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When/how to give further notice after Section 21B
I entered into AST contract with tenants on 16.9.2011, and issued S21B notice on the same day, which

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25/08/2013 13:07

section 21 a tenant
Dear RLA I have to section 21 a tentnat who has not paid rent for 2 months and basically

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23/08/2013 15:26

evicting tenant
In need to help evicting tenant. She has told me she cannot afford to pay rent as her benefits have

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22/08/2013 21:12

Has anyone rent to students tenants? Are They more better then DSS tenants

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20/08/2013 15:15

Attachment of earnings
Dear RLA Helpdesk, The tenent from hell has been evicted by the courts and removed by the

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Landlord Advice Team
20/08/2013 08:43

Latest Possessions Post Superstrike
I assume there must have been a lot of repossession successfully achieved since the superstrike cas

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Landlord Advice Team
14/08/2013 11:46

keeping administrative paperwork neat and tidy
i have a significant amount of paperwork regarding you have a method/system which you

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12/08/2013 16:59

Section 8 Wording query
Hi there, I'm filling in a Section 8, rent arrears. Having seen the guidance note abo

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09/08/2013 12:43

section 21 ..court hesaring may be due to SUPERSTRIKE
Hi Have already posted why I have a hearing for a straightforward watertight accelerated posse

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08/08/2013 07:47

Proceedure for Warning over rent arrears
If a tenant has rent arrears whats the correct proceedure. The council pay some of the Te

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Landlord Advice Team
02/08/2013 14:40

relationship breakdown, left property, rent guarantors in place
The couple split up 3 months into an AST, one left the property immediately, the other a month later

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02/08/2013 11:42

Enforcement of court order
Hi i recently took a tenant to court for non payment of rent.The judge ruled that the tenant

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02/08/2013 10:56

section 8
Hi, I have a Tenant who i am currently taking through the courts and we have a date booked up o

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Landlord Advice Team
02/08/2013 08:38

Superstrike Section 21 a and b
I have read through your guidelines concerning the possible affects of superstrike. How do you serve

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31/07/2013 21:21

Section 8 Notice
Can I serve a Section 8 after a Section 21 notice has been served? the section 21 has expired and th

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30/07/2013 12:43

rent arrears
when a tenant is in arrears does the onus to prove the arrears rest with the land lord or tenant

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Ray D
21/07/2013 14:23

deposit when one of a couple leaves
When one of the tenants that were a couple leaves with one tenancy agreement. What are the rules sur

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12/07/2013 18:03

Hi RLA We have tenants who signed an AST 1st August 2013 to 31st July 2013. Th

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10/07/2013 12:46

Rent recovery
Hi all, My tenant has left with three months unpaid rent, however left and di not reply to lett

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09/07/2013 16:53

Tenant gave false details
I have a tenant who has written to me to say he wants to leave after 3 weeks and wants his deposit b

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Mr Millet
08/07/2013 12:05

Addition to Tenant gave false details
In my previous enquiry "Tenant gave false details" I forgot to mention that he has stopped paying re

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Landlord Advice Team
07/07/2013 08:21

Overpayment of Housing Benefit by Maladministration
Dear Sirs, I receive Housing Benefit (LHA) payments directly in respect of a tenant who has pr

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05/07/2013 14:13

Access to property once an eviction notice has been served
Hi there, I've served my first eviction notice on my tenants and wondered if, after w

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Landlord Advice Team
05/07/2013 08:51

electrical certificate
How often do i need to get an electrician to check the house?

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04/07/2013 17:06

bad tenant
I let a house to a young Mum with 2 kids on 21st June. I was paid a quarter of the deposit and due t

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01/07/2013 15:16

Treasa Mongan 45SE92LJ
I have given section 21 notice to tenant 0n 17-05-13 to return property by 18-07-13.she is DSS and h

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Landlord Advice Team
28/06/2013 18:19

Responsibility for Rent Arrears
We have a flat that was renovated through a Local Authority grant. A condition of that grant is that

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Landlord Advice Team
27/06/2013 09:24

Dear Sirs, I have have just joined as a member and have downloaded your AST agreement.

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26/06/2013 12:46

Statutory Demand What next?
I have issued a Statutory demand on 03/06/13 to two student tenants who are both over 1000 in arrea

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26/06/2013 10:33

Isb there any legal difference or implication between tensants paying weekly or monthly?

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25/06/2013 22:36

Rent arrears - family break up
Tenancy agreement is for husband and wife but they have now seperated and the wife has moved out lea

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25/06/2013 21:25

Non British Nationals
Please could you advise as to what checks need to be completed by a letting agent to show sufficient

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25/06/2013 21:12

Rental debt collection

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Landlord Advice Team
20/06/2013 17:36

Tenant not responding
Hi, one of our tenants is constantly in arrears each month, her guarantor (her mother) pays in dribs

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Landlord Advice Team
19/06/2013 08:50

finding tenants who have disappeared
I need to find tenants address to send court summons for not paying rent. Any good reliable firm?

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14/06/2013 23:23

Non-Assured Tenancy in an HMO
I am a landlord of a licensed premises (a high street pub) which has 11 rooms above and are occupied

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Landlord Advice Team
14/06/2013 11:58

Judgement decision
Good morning... We have recently successfully evicted a tenant under the Section 8B PCOL

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11/06/2013 13:47

I would like to use your inventory template but do not seem to be able to type on to it. I have a

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09/06/2013 10:32

non dependent deduction LHA
I have a couple in a house (over 35) and their daughter (24) plus her partner (26). I hav

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07/06/2013 13:50

Tenants approaching 2 months' arrears - can we evict?
We have had the same tenants in our (only) rental property for almost 6 years. They have always bee

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06/06/2013 12:38

finding tenants who have disappeared
I need to find tenants address to send court summons for not paying rent. Any good reliable firm?

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05/06/2013 14:37
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