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Possession - Section 8 and Section 21

Tenant has moved pet dog into house without permission (Developments)
Dear Advice Team. a) We have repeatedly advised the Tenant that we continue to hold her in

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25/10/2016 15:42

Mistakes on Possession Order
Court hearing was at Bow CC on 12 October, citing section 21. Judge has awarded Possession on

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Landlord Advice Team
25/10/2016 12:41

tenant partner stayed when tenant left
A tenant has recently moved out, informing me by e mail that she left the keys and removed her be

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Mr Millet
23/10/2016 12:48

section 21 - acknowledgement
Hello, I am in the process of an eviction via the section 21 route. The court have

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20/10/2016 19:52

Served S.21 Notice now need to serve S.8 is this possible?
I served a S21 before 1st Oct for the tenant to leave by 1st December. Tenant has not paid rent s

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19/10/2016 12:07

Serving Section 21 notice
I have 4 tenants who reside in one of my rented houses. They have been there for 3 years and the

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17/10/2016 12:07

How to remove shop lessee and flat tenant/lease ended
A five year lease of whole building includes shop and seperate flat has ended.The leasee had per

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Landlord Advice Team
17/10/2016 08:49

bailiffs - who needs them?
I do not evict very often and have never had to use bailiffs because the tenant has always gone b

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13/10/2016 15:39

Section 21 -
Hi we have a property where the tenancy was issued to 4 members of the same family, mum/da

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nicest landlord
10/10/2016 18:35

No EPC available to tenant on commencement of tenancy
I accepted a tenant on the 23 July 2016 she was desperate to rent my property. I told her I had t

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09/10/2016 14:17

Tenant has Removed Downstairs Smoke Alarm
Dear Advice Team One of my tenants - whom we discovered had illicitly moved a dog into the

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Landlord Advice Team
04/10/2016 16:09

Renting to buyer before exchange of contracts
Please could you advise me whether to rent my house to a potential buyer. I own a resident

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03/10/2016 15:56

N5 Form
I am shortly about to submit an N5 form for possession, as the tenant left but it looks like a fr

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29/09/2016 16:29

Best practice
Hi - I couldn't get to a computer for the recent webinar you ran regarding best practices to

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29/09/2016 15:47

section 21 expired and now filling the court forms
The section 21 i served is expired yesterday, now filling court forms. I did ring helpdesk as the

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29/09/2016 13:11

Deed of Surrender
With reference to court proceedings for possession after section 21 I am trying to understand how

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29/09/2016 11:08

Confliction information.
I wish to begin the eviction process for a problem tenant. Foolishly and naively I didn't ent

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28/09/2016 18:49

Documents needed for Court Sec 8
Hi I have served a Section 8 notice on a tenant due to no payment of rent and accumulation of

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Landlord Advice Team
26/09/2016 10:51

Accelerated possession
Hi, I have served my tenant Section 211 notice on the 11/07/2016 and the notice expired on the 21

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24/09/2016 17:46

Tenants not moving
We served a section 21 on our tenants, all correct etc. Tenants are due to move out this Sunday

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23/09/2016 23:07

How long should we keep tenant property following a change of locks
Sorry this is a bit long. We have 2 joint tenants. I'll call them T#1 and T#2. They

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19/09/2016 21:37

Section 21 (4)
If I am issuing a section 21 to a tenant do I need to include both my details and the other landl

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Landlord Advice Team
19/09/2016 09:13

section 21?
The tenancy agreement starts from 8 November 2015 - 7 November 2016, We would like to reposse

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15/09/2016 15:43

How long does it take to get the possession through section 21
Hi all, I served section 21 on 21/07/16 for two months and extra few days, asking them to

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15/09/2016 11:05

Tenancy End
Hi I've served a section 21 on my tenant. The end of the tenancy is 28th of this month. They

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09/09/2016 18:47

Tenant with no agreement
I own a property that was vacant a local charity contacted me regarding a young lad who was about

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07/09/2016 10:23

RENT ARREARS Unsure which section 21 to use
Hi, I have a tenant who has been with me for 3 years and is currently on a periodic tenancy. I or

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06/09/2016 15:34

RENT ARREARS Unsure which section 21 to use
Hi, I have a tenant who has been with me for 3 years and is currently on a periodic tenancy. I or

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mr dunne
06/09/2016 11:39

What if tenant refuses to leave ?
I have issued 2 month notice to leave for a tenant and they have accepted this and is looking fo

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05/09/2016 16:46

Completing Form N325 for possession and arrears
Just filling in the N325 form; what figure do I insert in 4A); I have a possession order for &pou

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04/09/2016 09:53

Sitting tenant not paid rent for 2 years!
Hello. I have a sitting tenant been at living at the property for years. He has not pai

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03/09/2016 09:39

Can anybody help? I am filling N5. I am stuck at ground of possession. What do I say as I on

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03/09/2016 09:15

Need urgent Re-possession order from Court
Please advise me how to get an urgent Re-possession order from Court. I have all the correct doc

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03/09/2016 08:39

Another issue
I wrote earlier regarding a joint tenancy, turning into a single tenancy and am exploring my opti

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Landlord Advice Team
02/09/2016 15:03

Another Issue
I wrote earlier regarding a joint tenancy, turning into a single tenancy and am exploring my opti

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02/09/2016 14:07

Does anyone know from their own experience what the consequences are if on a Claim Form for Posse

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Mr. Landlord
31/08/2016 00:49

Section 8 expired now what? Someone mentioned high court What do u advice

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30/08/2016 09:59

Further Court Hearing
Hi, we have received an application of notice from the court (following being granted possession

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25/08/2016 12:22

Rent arrears
Just got back today from 2 week holiday and rent due to be paid 12th Aug by LHA for 7th July - 11

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22/08/2016 18:01

The procedure
I need to evict my tenant i have served a S8 notice and understand i need to do a claim via pcol.

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22/08/2016 17:48

Accelarated possession
We have a tenant on a periodic contract and the management company of the development have report

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Landlord Advice Team
22/08/2016 15:24
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