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Possession - Section 8 and Section 21

help with notices please
Hi Everyone, I'd like to ask for help with issuing both a section 8, and a section 21 plea

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Liverpool Landlady
21/07/2019 11:48

Court Apperance
Hi all, I have been to court after trying to evict my tenants for not paying rent. However, in

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20/07/2019 17:37

Certificate of Service
I served a s21 by hand on my tenant who signed a receipt to say she had received a s21 notice an

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19/07/2019 21:03

Tenant in jail
Hi my tenant has been sent to jail. She communicated that she’ll be moving to. Different area of

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18/07/2019 15:22

Prescribed information not served section 21
Hello Could anyone confirm that if prescribed information is served late (after 30 days) i

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16/07/2019 09:47

Preparing for a Section 8
Hi I'm currently renting out a room in a 2 bed flat to a tenant using the RLA Room Onl

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14/07/2019 20:26

Information to issue section 21 correctly
Hi, I have been looking to issue section 21 to one of my tenant (cpl) who lives in a room

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10/07/2019 17:18

Suspended S8 Eviction
Please can forum members assist with suspension of s8 eviction.

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10/07/2019 13:43

Information to issue section 21 correctly
Hi, I have been looking to issue section 21 to one of my tenant (cpl) who lives in a room

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Landlord Advice Team
10/07/2019 11:28

Hi We have obtained a possession order on section 8, the tenant had emailed this morning t

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10/07/2019 10:17

S8 Eviction for "Untenantly Behaviour"
Dear Advice Team. Would the following tenant behaviour be sufficient to evict on a S8 Noti

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09/07/2019 13:56

Informal request to vacate
I'd like to send my tenants a letter saying I'd like them to vacate the property, and giv

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John Kent
08/07/2019 15:07

Help with N5b please

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Pound Behind
06/07/2019 18:48

Can I claim rent arrears from a deposit held in the TDS?
We served a Section 21 Notice to our tenants on 15th March (using solicitor & independent serving

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05/07/2019 17:18

can I still issue N325
I have a CCJ against tenant dated 20/11/17 when she owed £11k. Have been "working with

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Landlord Advice Team
05/07/2019 10:13

Section 21
Hi I issued a section 21 a few months back and the notice gave the tenants until today to leave t

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04/07/2019 13:27

disrepair protocol
Hi, I have served S21 notice and since I have had a letter from the tenants solicitor usin

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03/07/2019 18:54

is section 21 valid after section 8 fails
i have issued a section 8 ( unpaid rent) and also a section 21 ( as tenancy is now periodic). If

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Landlord Advice Team
01/07/2019 09:32

Tenant eviction service providers
Can anyone recommend a tenant eviction company who deals with the serving of the section 21 notic

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Landlord by accident
30/06/2019 23:13

Section 21 Court Process
Hi. We have served the N5B and received the "Notice of Issue" from the court. We

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30/06/2019 14:51

Section 21 and section 8
I have been duped by a tenant who was signing a new 6 month continued lease , then backed out at

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28/06/2019 10:37

Section 21 and section 8
I am about to serve a s21 on a tenant. If they then stop paying the rent (already 7 weeks

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28/06/2019 09:16

Serving Notice
Hi team, My husband and I have a secondary property that we rent through an agent Kingsman

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26/06/2019 08:58

I want to issue a section 21. My letting agent didn’t get written proof that the EPC and gas safe

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Cueball 83
25/06/2019 22:37

Right of Entry
Current situation; 6 months rent owing. S21 issued, expired 19-6-19 Valid gas safety

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Landlord Advice Team
25/06/2019 14:46

Section 8 served based on rent arrears -
My tenant has ignored my notice and is now 4.5 months in arrears. I am certain I followed the rul

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24/06/2019 15:41

do I have to write a text for the section 8 grounds

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23/06/2019 18:11

Served section 8 grounds and 1
I have served a tenant section 8 - for rent arrears (2 months) and also attached ground 1 (as I l

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22/06/2019 23:15

S21 time limit and court proceedings
We issued our tenants s21 on 12 March asking them to leave the property on 14 sept as this is whe

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22/06/2019 15:31

My tenant is damaging house
what form to be used if my tenant damaged house

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22/06/2019 13:10

Evicting a Tenant
I want to evict a tenant using section 21 notice The last tenancy agreement issued was for a s

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21/06/2019 13:32

How does my tenant get housing benefit??
I want to issue a section 8 - as tenant can't pay rent as stat sick pay is insufficent, tena

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19/06/2019 15:42

landlords address when serving notice
When serving notice, can the landlord put in a correspondence address other than the address that

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18/06/2019 15:28

Court forms after section 8
Section 8 served. The tenant chose to ignore. Please someone confirm what form I need to co

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18/06/2019 09:36

spelling of tenants surname on possession nitice
Sorry for all the questions. Just about to serve notice on tenant and find that tenants surname i

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17/06/2019 15:12

serving section 21 afer fixed tenancy ends
I have read the RLA docs and am pretty sure i now know how to proceed but would be grateful for c

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17/06/2019 11:40

evidence for section 8 in an HMO
Hi, I wish to serve a section 8 on an HMO tenant on the grounds that he made unwanted sexual a

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Landlord Advice Team
14/06/2019 14:23

How to you deal with counterclaim?
Hi I wanted to ask how do you deal with false counterclaim when you have served section 8

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13/06/2019 15:50

N5B form completion
I am a landlord and rent out my former residential home in London. I hand delivered a s21 to

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10/06/2019 16:59

Section 21 Fail??
Advice desperately needed! I rent my property through an agent and this agent has caused m

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09/06/2019 09:35
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