Arrears
Hello, I am a landlord with 24 single BUY to lets - the Majority of our tenants are being great a

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16/04/2020 17:44

Tenant overseas
Hi, I hope you can offer some advice. I have a non-British tenant who did have a student v

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15/04/2020 21:49

student rental AST
I have a property with 4 student tenants as a joint AST for 12 months ending end July. One of th

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15/04/2020 15:04

Conronavirus Rent Arrears
My tenant as predicted didn't pay his rent due literally a few days after lockdown was announ

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14/04/2020 10:13

Tenant in difficulty
I have single tenancy with 5 student tenants expiring at the end of May. One of the student email

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A concerned Landlord
11/04/2020 16:57

Rent Holiday?
During the current Covid19 crisis there is a lot of talk about rent holidays and other arrangemen

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10/04/2020 17:23

COVID19 rent arrears
Hi guys, first time poster and single property owner here. My tenants have been in place for 2

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10/04/2020 13:49

Student Let
Hi I own an HMO let to students. Due to coronavirus, the Students have left the premises with

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NRLA Advice Line
08/04/2020 09:59

Valerie de Lancey
I am an agent for 15 student properties in Bristol (landlord of 4). The Students Union has advise

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NRLA Advice Line
07/04/2020 13:37

Rent not being paid on a Company Let
I recently let my flat on a company let agreement for an initial 3 month term - the rent is &poun

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Teg's Dad
07/04/2020 11:49

Given notice
I gave my 2 tenants oral notification of 2 months notice on 10 March 2020 as we were looking to s

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06/04/2020 15:07
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