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Terminating Rent agreement
Hi. I have a tenant who has not paid this month's rent (27 days overdue) despite emails stati

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27/04/2018 13:32

How long does universal credit take to be processed?
A tenant has moved from housing benefit to universal credit. As she has been deemed fit to work n

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27/04/2018 08:37

letter of surrender
Hi, if the tenant has rent arrears of 5 months, and S8 is served, but the tenant offers to volunt

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Land Lady
26/04/2018 10:42

Rent Arrears
12 month tenancy agreement started 12/7/17. Estate Agents found the tenant, we are managing th

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25/04/2018 14:03

If the deposit for a tenancy was provided by the council under a Landlord's Deposit scheme, w

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23/04/2018 19:53

Best solution for tenant who is consistently not paying shortfall in discretionary housing benefit
This tenant began an AST on 4.10.2017. She is a single parent with 6 children. Until 25.12

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18/04/2018 08:33

tracing a former tenant
How can I trace a former tenant who left without notice and owing 4 months' rent?

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12/04/2018 21:54

Serving section 21
Good morning, I am looking to serve a tenant in an HMO his notice due to not paying his mo

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06/04/2018 17:10

Section 21 - Eviction notice
I have issued a section 21 to a tenant - what is the procedure if the tenant fails to move out on

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Landlord Advice Team
03/04/2018 16:33

Tracing a tenant
Hi, I have an ex tenant that owes me rent, she left under a section 21 with no forwarding address

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Hythe man
20/03/2018 15:21

Offset deposit against rent arrears
My Tenant has left with rent arrears of £3300, I still hold her deposit of £800 throu

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17/03/2018 04:22

I have a judgement
Hi I have a judgement on a guarantor. Originally the guarantor stated she would pay £30p

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14/03/2018 13:25

Rent areasr
My tennant is 9 weeks behind with rent he wants to move out as he cant afford payments. Hes signe

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13/03/2018 14:56

Registering DEFAULT for rent arrears
After giving Section 8 & 21 notices, Tenants have just moved out of leaving 7 months rent arrears

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Landlord Advice Team
09/03/2018 15:12

Tenant left within fixed period on 12 month AST
Tenant signed up for 12 month AST from 29/9/17 to 28/9/18 - currently 1 month in arrears. Has mov

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05/03/2018 11:11

Tenant left within fixed period on 12 month AST
Tenant signed up for 12 month AST from 29/9/17 to 28/9/18 - currently 1 month in arrears. Has mov

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Landlord Advice Team
05/03/2018 10:08

rent arrears- small claims court
an ex tenant left owing nearly £2000. he had a guarantor on the tenancy agreement. do I put

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22/02/2018 09:36

How can we Enforce a Court Order?
I obtained Possession of my property via the courts then the Bailiff due to him owing several mon

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20/02/2018 18:58

Charges for letter rent arrears
What would you say was a reasonable cost for sending a reminder letter. And also for a failed ch

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19/02/2018 02:48

shortfall on rent !
My property isn't in excellent location. Was strugglling to get tenant , so i gave tenancy to

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12/02/2018 11:37

offer from Stepchange relating to rent arrears
At my urging, a tenant contacted Stepchange about her debt situation. She owes me £2550 in

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10/02/2018 20:13

Service charge arrears
I'm the Managing Director of a Right-To-Manage company looking after a block of 10 flats. One

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10/02/2018 11:59

Section 8
Does anyone know where I can find a completed form as an example ?

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Landlord Advice Team
08/02/2018 10:46

Issuing a Section 21 due to rent arrears
My tenant has been in constant rent arrears since the start of the tenancy. The AST started May 2

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04/02/2018 10:42

Tenant failed to pay last months rent on leaving and seems to believe the deposit will cover it.
My tenant left my house without paying his last months rent and believes that the deposit will co

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02/02/2018 10:37

Late rent interest
Hello all fellow members, I have a tenant who is consistently late with paying her rent, I

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01/02/2018 16:05

2 months notice
Is the 2 months calendar months or 8 weeks?

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Landlord Advice Team
30/01/2018 16:40

Rent Issue with a tenant that has been really good
Hi, I have had this tenant for 5 years. There has been no problems up to now and keeps the flat

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29/01/2018 23:08

Section 8 or 21?
Tenant started as monthly tenancy but claimed benefit so went onto four weekly payments. Do I nee

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Landlord Advice Team
25/01/2018 12:21

Rent arrears/dilapidations not covered by deposit
Hi, my tenant's deposit does not cover full rent arrears nor money I wish to claim for dilapi

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Oxford Landlord
25/01/2018 08:40

learn from my court experience
I was in court again yesterday recovering historic rent arrears from a guarantor. It was a mixed

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24/01/2018 12:12

can I charge rent for tenant moving back one year later?
I am in court on Thursday trying to make the guarantor of a tenant pay 8 months rent for Jan-Aug

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nicest landlord
17/01/2018 16:47

Section 8 Advice
Good morning, I have a Tenant who moved into a room on the 30th December, he has so far no

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15/01/2018 23:28

On to the Next Stage: Rent Arrears
Hi, I have posted about these tenants before, happy to say they have gone. I have posted b

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09/01/2018 21:41

Claiming back late payment fees
About a year ago my tenant decided not to opay the rent for over a month (deposit having the mone

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08/01/2018 21:17

We rented a property to the Council on 4th September 2017 through their letting agent who at the

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Landlord Advice Team
02/01/2018 09:36

tenant in arrears
One of our tenants is currently wanting to break a 6 month tenancy which is due to expire 25th Fe

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Landlord Advice Team
07/12/2017 14:26

High Court Enforcement Officer
Hello fellow members, I am currently evicting a tenant and have been granted transfer to t

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05/12/2017 10:41

New agreement needed?
I have a married couple who have been tenants for over 3 years on a rolling agreement following a

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04/12/2017 10:31

Housing benefit tenant in arrears
Hi, I need some assistance. A tenant I have has fallen behind with rent. They have changed jobs a

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Landlord Advice Team
01/12/2017 12:34

Unpaid rent
Iíve served section 21 and about to take my tenant to court to evict her. (I need my house back s

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19/11/2017 21:20
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