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If I evict on S8 for arrears can I go after guarantor for rent until house is relet?
I have a tenant 4 months in arrears at month 8 of a 24 month AST. The tenant claims she h

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20/05/2015 08:12

Advice re smoking and rent arrears
We have a HMO with 5 tenants, unfortunately We have a tenant who smokes, initially he was smoking in

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02/05/2015 17:14

Advice please
First time landlord. Tenant left without paying final months rent and then opened dispute against me

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Landlord Advice Team
02/05/2015 10:04

Unpaid Rent; Illegal Sub-letting
My tenant, who works as a freelance in IT and is currently in Mexico, has not paid rent for April. T

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25/04/2015 14:18

Hi, I had a management agreement with an agent basically a common law agreement to let my

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Landlord Advice Team
22/04/2015 09:02

Tenant in Arrears, Has Vacated Flat One Month Early, Do I Leave Empty?
Hi All Have had a nightmare of a tenant, apart from the first month's rent has paid n

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Trans Am
17/04/2015 19:58

Housing benefit tenant in arrears
Hi all, My tenant is currently receiving housing benefit which is paid directly to mysel

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15/04/2015 08:16

Nightmare tennant
Ive a tenant who is behind on their rent AND has smashed all the property windows (Police as in proc

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13/04/2015 13:43

Housing Benefit Non-dependant Deduction
Hi Guys, I am renting a 2 bed flat to a father and son (Aged 50 & 19 years old) that are

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Landlord Advice Team
13/04/2015 13:32

tenancy agreement law and guarantor law
HI I hope this email finds you well, i hope you can advise me. I have taken a Guarantor

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Landlord Advice Team
10/04/2015 14:47

Final Months Rent payment
Dear RLA My tenant has given one month's notice to leave on 4th May. He has said that the r

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Landlord Advice Team
10/04/2015 07:36

Change to payment of Housing Benefit
Has anyone else been in this situation and can offer advice? We have a tenant who is in recei

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07/04/2015 00:29

Smoke Alarms
Hi, I am currently doing up a property to rent out, do I need to install 2 smoke alarms w

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Jane Lo
02/04/2015 12:33

First experience of taking the matter to court !
It will be 2 months arrears on 7th April, I am in process of sending section 8 rent arrears on 8th,

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31/03/2015 22:40

Rent increase
one of my clients signed an AST with a tenant but then there was an agreement (confirmed in email co

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Landlord Advice Team
31/03/2015 09:57

Change to payment of Housingg Benefit
Has anyone else been in this situation and can offer advice? We have a tenant who is in recei

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23/03/2015 10:15

small claim court and sec.21
S.21 will expire on 20 April.Because I did not protect the deposit within 30 days, I returned a cheq

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Landlord Advice Team
22/03/2015 09:20

Annoying tenant!
Hi all, First time ever i have a tenant who not paid rent,all because during property ins

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21/03/2015 14:39

Section 8 & CCJ
I have served a section 8 and submited the court forms, we now have a date of 9th April for a hearin

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20/03/2015 20:10

Who pays for the repairs
My tenant, who has just started 5th year of his tenancy, recently called a plumber as the bath was b

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20/03/2015 08:08

Small Claims Court Deadlines
Having evicted a tenant for rent arrears and damages I issued a small claims court claim which went

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11/03/2015 17:43

TV Arial responsibilty
Dear Helpdesk A tenant has just rang saying that their TV Arial has blown of and needs re

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Landlord Advice Team
11/03/2015 09:14

TV Arial responsibilty
Dear Helpdesk A tenant has just rang saying that their TV Arial has blown of and needs re

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11/03/2015 09:11

Tenants Absconded
Please advise me if my tenant have absconded with more then 4 months rent in arrears and also with t

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Landlord Advice Team
11/03/2015 06:46

Baliff order:Urgent
When I apply for a baliff order can a stipulate a date of the eviction, or will I get a

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10/03/2015 11:07

Missing first tenancy
Hi I am looking to do a section 21 notice. (The tenant is in large arrears, but expect this wil

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Landlord Advice Team
09/03/2015 10:33

Tenant has left and owes more then 2 months rent.
Hi there my tenant has left after the premises after a court order for possession was granted. I ret

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Mike Agate
05/03/2015 15:08

Notice Served
I was the Power of Attorney for a property for my Aunt who has just died. I am now the executor and

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Landlord Advice Team
25/02/2015 18:01

Service of Notice
We have a tenant who is in a periodic tenancy. She has given 1 months notice but it does not co

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Landlord Advice Team
24/02/2015 18:13

Holiday let agreement status
I have a tenant who is in rent arrears the problem is the tenancy is on a holiday let agreement star

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17/02/2015 21:25

Recovering rent arrears following eviction
I evicted a tenant using section 8 last year, and was awarded a ccj against the tenant at the same t

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16/02/2015 08:50

Holiday let agreement atatus
I am about to proceed with action against a tenant for non payment of rent, the tenant is on a holid

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15/02/2015 21:31

Rent Arrears
I have a council tenants whose rent is paid by council directly. But there is a shortfall everymonth

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13/02/2015 09:33

Notice given
I have given a s21(4) notice to my tenant who has been at the property for about 7 years and for who

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12/02/2015 13:08

Section 8 notice expired
I have submitted a section 8 for arrears with no action. Should I now go down the route of contactin

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06/02/2015 16:34

I served a section 21 notice on my tenant expiring on 20 April. I need to live there. He

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05/02/2015 13:52

I live in yorkshire but has a property in London from where we relocated to yorkshire in 2006. this

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04/02/2015 16:35

Tenant had a Guarantor - Could he be sued for arrears and damage?
Hi, My tenant owes me three months rent and she has a guarantor mentioned in the Tenancy

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28/01/2015 09:43

tenancy End
Hi, My tenant has just moved out owing some rent arrears. I sent her a new AST in May with an increa

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Landlord Advice Team
27/01/2015 14:04

Assured Tenancy
Good morning, I have a tenant who inherited an Assured Tenancy from her late mother who h

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26/01/2015 09:08

Tenant had JSA and LHA benefits - now lost
Hi, I have a single adult male tenant in my 2-bed Daventry property for 5 years and for the las

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Landlord Advice Team
22/01/2015 14:39
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