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Rent Arrears

Overdue rent
Hi, I have let a property to a couple through a finders fee local estate agency for a 6 month pe

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04/10/2017 20:56

Section 8
I served a section 8 on a tenant in arrears two months ago but sadly the court date came through

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Landlord Advice Team
26/09/2017 11:00

Universal Credit - Form uc47
Hi I was wondering if anyone had had any success in getting LHA paid direct to them for on UC Ten

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25/09/2017 20:49

Housing benefit tenant 's month in advance in DPS, tenant quits without notice leaving a big mess.
Our disabled housing benefit tenant had been waiting to be found suitable accommodation by social

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Josephine Richardson
20/09/2017 16:01

I posted a message some time ago regarding a student tenant's visa running out. I e mailed th

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18/09/2017 17:40

Tenant in arrears and issuing Section 21
Hello, What is the best way to serve a Section 21 Notice for a tenant who is in arrears.

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16/09/2017 21:42

Rent arrears/ proof identity
Hi, I have a tenant who is delaying every single rent payment, lying about having bank problems.h

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Teg's Dad
15/09/2017 21:54

Rent Arrears Tenant left Property
Hi My tenant has left my property and I have been trying for ages to get rent arrears from her p

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Cambs landlord
08/09/2017 21:40

EPC and listed building status
Apparently if a building is listed - in our case a grade 2 listed building - an EPC is not requi

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07/09/2017 12:38

Do I just say good bye to rent arrears?
Hi, I have a tenant that has been paying me for 1 1/2 years from her housing benefit, started goi

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03/09/2017 12:50

evict a tenant
hi how can i evict a tenant using a claim to court under a section 21 if the tenant has re

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Landlord Advice Team
31/08/2017 09:56

rental agreement
my tenants have rent arrears should I renew their agreement or wait until they have full paid up?

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29/08/2017 20:24

More than one claim for rent arrears?
I have a guarantor who paid £500 of a £1500 rent arrears debt in 2015 after my claim

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nicest landlord
17/08/2017 21:30

tenants deducted the rental by themselves...
Our tenants have checked out and we have few questions, hopefully can recover some loss of our re

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15/08/2017 21:31

Rent arrears - tenant has agreed to leave
Hi, My tenant is 2 months behind in rent but has agreed to leave and we have two month dep

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07/08/2017 13:48

My tenants have now left my property leaving a load of debt. When they moved in I had them fill o

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Landlord Advice Team
07/08/2017 09:54

accruing arrears
Hi One of your operatives advised me to regularly write to my tenant while we are waiting for

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Landlord Advice Team
07/08/2017 09:25

Tenancy checking out process
Hi, I checked out a tenant yesterday and a roller blind was found to have a broken mechanism (not

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04/08/2017 12:32

Rent arrears - section 8
Hi We have tenants who are 5 months arrears with their rent £3750, Section 21 expired on

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02/08/2017 13:29

Enforcement of Order for rent arrears
Hello. How long do we have to enforce a court order to repay rent arrears? Thank you

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Landlord Advice Team
27/07/2017 13:25

tenant entered with wrong employment details

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15/07/2017 07:53

My tenant says she's struggling and may have to move out
I have a family living in a 3-bed house. The rent is due at the end of each month. No rent has

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mark 1
10/07/2017 16:17

I have a property in arrears. I have no problem going through the S21 route that expires this m

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07/07/2017 12:30

Possession and rent arrears
I have submitted court proceeding documents on 16-06-2017 on the basis of section 8 notice for re

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07/07/2017 12:03

Hi all I have a date for the bailiffs to evict my tenants. I took the S21 route for accelerate

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05/07/2017 11:25

Pays first months rent then cant/wont pay
My experience me tells me that this person is not going to pay the second month or any subsequent

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05/07/2017 11:20

Tenant not paying the rent
Hi all This is the next stage of my sorry story with the current tenants. They owe me &pou

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20/06/2017 16:35

Tenant problems.
My tenant has been constantly late paying the rent. The housing benefit was initially being paid

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20/06/2017 08:57

Tenant leaving property before end of contract
Our tenant has left the property with 3 months left on their contract & has not paid this months

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nicest landlord
19/06/2017 11:36

Rent arrears calculation
I've just found out that my tenants' HB has been reassessed, leading to a substantial ove

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16/06/2017 18:50

Evict Tenants
After hearing consistent their commitment for rent payments and , their consistent abuse of the u

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05/06/2017 21:36

Lease starting date
We are about to sign a short term lease (12 months) and have in mind, that the lease starting dat

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GC Brighton
05/06/2017 11:07

Evict Tenants
After hearing consistent their commitment for rent payments and , their consistent abuse of the u

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01/06/2017 06:56

Evict Tenants
After hearing consistent their commitment for rent payments and , their consistent abuse of the u

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01/06/2017 06:55

small claims court - Money Claim Online
Hi My tenants haven't paid any rent since 31.3.17. They now owe £1,560. I have

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Landlord Advice Team
30/05/2017 15:57

Gaining possession
I have a tenant in rent arrears without a contract as they were a friend how do I start to get th

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Landlord Advice Team
30/05/2017 15:52

End of tenancy
Hi My tenant has moved out at the end of the tenancy (notice 21). They have left behind mattress

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Landlord Advice Team
25/05/2017 09:20

pursuing tenant for moving back in and paying no rent
I have a tenant who moved back into a property in January 2016 having left in Novermber 2014 with

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22/05/2017 11:12

Section 21 issued but can I also issue a section 8?
We purchased a property in auction earlier in the year. the house has no form of heating and the

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19/05/2017 11:25

What can make a Section 8 Notice invalid
I served a Section 8 notice on a tenant who is in arrears based on Grounds 8, 10 and 11. The f

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Landlord Advice Team
19/05/2017 09:39

Chasing Rainbows
A tenant has left with £751 of arrears. There is no deposit. I have a 'home owning

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18/05/2017 16:35
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