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Attatchment of Earnings
Hi Everyone, Just thought I'd let you know that I have sucessfully given my ex tenant from hell

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07/08/2009 00:00

Tenants non payment of rent!!
Tenants moved in 15th June. 15th July's rent I am reliably told (by the tenant) is not being pai

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05/08/2009 00:00

17 years old
I have a 17 year old tenant who is 4months in arrears. would this affect any court action I might ta

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28/07/2009 00:00

Attatchment of earnings
Hi, I wonder if anyone can help! We have an attatchment of earings on an ex tennant from he

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22/07/2009 00:00

Tenants belongings left behind
Hi, I had a tenant who was 10 weeks in arrears and has now left the property voluntarily. As she has

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22/07/2009 00:00

utilities comp.- can they do this ?
tenant in arrears with young child , was having problems paying gas / Electirc bills as partne

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16/07/2009 00:00

Rent Arrears / Debt Collection
Hi I have a tenant with rent arrears. I have served S21 notice. They already owed over 1k when

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14/07/2009 00:00

Notice to Quit
I have a tenant who has not paid his rent. I want to serve him with notice to quit. The tenancy star

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13/07/2009 00:00

tenant not paying rent
Hi There My tenant has not paid his rent this month and is not answering my calls..texts and re

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08/07/2009 00:00

Rent Arrears and repossesion
Hello We have a tenant who began his tenancy on July 5th 08. (We use RLA tenancy agreem

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07/07/2009 00:00

We have tryed to contact tenants many times by letters and phone messages. But said would meet up bu

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02/07/2009 00:00

I have tenant moved into property 10th march.I have no deposit from him.Hasnt paid rent on time and

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01/07/2009 00:00

Evicting a tenant and claiming unpaid rent from the council
The tenant in my house came out of work and Liverpool council will only pay 325 of the 525pcm rent.

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01/07/2009 00:00

Arrears and changed locks
We own a property let by way of AST and following failure to pay rent for 3 months we served a secti

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30/06/2009 00:00

On an RLA training event I learnt about Regulation 91 of The Housing Benefit (General) Regulations 1

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23/06/2009 00:00

Court under section 8
I have a second court date on monday. In the previous case the solicitor claimed that the Section 8

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22/06/2009 00:00

Rent arrears and theft.
I had reports that a tenant had left my property so I went there to check all was ok. I looked

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22/06/2009 00:00

Attachement of earnings
We applied for attachement of earnings at the local court where the original repossion claim was mad

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Landlord Advice Team
19/06/2009 00:00

Letting Agency
I let a flat through an agent in Liverpool, as part of their contract they are meant to do a full cr

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16/06/2009 00:00

Court order in joint names
I am chasing an ex tenant and her gusrator for rent arrears and damage cost and wondered it the Coun

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15/06/2009 00:00

misleading /false references query
We have had a year of misery with a terrible tenant for whom we received a glowing reference from hi

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08/06/2009 00:00

Rent Arrears
Do I start small Claims court proceedings if the tenant has left since april and the tenancy ends 30

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Landlord Advice Team
05/06/2009 00:00

Who do i take to court on a joint tenancy.
Hi there, I have 5 tenants on a joint tenancy which finishes on 30th June 09. 3 of them a

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jenny allwright
03/06/2009 00:00

Tenant heading for rent arrears
I have a tenant who is struggling to pay the rent despite the fact its mostly paid by housing benefi

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seaside landlady
01/06/2009 00:00

Signed up through Foxtons halfway through Tenancy Agreement
Hi, Halfway through an AST one of my tenants - a student who rents in a houseshare has stup

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28/05/2009 00:00

Rent arrears
I have recently rented out a property to a family on benefits. I was told that the benefits had been

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27/05/2009 00:00

what do I do now?
hi 2 tenant of mine have recently left my property owing 1600 in overdue rent. They were LHA c

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Landlord Advice Team
19/05/2009 00:00

How to get rent arrears paid
Hi, having gone through the section 8 process the court granted us our property back and told the te

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16/05/2009 00:00

advice please
a tenant agreed to pay a non refundable admisitration fee of 150 when he signed his tenancy agreeme

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Landlord Advice Team
13/05/2009 00:00

Council trying to reclaim housing benefit
My tenant's housing benefit is paid directly to me because he accrued rent arrears in the past.

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08/05/2009 00:00

LHA Payments
Hi, Is a tenant who is in receipt of LHA, obtained against a valid AST agreement, legally bound

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RLA Member_106
04/05/2009 00:00

Housing benefits paid to tenants
Hi, my tenant has recently left my property with an arrears of over 2000. 2 months ago. whilst sti

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23/04/2009 00:00

DLW Residential Lettings
I have a landlord who is currently having problems with one of his tenants, they are two months in a

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22/04/2009 00:00

Problem Tenant - No rent and tenancy lapse
My tenant hasn't paid me any rent money since January 7th. His Tenancy agreement has now expired

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22/04/2009 00:00

disappearing tennants
Is there anyway of finding tennants who leave owing rent to landlords, in particular the ones who ha

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Carolyn Sims
21/04/2009 00:00

Missed months rent
AST tenant didn't pay Jan 09 rent. Has paid on time before & since. She rang after first let

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17/04/2009 00:00

Bounced cheque
Hi, I have a house let to a group of 4 girls as a shared house, on one common AST. One of the 4 rece

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Landlord Advice Team
17/04/2009 00:00

Rent Arrears
Hello We have a tenant who's husband has recently lost his job - they are now on housi

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16/04/2009 00:00

Could you please confirm what we can actually charge for late payment or no payments of arrears. At

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06/04/2009 00:00

two weeks behind
I have a new tenant who agreed to pay by rent by standing order. After one month when the seco

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Landlord Advice Team
31/03/2009 00:00

Section 8 ???
Hello and good morning. I have just downloaded the section 8 notice and I notice that it now re

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27/03/2009 00:00
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