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Possession - Section 8 and Section 21

Possible never ending tenancy. Me too!!
Hi all Iíve been referred to this website because I could very well soon find myself in the p

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16/11/2019 19:32

Section 8
Hi Im in court in a few days to try to get my house back due to non payment of rent. Ive served

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13/11/2019 12:32

Accommodation Agency
Hi There, Can you help me please. We have issued a Form 6a to one of our tenants and have now

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Landlord Advice Team
08/11/2019 14:56

I'm ready to give up
Any advice appreciated. I rent out the house I used to live in to what was a family friend. Earli

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Ms. L
08/11/2019 13:46

Hi I have a Court hearing due for a Section 8 eviction on 22/11/2019 with arrears in excess of

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07/11/2019 18:07

HMO overcrowding, Section 21 and Sublettting
My property currently has a family of 4 living in one room.(My managing agent went bust and this

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07/11/2019 18:00

Evicting tenants or give them a new tenancy?
A couple of years ago I let my house to a letting agent who put tenants in my property. I receive

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07/11/2019 17:58

can Rent arrears section 8 notice be served if a property repair notice is still outstanding.

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05/11/2019 16:34

Section 8 pre completion advice
I would be grateful for any advice regarding the best course of action for my pending section 8 N

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23/10/2019 19:11

Section 8 eviction - will the court find in tenant's favour?
I have a family living in my property - the tenant, her husband and kids, and sometimes the 18 yr

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22/10/2019 20:16

Council tenant eviction
Good afternoon, i have a tenant that recieves money from the council towards the costs of

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Cueball 83
21/10/2019 11:00

Tenant False Representation
Hi All, I've just discovered the tenants that have just left our property following a

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16/10/2019 18:00

2 months unpaid?
Where rent is payable monthly I understand that at least 2 months rent should be unpaid before se

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16/10/2019 12:38

Phew ! Thank goodness !

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Cueball 83
15/10/2019 11:56

Hi I am just wondering if there is currently a date after which we can no longer issue a section

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Landlord Advice Team
15/10/2019 09:14

We have served a Section 21 notice on our tenant which expires shortly. The tenant has asked for

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Landlord Advice Team
14/10/2019 10:08

Section 21 and GSC
I hope you can help me. My husband and I have recently separated and I desperately require posse

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Landlord Advice Team
14/10/2019 09:18

Bare licences
Hope someone may know if the period of notice is 30 days My daughter in law has been given less

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13/10/2019 17:24

Well, our tenants appear to be hot-footing it now....
Our old nextdoor neighbours are keeping us posted on a large hire van that was at our rental prop

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Cueball 83
12/10/2019 09:47

I have an HMO tenant on a Assured shorthand tenancy agreement - room only. They pay monthly. Thei

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Landlord Advice Team
04/10/2019 14:59

Completing form N325
On 28 August I was granted possession and money order. I have read the old and new downloa

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04/10/2019 07:08

Notice of Hearing
Dear Sir/Madam I have served a section 8 notice for repossession to my one of the tenants

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nicest landlord
03/10/2019 12:07

Removal of tenants possessions
I have served a section 8 due to excessive rent arrears. The tenant never seems to be at the pro

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Landlord Advice Team
03/10/2019 10:34

Clarification of Tenants named in AST
My AST says the following: ď1.1 This is an agreement for a fixed term assured shorthold te

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03/10/2019 09:56

Court papers in tomorrow !
Hi All, I posted last month, and received so much help and support here. Thank you so much

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27/09/2019 12:40

Tenant appealed on possession order warrant
I was able to get the possession order based on Section 21 in June 2019 with 4 weeks notice which

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27/09/2019 10:38

Hi my tenant is in 2 monthís arrears and also has an unknown man living there. She also has been

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Landlord Advice Team
24/09/2019 09:56

Pursuing rent arrears - MCOL and CCJ
I have an order for possession directing the defendant to pay £1596.50 and I have been rese

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19/09/2019 20:07

Valid service of notice
Please can I ask for views on the best way to serve section 8 notice on an hmo tenant who has aba

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17/09/2019 20:48

serving a section 21 notice dates
Hi am wanting to sell one of my rental properties with a tenant in. want to serve a section 21 to

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Mrs M.
12/09/2019 16:24

One tenant moving out of joint tenancy
Hi, I have a 2BHK flat which was rented to mother-daughter (both working adults) on a join

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Landlord Advice Team
12/09/2019 09:08

S21 validity
I have issued a Section 21 and valid gas safety certificate to my tenants of 13 years. I h

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10/09/2019 10:49

S21 validity
I have issued a Section 21 and valid gas safety certificate to my tenants of 13 years. I h

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09/09/2019 12:05

Preventing a disrepair defence to a section 8 - is it possible?
I am in the last stages of preparing my Section 8 Claim form and Particulars of Claim to be submi

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07/09/2019 10:38

Invalid Section 8? What to do?
Hi there, On June 3rd I issued a Section 8 notice to a tenant renting a room in a four bed

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05/09/2019 09:03

My Tenant has sent his Section 8 back to me via Signed For Royal Mail??!
I am now truly baffled. Just answered the door to postman, signed for what I thought was a jumper

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04/09/2019 14:57

How to Calculate "daily rate of rent and interest" for S8 Particulars of Claim form?
Practice Direction 55A for Possession Claims says under 55.4 Particulars of Claim 2.3 (3) that Pa

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02/09/2019 14:04

Hi. I never took a deposit from my tenant as she was a friend of a friend. Can I use section 21?

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02/09/2019 13:05

Possession granted...
I have used a firm to help me with a Section 8 notice and was granted possession by the judge on

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Landlord Advice Team
02/09/2019 10:35

Really Worried about spurious Section 8 counter-claim
I am really worried about the situation with our tenants. We have issued a Section 8 halfway into

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30/08/2019 16:00
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