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Rent Arrears

Recovering rent arrears following eviction
I evicted a tenant using section 8 last year, and was awarded a ccj against the tenant at the same t

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16/02/2015 08:50

Holiday let agreement atatus
I am about to proceed with action against a tenant for non payment of rent, the tenant is on a holid

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15/02/2015 21:31

Rent Arrears
I have a council tenants whose rent is paid by council directly. But there is a shortfall everymonth

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13/02/2015 09:33

Notice given
I have given a s21(4) notice to my tenant who has been at the property for about 7 years and for who

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12/02/2015 13:08

Section 8 notice expired
I have submitted a section 8 for arrears with no action. Should I now go down the route of contactin

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06/02/2015 16:34

I served a section 21 notice on my tenant expiring on 20 April. I need to live there. He

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05/02/2015 13:52

I live in yorkshire but has a property in London from where we relocated to yorkshire in 2006. this

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04/02/2015 16:35

Tenant had a Guarantor - Could he be sued for arrears and damage?
Hi, My tenant owes me three months rent and she has a guarantor mentioned in the Tenancy

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28/01/2015 09:43

tenancy End
Hi, My tenant has just moved out owing some rent arrears. I sent her a new AST in May with an increa

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Landlord Advice Team
27/01/2015 14:04

Assured Tenancy
Good morning, I have a tenant who inherited an Assured Tenancy from her late mother who h

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26/01/2015 09:08

Tenant had JSA and LHA benefits - now lost
Hi, I have a single adult male tenant in my 2-bed Daventry property for 5 years and for the las

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Landlord Advice Team
22/01/2015 14:39

eviction of tenant
My tenantís assured shorthold tenancy, finished on the 31/10/2014. He is supposed to pay £1,400 rent

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Landlord Advice Team
20/01/2015 14:17

Tenant absent/difficulty of serving any notices
Last contact with tenant Friday 05/12/14 when she notified me that she had paid her rent for the mon

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20/01/2015 12:13

Rent Arrears
Hi, My tenant owes me rent in arrears for 2 months covering from Nov to Dec 2014. A payme

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Landlord Advice Team
15/01/2015 08:14

Copying over identical details from an AST to a DepositGuard AST
I would like to copy the details from a standard AST to a DepositGuard AST for the same tenant in th

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Landlord Advice Team
13/01/2015 14:58

3 months, rent arrears
Hi all, Must a tenant be in 3 months behind on rent before you can take action against th

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13/01/2015 14:20

Run away tenant
Hi, My tenant left the properties with rent owing to me. How should I recover

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09/01/2015 21:07

Small Claims Courts
I have lost a lot of money due to bad tenants. As I am not residing in the UK would it be possible t

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08/01/2015 13:31

Overseas landlord
We have looking to take on 4 properties for a landlord who lives and works in Hong Kong - He is a Br

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Landlord Advice Team
08/01/2015 12:45

Tenant stopped paying her rent
After being messed about for half a year and constant late payments, I decided to give my tenant not

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03/01/2015 16:50

Rent Arrears
Hi, my tenant has now missed two month's rent. Her AST expires at the end of Jan and I have not

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Landlord Advice Team
29/12/2014 16:12

Register CCJ
I have a court order for possession and arrears , but I have little hope of being paid the arrear

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22/12/2014 18:11

failure to pay rent
I have an HMO in Bangor, North Wales that has several students living in since Sept. I have an agent

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Landlord Advice Team
16/12/2014 08:45

Late payer
One of my tenants been with me for 10 months, the last four months has been late paying her rent. Be

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15/12/2014 08:11

Rent Deferment
Dear Sir, I wonder if you could help? Some tenants of mine are having short-te

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12/12/2014 12:35

tenant not paying rent
I have a tenant in my property who moved in on the 12 June for a initial six months period. However

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09/12/2014 11:05

section 21b correct dates
Thanks, but what would be my "expiry date", please Dave??

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08/12/2014 08:56

section 21b correct dates
Why next March, not next Feb? Every 4 weeks I have worked it out as Monday 2nd Feb 2015 expiry

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07/12/2014 20:22

Please could you advise on the quickest method of evicting a tenant who does not pay rent. His guara

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Landlord Advice Team
05/12/2014 11:25

Tenant Changed Locks
I have a tenant who is in arrears and has changed the locks on all the external doors. I have posted

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04/12/2014 18:17

my tennant has for the past 8month been late with her rent,LAST MONTH WE RECIEVED IT 3WKS LATE AND T

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Landlord Advice Team
04/12/2014 08:39

My tenants are in arrears and when I arranged an inspection visit they never showed up and I could n

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Landlord Advice Team
03/12/2014 05:46

Advice on early notice to quit
Hello Note for RLA: I sent you this message yesterday, but did not click the box to put i

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Accidental llord
30/11/2014 22:42

Rent Arrears and Possession
My tenants are more than two months in arrears and have just under two months left on their 6 month

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24/11/2014 12:33

A tenant has left my property after getting into arrears. He has provided no forwarding address and

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Landlord Advice Team
21/11/2014 07:06

Locks changed and rent arrears
Tenant has changed locks - this has happened since we entered the property recently to do the requis

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Landlord Advice Team
20/11/2014 16:32

Non Attendance
I have a situation where the tennent is just in an arrears situation, but he is not living in the pr

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Hythe man
20/11/2014 10:49

How to get a tenant to leave the property !
One of our tenants is behind with the rent and the property is not being maintained by him in accord

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11/11/2014 18:13

Housing benefit
My tenant, who is claiming housing benefit, is regular in arrears and I'm getting fed up of con

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Ray D
10/11/2014 14:04

Housing Benefit Arrears
Hi I have a tenant which the council have been paying their housing benefit directly to me at the 2

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10/11/2014 13:29

following up a section 21/accelerated possession order with small claims for rent arrears
Hello. I am seeking accelerated possession of a property from a tenant and am waiting to hear f

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Landlord Advice Team
08/11/2014 10:25
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