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Rent Arrears

Unpaid rent
I have registered my tenant's deposit late, and the fixed tenancy agreement is due to end in les

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10/02/2014 11:26

Rent arrears
MY tenant are two months in arrears although they do continue to pay small amounts every week and te

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Landlord Advice Team
08/02/2014 15:49

Tenant eviction
Hi. I have a tenant in arrears. This has gone on for several months now. I have given him a lot of l

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Landlord Advice Team
07/02/2014 09:16

Serving Section 8
The tenant has not moved into the apartment I rented out to him last November. Neither has he paid a

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03/02/2014 16:35

what to do now
I am currently renting a property to a tenant who has been residing for a year and 3 months in my ho

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Landlord Advice Team
31/01/2014 14:42

rent arrears and boiler problems
1. Tenant, upon moving in on 1.9.13 paid only half of his deposit & to date still not received remai

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31/01/2014 11:43

Section 8 & 21
I have a tenant who is now 2 1/2 months behind with her rent. The lease is due to end on June 29th.

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30/01/2014 16:10

abandonment of property
Hi Tenant fallen over 2 months in arrears and we did serve Sect 21 notice with plan to go throu

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29/01/2014 10:41

Return of deposit
Not having served the prescribed info but having served correctly the certicate of deposit. Our tena

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Landlord Advice Team
27/01/2014 09:59

Getting our bad tenants out
We have had tenants for 18 months, slow payers but now it is more than 2 months in arrears. We sent

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26/01/2014 21:18

I have a date to evict a tenant next week, can i turn up the next morning mob handed if they have no

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Landlord Advice Team
13/01/2014 13:25

Section *
I issued a section 8 before Christmas, the tenant then paid me a small amount of money & a promise.

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Landlord Advice Team
13/01/2014 13:22

Case Over Ruled By Another Judge
Can you advise us about legal representation available to RLA members Case history -

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10/01/2014 11:59

continuing underpayment
Do I need to accept that part of a rent underpayment goes toward an earlier debt judgement? The tena

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10/01/2014 09:10

Possession and
My tenant's assured shorthold tenancy expires on the 27th February. As he is in rental arrears I

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Landlord Advice Team
09/01/2014 14:28

Section 21 (1)(b)
I'm serving a Section 21 Notice today and just need to confirm the expiry date to state please.

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09/01/2014 11:26

Certificate of Service
hi I am in the middle of completing the above document the question I ask is :- Joint ten

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Landlord Advice Team
01/01/2014 17:35

certificat of service
Hi I am an agent completing a "Certificate of Service" document where is says Name of Claimant (top

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Landlord Advice Team
01/01/2014 17:34

Hi I am currently in the process of filling out a N5B I am an agent so unsure where it says claimant

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Landlord Advice Team
01/01/2014 17:33

Another Rent Arrears Question!
As of tomorrow my tenants will be 3 months in arrears (2300) They have been in arrears e

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31/12/2013 13:51

When is best to claim for rent arrears
Hi there, I'm just wondering when the best time to claim for rent arrears would be. At the

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Landlord Advice Team
31/12/2013 12:59

benefit cuts
Hello all, My tenant was 100.00 short of her rent for November because her housing allowance h

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30/12/2013 09:49

how to evict a tenant in arrears and whom never responds
I have a tenant who has been living in the property for over the 1 year contract so it should just b

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28/12/2013 13:42

Section 21 Notice
My tenant is in rent arrears, various excuses (expensive lifestyle, living beyond means)followed by

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Landlord Advice Team
23/12/2013 09:14

non resident
Am i liable to income tax or any other type of taxes from any rental income if i am resident abroad

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17/12/2013 18:25

Disput with letting agent
Hi I am not happy with Danhamz letting agents in Leeds and I gave him a notice to leave the manageme

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17/12/2013 14:26

HB payments, section 21
Hello. I have HB tenants who owe approx 6.5 weeks rent. I have served section 21 due to expire Sunda

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09/12/2013 21:33

If tenant signs contract but has then found somewhere else to move in
Say a tenant has signed the tenancy agreement yesterday. He has not yet been given the key as he wil

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07/12/2013 19:51

Query re TDS AST SEC B
I note that within the TDS AST that Section B items 2 and 3, state that the tenant pays reasonable c

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05/12/2013 12:12

Student and rent arrears
I have 4 students on 1 AST RLA contract/agreement starting from the 1st Sept 2013. 3 have paid their

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04/12/2013 13:04

Section 21 or Section 8
We have a tenant who is almost 2 months in arrears. We have control of the rent from housing benefi

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Karry G
02/12/2013 20:56

Does council have to make interim payment after 8 weeks even if they have not yet looked at HB claim

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28/11/2013 21:44

2 months rent arrears
If a Tenant is paying part of the rent himself and the remainder is paid in benefit by the local aut

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Landlord Advice Team
28/11/2013 17:20

Completion of form N119 following Section 8 Notice
I'm completing two N119 forms with your guidance notes, having served Section 8 notices on two t

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26/11/2013 20:42

Completion of form N119 following Section 8 Notice
I'm completing two N119 forms with your guidance notes, having served Section 8 notices on two t

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Landlord Advice Team
26/11/2013 16:36

Advice needed
I have a tenant who holds a six month AST and has been in the house for 2 year. Everthying was fine

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22/11/2013 19:21

Dear Dave , thanks for your advice on 14/11/2013 to my arrears problem , where I should h

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22/11/2013 13:21

How to take a tenant to court for arrears?
Hi, I had a tenant who has left. I have got her works address but not the private. Could

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22/11/2013 09:41

Arrangement for repayment of arrears
My tenant has been a model tenant for two and a half years , but then her financial support from ex

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20/11/2013 09:17

Tenant left property and has stopped rental payments.
Hi, We have tenancy agreement with a young proffessional(SAM) which has been broken. The tenant move

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Landlord Advice Team
17/11/2013 08:55

Tenant not replying to any communication
Hi there, I have a tenant who's hasn't paid last month's rent and isn't

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12/11/2013 17:31
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