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Secton 21(1) or section 8?
I let a 'high end'property to a couple via a letting agent using an AST which has since turn

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19/10/2014 11:34

I have given notice to a tenant to vacate my property and have given her the required notice in writ

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13/10/2014 16:40

section 8
if i issue a 6 month or 12 month AST and after a several months the tenant owes more than 2 months r

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13/10/2014 13:15

"Non-Break" Clause butTenant has moved out without notice and wants deposit back
I am a live in landlord/homeowner, and rented to a boarder on a short term lease in June 2013 which

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Landlord Advice Team
04/10/2014 08:56

With Universal Credit Will Direct Payments Still Be Allowed After 8 Weeks Arrears?
With Universal Credit Will Direct Payments Still Be Allowed After 8 Weeks Arrears?

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30/09/2014 11:49

Return rent deposit
I manage 1 of my properties myself. Current tenants have been in the property since Feb 2010. I want

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Landlord Advice Team
30/09/2014 08:36

With Universal Credit Will Direct Payments Still Be Allowed After 8 Weeks Arrears?
With Universal Credit Will Direct Payments Still Be Allowed After 8 Weeks Arrears?

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29/09/2014 10:49

No current agreement
I have had the same tenant in my property for the last 6 years and we have a friendly relationship.

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22/09/2014 11:12

Missing Tenant
I have a Slovakian tenant who seems to have gone back to Slovakia. There has been no rent paid for

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18/09/2014 11:37

Rental Arrears
I have had a tenant for the past 5 years, until recently when through finacial difficulties I have t

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Landlord Advice Team
16/09/2014 07:24

Rent arrears at end of tenancy
My long standing tenants have informed me they will be leaving the property on 31/10/14. They have

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Trans Am
15/09/2014 21:34

Invest in the North West
I have a tenant who is regularly behind with his rent. I am going to serve section 21 notice. Has

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Property Dog
11/09/2014 11:38

Hi our tenants fell behind with their rental payment in June which left a shortfall of 300. We agre

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Black Cat
10/09/2014 19:04

my tenant won't move out even though she gave notice
Hello My tenant gave us over one months notice in July (by text message)that they were moving o

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09/09/2014 09:13

Rent Arrears and Seeking Possession
I have had my current tenant for approximately one year. Per our agreed contract, her obligated rent

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09/09/2014 09:08

disputing "default" court costs
due to a very protracted eviction/counterclaim case that took 2.5 years to resolve (long after the t

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05/09/2014 16:05

Receiving housing benefit obligations as a Landlord
My tenant is in rent arrears. Council paid lump sum as first instalment and now its a positive bala

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31/08/2014 09:19

Terminating AST agreement
Hello all Please could you assist me with the following: I have a 12 months AS

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29/08/2014 09:51

Rent insurance - Is it worth it?
Hi The newbie again. Been considering the value of rent insurance in the light of my expe

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26/08/2014 10:25

tenants from canada
I am proposing to let my house to a couple ,sharing coming from canada Person 1 will be emplyed

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23/08/2014 10:57

Joint and Several Liability
Hello, We have a household of 6 students and we have just checked them out of the house.

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13/08/2014 12:55

superstrike decision
My tenant moved in 19-06-2012 on an AST for months it then rolled out on a periodic tenancy. She has

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Landlord Advice Team
07/08/2014 09:47

Our Tenant (young man - 22 year old) moved in on the 19th December 2013. He paid 6 months rent in ad

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06/08/2014 12:17

If I have to issue a summons for arrears against a group of tenants who have a joint and several agr

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Landlord Advice Team
05/08/2014 12:02

Housing Benefit Rent Arrears
Hi We have a property in Bacup Lancashire and recently had a tenant in on HB sponsored by Ross

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03/08/2014 11:07

Couple break up rent arears
Hi I have a property in Chesterfield, the couple we had in were no trouble at all for months &

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31/07/2014 17:40

new agreement and inventory
I am the landlord. A tenancy agreement expires on the 28th August. I want to give the tenants a new

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30/07/2014 08:58

Hi all, the tenant has done a run owning rent+gas+elect etc.etc. She left some furniture (

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29/07/2014 15:37

Giving notice
I have let a flat on a 1 year assured shorthold agreement, expiring on 8 January 2015 using your l

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25/07/2014 11:44

Rent arrears repayment options
We have a tenant who is moving out at the end of the month and she is approx 3 months in rent arrear

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18/07/2014 10:36

Ground Rent Arrears
Hi I own a flat which I pay ground rent on. I moved last year and wrote to the Ground aren

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10/07/2014 09:03

I have tenant who is late in rental payment since 8 weeks and need help of how to evict him.

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Landlord Advice Team
05/07/2014 15:40

Tenant eviction
Hi This is a continuation/development of a previous enquiry. I issued a Sec 21 repossessio

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03/07/2014 10:00

Tenant eviction
Hi This is a continuation/development of a previous enquiry. I issued a Sec 21 repossessio

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01/07/2014 08:37

172 Dorset Road
I have send many e-mail along with recorded delivery letter now i want to fast track county court ju

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Landlord Advice Team
24/06/2014 08:36

Tenants have left without giving 1 month's notice, taken goods, left junk. Can you advise please?
We served our former tenants a section 21 notice, due to end on 24th June. Rent was due t

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23/06/2014 11:29

Rent a minor debt
Good Afternoon Can anyone help please, I've issued a section 8 correctly and now appl

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Landlord Advice Team
10/06/2014 17:27

Rent Arrears - way forward
I'm a small time landlord with a slowly increasing portfolio of 4 properties. In the last 8 yea

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05/06/2014 14:58

Money owed
Hi I have 3 cases of rent arrears all have CCJs against them. Can anyone advise me the most cost eff

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Landlord Advice Team
04/06/2014 14:51

Renting property to son
I have a property that I currently rent out. In September my son and a friend are going to rent it.

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02/06/2014 20:26

Which notice is better for swift recovery of property
My tenant has 2 months of rent arrears and 1 year of water arrears, should I serve a section 8 or 21

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Landlord Advice Team
29/05/2014 12:03
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