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Possession - Section 8 and Section 21

Property Possession Accelerated procedure
Hi we recently had a hearing at the court for possession of property, as it was change of

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13/08/2015 16:45

Possession granted , now ??
I guess , some of you may know me as I was moaning here about my tenant was neither paying me rent

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05/08/2015 12:57

Subletting without permission - what's the penalty?
A few weeks ago one of my tenants told me that someone had moved into the flat above her, (whole hou

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Jane Lo
05/08/2015 06:51

which s21 to serve at the beginning of tenancy
We are about to sign a new tenancy agreement with new tenants. I notice there is a section 21 (1) a

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02/08/2015 17:12

Anti-social behaviour
I have previously issued my tenant with a section 21 the two months were up last May he did not mov

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Landlord Advice Team
28/07/2015 17:15

Death of a Tenant - gaining possession
Hi one of our tenants has passed away, we are aware that there is a sister but have no contact detai

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Hythe man
24/07/2015 12:35

Local council breaches the housing act and the guide to homelessness guidence
Hi I have taken Barnsley metropolitan Borough Council to the small claims court for loss

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23/07/2015 13:46

Evicted a tenant through Sec.21. can i go to small claim court to get rent arrears?
Dear Sir, I am in process of evicting a tenant through Section 21. Rent arrears are there. Aft

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22/07/2015 10:38

Section 21 evicition
We served a section 21 notice on a tenant, then the court possession, the tenant appealed stating he

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Landlord Advice Team
21/07/2015 16:43

Hi I need to take possession of a flat which needs complete refurbishment. The tenancy ag

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15/07/2015 12:06

hello, a couple moved into one of my properties 01/01/13. They were given 6 month ast and one months

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Landlord Advice Team
14/07/2015 09:41

Appointing a bailiff for repossession
We have unfortunately had to apply for a possession order which has been granted. The tenant is due

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Landlord Advice Team
14/07/2015 07:58

Surname Change
I have a female tenant who I have already served a Section 21 notice on at the start of the tenancy.

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Landlord Advice Team
13/07/2015 13:41

Tenant vacating of her own free will
I have a tenant who has been harassing the other tenants for some time. We have asked her to vacate

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Trans Am
10/07/2015 16:23

Dear Sir/Madam Does the RLA service for completing the N5B form include producing all cop

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Landlord Advice Team
08/07/2015 12:08

I served a section 21 notice after the end of the 6 months fixed term so during the periodic tenancy

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07/07/2015 18:46

Regaining possession after Section 21
We served a S21 on our tenant which has now expired and the tenant is moving/moved out to a Council

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07/07/2015 11:52

Changing locks after Accelerated Posession filing
Dear RLA I have a tenant who has repeatedly been in arrears and having served Section 8 a

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07/07/2015 11:35

Evicting my tenant
I have been given an order of possession by the court which expired two days ago but the tenant stil

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Landlord Advice Team
06/07/2015 07:45

Tenant is subletting without consent
It recently came to light that my tenant, who has been renting a room in a property I own for approx

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Landlord Advice Team
29/06/2015 15:38

Hi I have a tenant who is more than 2 months in arrears-He is on a 'rolling' tenancy as his

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29/06/2015 13:39

Serving Section 8 - Rent Arrears
Hi, I am new to the letting business and have a Tenant who is in arrears with their rent.

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29/06/2015 13:31

Changes in S21
e agent we were using issued a section 21 notice in December, three days later they protected the de

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Landlord Advice Team
29/06/2015 07:55

Section 21 Notice
Hi, My normal practice is to serve a section 21 notice on day one of the tenancy to expire the

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23/06/2015 14:51

Section 8
I am just completing for the first time a Section 8 notice. It is your template for rent arrears.

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22/06/2015 13:50

payment of rent
Hi I am looking for advice. I have a tenant that I am wanting to serve notice on. They have been in

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Landlord Advice Team
17/06/2015 17:22

serving a section 8 grounds 8
Just to confirm serving a section 8 grounds 8 the tenant must be in 2 months clear arrears?

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Trans Am
12/06/2015 11:24

Serving notice
Hi, we have a room rental property with 2 remaining tenants out of 4. The 1st is currently wit

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Landlord Advice Team
03/06/2015 05:07

Difficult Tenant
I've served Section 21 on my Tenant to leave at the end of June and there are a few issues to da

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01/06/2015 15:39

Just booking a bailiff and paying the 110 fee. Does the tenant get advance notice of when the bail

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28/05/2015 16:25

Ending Two tenancy
The ground floor of my property consists of 3 studio flats (A,B,C) which I want to consolidate into

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28/05/2015 08:04

Lost the trust because of one tenant!
Hi , I have a small portfolio , doing this for last 8 years , only one hiccup but it's not

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25/05/2015 16:31

Tenant has time extended for filing a defence
Hi, After using N21 forms for accelerated possession for 2 separate tenants, I'm now in the

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24/05/2015 08:47

Accelerated Eviction Section 8Help
Hello team To be brief, I commenced a section 8 which expired on the 14th April 2015 and also I

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20/05/2015 12:27

Ground 2 notice under The Housing Act 1988
Hi I have recently purchased 5 bed student HMO. Under the terms of my mortgage my mortgage prov

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Landlord Advice Team
18/05/2015 17:24

energy performance certificate not provided to tenant at start of tenancy
I had not realised that energy performance certificates were obligatory until fairly recently . I ha

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Trans Am
16/05/2015 10:48

How do I check the tenant is vacated after being issued the possession order
I applied for the accerelated possetion order just over 2 weeks ago. The tenant did not make de

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Landlord Advice Team
15/05/2015 04:39

Nightmare scenario
What happens, if, when I evict my tenants, that they have sublet a room? Just a thought.

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06/05/2015 16:06

Abandonment?? Do I have a strong Case??
My DSS tenant stopped paying rent in February and I have been chasing her for several weeks. I have

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04/05/2015 21:33

Deposit issue
Me landlord by mistake and have a lha tenaant from april 2008. I took deposit and protected it withi

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04/05/2015 19:09

I received an Order for Possession of my property together with an order for the defendant to pay me

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30/04/2015 09:58
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