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Possession - Section 8 and Section 21

Asking tenants to leave the house
We have 2 tenants in a 4 bedroom house. They have been there a long time. They are in their 30

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27/05/2020 11:55

I need to evict a local authority tenant and have been told by their housing officer that among t

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NRLA Advice Line
27/05/2020 11:17

S21 rent reduction
Hi, I am after some advice. I have a tenant who has not paid rent for 2 months, now almost

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23/05/2020 23:39

Section 21
Hi I served a section 21 before the lockdown and before the government banned evictions. S

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21/05/2020 14:38

LL moving back into property
Need some advice please. How long does a LL have to have been living in a rent to buy on a pre

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NRLA Advice Line
21/05/2020 10:42

Covid-19 vs S21
Morning, I have a default tenant who already lived in the property I brought in November. In D

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20/05/2020 09:37

ex tenants possessions
Hi we have just managed to get rid of a tenant. we served an S21, and she has finally gone, an

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19/05/2020 18:47

Covid-19 vs S21
Good morning, I have a default tenant who already lived in the property I brought in Novem

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19/05/2020 15:07

Company let rent breach
We have a company let of a residential property (not your pro-forma, but one used by our letting

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NRLA Advice Line
11/05/2020 12:47

Rent Arrears
My tenant stopped paying rent one week after the lockdown saying he lost his job. He has since st

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Member T
10/05/2020 13:39

Q1 - Do listed buildings require an EPC before issuing a section 21? I've just recentl

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06/05/2020 10:38

Section 21 notice
Good Afternoon, I have a tenant in a 5 bedroom HMO who is causing issues with other tenant

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NRLA Advice Line
04/05/2020 10:59

Dear Sir/Madam My questions are as follows: I have some tenanted properties for whi

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Lui Renzo
28/04/2020 17:17

Section 21 issued 18 March
We issued this on 18/3 in the morning before the government announced the new rules on possession

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20/04/2020 17:18

Evict tenant who is smoking weed in property
Hi, I have a 5 bed HMO. One of the tenants has messaged us to say the other is smoking wee

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20/04/2020 14:41

Property abandoned
I have a property where the tenant has left after trashing the place in early March. I have trie

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17/04/2020 18:41

Evict Tenants
Hi I have a tenant who we were going to serve notice on before the lock down as they are 2 mo

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17/04/2020 15:45

Tenancy abandandoment
Hello all, I am a new member and am spending some time going through all the resources availab

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17/04/2020 15:43

Tenant is rent arrears
I have a tenant that is currently in 2 months rents arrears due to the coronavirus. I am not able

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16/04/2020 10:52

Current Situation Regarding Evictions
While the government are making it more difficult for tenants to be evicted due to hardship as a

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06/04/2020 15:27

Advice - Dates on Section 21 form? Corona??
Hi All I seeking advice regarding serving a S21 (by hand with witness). I am in Wal

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03/04/2020 23:32

No evictions
Hi there. I served a section 21 on my non paying tenant 28/2, giving him til 28/4 to leave. He no

Replies: 5
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31/03/2020 14:39

Serving notice on a tenant that has been arrested for violence and harrasment
Good Morning Everyone, I hope you are well given the current climate? I manage a sm

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30/03/2020 12:28

Possession order
I have just been granted a possession order by the court (probably one of the last before the cha

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27/03/2020 18:18

Hi. I gave section 21 notice to leave to two tenants on 29 February, so ending 30 April. The tena

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26/03/2020 15:35

Tenant giving notice
Hi there, I am unsure if I have posted in the correct section - please accept my apologies if thi

Replies: 9
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26/03/2020 11:51

Notice already given
Please help, my tenant's notice was up on the 24th. I was all ready to issue proceedings. I

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25/03/2020 22:47

evicting temamt next week
i have been going through process to evict my tenant and am finally at bailiff appointment stage

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NRLA Advice Line
19/03/2020 12:35

S21 Tenant Defence
Hi, After I followed up on a S21 with an accelerated claim for possession, I've receiv

Replies: 15
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12/03/2020 09:10

S.21 with ongoing maintenance issues but no improvement notice?
We have damp in a property (Iím not convinced this is not being made worse by the tenant but hey)

Replies: 3
Views: 97
09/03/2020 22:50

PCOL - about the claimant
Hi, I'm filling out the form and am required t

Replies: 3
Views: 93
09/03/2020 13:19

Periodic tenancies
is it better to have a tenant renew the AST everytime it is due incase of us ever wanting to evic

Replies: 12
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08/03/2020 06:59

Tenancy - No landlord Name
Hi Question: Does it matter that there is no landlord name on the tenancy agreement. We on

Replies: 9
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NRLA Advice Line
05/03/2020 13:18

Form 6A
I've just issued a s21 notice and the landlady 's solicitor asked for a copy. In the sect

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27/02/2020 15:14

Tenant refusing to leave after s21 notice
Hi We issued a s21 notice to a difficult tenant 2 months ago and they have just informed us t

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NRLA Advice Line
26/02/2020 09:11

End of section 21 period
My tenant hasn't paid rent since beg Oct 2019. Arrears currently £2185. Monthly rent =

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25/02/2020 12:08

Section 21
Hi I understand one cannot serve a Section 21, if they received written maintenance issue.

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NRLA Advice Line
25/02/2020 10:06

The tenants have to top up an amount each month but they have had rent arrears since April last y

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NRLA Advice Line
24/02/2020 13:52

Mal Evans
It seems to me that, in submitting section 8 for two month rent arrears, that will NOT led to evi

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NRLA Advice Line
24/02/2020 11:07

Julie D
Dear RLA, I have a troublesome tenant in my HMO next door who has been in there since June

Replies: 11
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22/02/2020 17:48
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