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Rent Arrears

ground 2 mortgage notice requested by mortgage co
have you any wording

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Landlord Advice Team
14/11/2016 14:32

Section 21
We have a tenant who began there tenancy in March 2015. The tenant has recently become une

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Landlord Advice Team
11/11/2016 15:07

Section 8
Hi. I was just wondering if anyone could. A tenant is in arrears by 3 months. We served the tena

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04/11/2016 17:24

Section 8
Hi. I was just wondering if anyone could. A tenant is in arrears by 3 months. We served the tena

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Landlord Advice Team
04/11/2016 16:36

Minimum notice service to leave by live in landlord to tenant (renting a room)
Hi Live in landlord with family) in privately owned home. Renting furnished room to tenant. Ag

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03/11/2016 10:50

finding an absconding tenant
Our tenant owes 5 months rent. We have repossessed but are owed the unpaid rent plus repairs, rep

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30/10/2016 12:56

Rent arrears
HB tenant split with her partner 31/7/16 and only started new claim 25/10/16. HB sent me letter y

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27/10/2016 13:30

Ground rent
How can I find out who I need to pay ground rent to on a property that I inherited many years ago

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Landlord Advice Team
24/10/2016 09:36

Recovery of debt from Guarantor
My previous tenants left my property leaving damage to the property and rental arrears. The te

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Landlord Advice Team
20/10/2016 10:58

Eviction from a "rolling" tenancy for non payment of rent
Could you please advise what notice I need to serve. The tenants have been in the property since

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16/10/2016 23:20

charge rent until when?
I have a tenant with guarantor who I want to pursue for arrears. The ast says £560 per mon

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Landlord Advice Team
12/10/2016 10:50

Paying fees on MCOL
Hello. I have just filled in an MCOL claim form and have got to steps 7 & 8 - Payment Details and

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10/10/2016 10:16

Missed clause
Hi, My tenant gave a one month notice of leaving halfway through a one-year AST contract Stand

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09/10/2016 18:41

Damage caused by tenants
My tenants have left owing rent and leaving damage to my property. I am about to fill in a MCOL a

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Landlord Advice Team
28/09/2016 11:19

Can I collect rent from 2 tenancies at 1 property?
I have evicted Mr A and Ms C from a house where Mr A has a guarantor. I will pursue this guarant

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nicest landlord
27/09/2016 09:09

How to calculate interest on rent arrears
Hello, I am after some advice regarding interest on rent arrears. A tenant has vacated vol

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Landlord Advice Team
19/09/2016 09:14

Tracing Service
I have obtained a County Court 'Order for Possession' which also orders that the tenants

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nicest landlord
08/09/2016 21:52

Overdue Rent Increase for LHA Tenants
Dear Advice Team, I have rented one of my properties to an LHA claimant family for some se

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Landlord Advice Team
02/09/2016 18:00

Actions Following Successfully Obtainingg a Possession Order
Hello. I today posted a query on the Membersí Forum on the RLA website, and followed up wi

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nicest landlord
31/08/2016 14:40

Supporting a tenant with arrears to move to another of our properties
We are a small charity which owns 4 flats which we let to people with a local connection. Being

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30/08/2016 19:02

Advice Following a Successful Possession Order
Hello. I would be grateful for some advice following successfully obtaining a Possession Order in

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30/08/2016 16:25

universal credit and 1988 housing legislation, does regulation 93 still apply, if so i will sue them
I recently had a tenant go over to U Credit I was right on the ball and sent in proof of 13 week

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26/08/2016 09:37

Dear RLA, I rent a house via an agent and they also do the management. The contract is jo

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Landlord Advice Team
22/08/2016 09:23

small claims
i have a tenant that is moving tomorrow after a section 21. there arrears are £1300. i thin

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21/08/2016 19:19

Tenant left early and has stopped paying rent
I've got a trouble tenant who has left only 2-3 months into a renewed tenancy (2nd tenancy).

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19/08/2016 11:23

Boiler Problems and Rent arrears
I have a tenant who paid their rent late last month and has only partially paid their rent for th

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Landlord Advice Team
17/08/2016 11:13

tenant rent arrears and possible eviction process
Hello I have one recently licensed HMO property, with one tenant who has not paid rent for sev

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Landlord Advice Team
11/08/2016 09:15

my wife owns house i am landlord and i issued section 8
I am the landlord where my wife has a mortgage on the property will there be a problem when we go

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10/08/2016 17:52

Attachment of earnings
Hi I have been advised to explore attachment of earnings order to recover non payment of r

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07/08/2016 17:03

Refusal to pay rent
What we can legally do if a tenant renting a room in a shared house without a tenancy agreement d

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04/08/2016 12:53

My tenents just moved out the house today after the s8 notice expired, but with a few months rent

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04/08/2016 09:46

Section 21
Hi I have served a section 21 with notice to leave 7th September, I have just managed to speak wi

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03/08/2016 11:54

Reply from rent arrears
Hi Its a 12 month T A running out on 26 th jan 2017 When can i serve the s21.... I thought

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Landlord Advice Team
01/08/2016 09:34

Rent arrears three months
Tenants over 3 monthd rebt arrears Tenant says she is waiting for housing benefit claim she d

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Landlord Advice Team
01/08/2016 08:45

Eviction debt
i have recently evicted tenants from one of my properties.can you pl

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richard dunkerton
28/07/2016 07:22

HMO central heating
Maureen_539 - thanks. They have not given justification. My issue is whether I just have to accep

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23/07/2016 19:04

Tenant has left the property
Good afternoon. I have a rental property in Sheffield. On the 1st of June 3 tenants signed a 12 m

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Landlord Advice Team
22/07/2016 16:29

Reclaiming Rent arrears via small claim after S21 eviction
I am in final stages of a S21 eviction and would then want to pursue the tenant for rent arrears.

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2 Landlords
20/07/2016 23:59

Section 21 or section 8?
Hi all!, This has probably been answered many times, but do i serve a section 8 to serve

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Landlord Advice Team
20/07/2016 13:20

Will this be viewed as retaliation eviction
Hello. My tenants are late again with rent. I have asked them to keep me informed if any issues

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19/07/2016 14:20

REnt arrears
I bought a flat on 31 March. A Property Mgmt company arranged a tenant from the end of April. This

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16/07/2016 15:17
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