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Possession - Section 8 and Section 21

Section 21
Hi i served a section 21 which was done correctly and confirmed by the local council when the tenant

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15/07/2016 20:20

Tenancy Expiry & Possession
Hello, We have a tenancy expiring on 21st July 2016, which was for 12-months from 22nd Ju

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Landlord Advice Team
15/07/2016 15:31

Does tenant still have to give notice after a Section 21
Hello. I served a section 21 notice on my tenant as I need the property back for my own fa

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12/07/2016 13:30

Getting Property Back having issued Section 21 at time of moving in
I started a tenancy back in 2007 and issued a Section 21 Notice on the same day as the tenancy agree

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11/07/2016 10:22

Would my application for possession order be invalidated if tenant suddenly pays his arrears
My tenant constantly paid rent late (1 - 2 weeks usually). In June, I served s21 to my tenant when t

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08/07/2016 12:47

section 8 - help
the tenant is not quite 2 months in arrears but has been paying irregular amounts persistently over

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07/07/2016 11:37

copy of deposit protection certificate?
Court form N5b asks for a copy of the deposit protection certificate. DPS don't seem

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nicest landlord
07/07/2016 11:06

Correct notice date
I issued a tenant with a tenancy agreement dated the 24th February 2016. Can you please confirm the

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Member 4643/O
07/07/2016 10:24

End of Tenancy Checklist
Hi Section 21 notice has been issued and my tenants have indiacted they will be leaving. Does the RL

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05/07/2016 10:27

Serving of Section 21
Good day. My question is if we were to serve a Section 21 on a tenant who may be reluctan

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04/07/2016 17:30

Serving Notice on buying a Property
Have been offered a property subject to an AST. The property needs refurbishing but the Tenant would

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01/07/2016 19:15

Letting agent advice query
We are letting out a property to three people who will be living in the property, husband, wife and

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30/06/2016 17:44

If Contractual Periodic what is the notice period for Section 21?
Following the deregulation act my understanding was that all Section 21 notices during a periodic te

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28/06/2016 13:42

non tenant eviction
Hello, I have a lodger in my house who brought a friend into stay with her for 1 week. Her friend e

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24/06/2016 17:13

which tenancy to evict from?
I have to decide which way to evict some troublesome tenants. Mr A and Ms B signed a tenancy in Feb

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nicest landlord
23/06/2016 16:42

Section 8 and 4 weekly rent
Guidance on the AST doc states "If you collect rent four weekly you may not be able to rely on manda

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21/06/2016 10:25

Gaining Possession
1. Section 21 expires on June 20 but tenant is currently ignoring my do I check to conf

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19/06/2016 09:09

Bailiff risk assessment questionnaire
Hello All If some one can answer it would be much appreciated. I have got the possession

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Member 1
17/06/2016 16:28

abandonment policy
Need some advice please As per another thread on here, a section 21 expiry date was 9th J

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15/06/2016 13:02

section 21 serving
Pls advise, I have a tenant on a STA (RLA Depositguard form.She is only 5 months into her 12M agreem

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14/06/2016 18:22

Section 21
Hi, I am a Landlord operating in Wales and wish to serve a S21 on an AST in Wales. The tenant i

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Landlord Advice Team
14/06/2016 09:26

A quick on, I issued a S21 on 20th December 2015 to expire 19th February 2016. How long d

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13/06/2016 15:23

section 21 eviction
Hello, In a nut shell, section 21 issued and expiry date was 9th June. Issued a 48 hour notice

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11/06/2016 20:17

Tenants divorcing but husband wont move out
A married couple who rent from me are separating. The wife's name is on the tenancy,

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10/06/2016 14:44

Student let
If letting out rooms for students how do I make sure they leaver at the end of their tenancy, or do

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09/06/2016 00:19

which notice to use
my tenant has a assured short hold tenancy -periodic month to month started in June 2014 for f

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Busy Bee
07/06/2016 17:07

the dratted section 21
tenant causing havoc - am trying to "negotiate " her voluntary eviction by offering golden financial

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06/06/2016 11:16

Advice needed please.
In August 2015 I signed an agreement with a letting agency with over 30 years experience to let out

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01/06/2016 11:40

Section 21 notice
I have a student in my HMO I who's contract ends at the end of June 2016. This should be comple

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Landlord Advice Team
31/05/2016 09:16

Section 21 - assistance
Hello, I want to issue a section 21 and I have the bond protected, but, the amount protec

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27/05/2016 21:54

Section 21 in HMOs
Hi I know that I have to have issued all 'relevant paperwork' before I can issue a sect

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Landlord Advice Team
24/05/2016 08:32

Which version of Section 21?
Hello. I have a tenant who signed a 12 month AST in November 2013. After that I allowed the tenancy

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22/05/2016 20:15

How do i terminate the contract
I bought 6 bed HMO in 31 March 16 with tenant in situ. So far all tenants have been very good except

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20/05/2016 10:31

RLA Possession Paperwork completion
In this service, are Forms N5 and N119 also covered? (And if so, at what cost?) The website says tha

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17/05/2016 10:10

Missing Start of Tenancy Checklist
Hi. Through my own fault, I haven't completed the 'Start of Tenancy' checklist. I

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Landlord Advice Team
16/05/2016 11:42

evicting tenant through section 21
Hi all, Just like to know your experience on evicting tenant through section 21 and then

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14/05/2016 10:12

12 month tenancy and 6 month break clause
Can I please be advised of the best process and wording to manage tenants in the UK. I need to be a

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Landlord Advice Team
13/05/2016 12:41

How to rent booklet for new tenants
Dear Sir/Madam I am currently in the process of setting up a rental property in Wales.

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11/05/2016 12:58

tenant threatened to destroy property due to eviction
I have a very destructive tenant. So many breaches of contract such a drug taking, vandalism etc. I

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Landlord Advice Team
11/05/2016 09:50

Which is quickest process - section 21 or section 8
I have a tenant with an AST that started 23rd December 2015, on a six months fixed term with an opti

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09/05/2016 08:53

Section 21 on weekly tenancy
Hi, I have some tenants who are on weekly tenancy agreements. Their 6 months have expired and t

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Landlord Advice Team
03/05/2016 09:43
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