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Possession - Section 8 and Section 21

i have served a section 21
I have now served the section 21 when the tenant moved in do they need a copy, the original or neith

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Landlord Advice Team
03/11/2014 10:34

County Court Fees
I have received the order for possession on or before 6 October. Tenant not vacated. Have completed

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31/10/2014 12:46

HB has advised tenants to stay until the bailiff arrives.
Or they will not re-house them. If this is the case, can I foreword the cost of eviction

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27/10/2014 20:55

Seection 8 for removal of electric supply
Good Morning I have a quite unusual query I have a property where I discovered

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Landlord Advice Team
27/10/2014 09:57

serving a section 21 (1) B to joint tenants
Just a in the process of serving a section 21 (1) B to a property which has joint tenants

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22/10/2014 11:38

Tenant leving
We have inherited a property from another agent with a tenant in significant rent arrears - about 6

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Jane Lo
10/10/2014 17:10

N119 Queiry
Hi I think it must be a long day!! But to confirm please. I am using section 21 N5B accelerated

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08/10/2014 10:56

incorrect date of expiry on section 21 notice
A friend has approached me today, he has served a section 21 notice expiring on the 4th October 2014

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07/10/2014 18:47

Section 21 notice
Hi I let my flat for short tenancy on 28th Feb 2011. Agreement expire long time ago. Now I need

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07/10/2014 15:10

Total mess..
Hello, I'm new to the RLA and new to being a landlord too. I wasn't sure where to put t

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06/10/2014 18:45

Hi, We have a tenant that is on a AST that ran for 12 months from 15th May 2013 with the

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02/10/2014 22:51

risk of renting for a tenant with children
I have currently a tenant applying for a property. She has two children. She holds two part time j

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01/10/2014 09:36

sec 21
Hi. I have always served a Sec 21 to coincide with the last day of a period of the tenancy, ie. tena

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Landlord Advice Team
29/09/2014 12:00

Section 21
I served a Section 21 Notice on my tenant in February. Once the two months elapsed she was still in

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Landlord Advice Team
25/09/2014 16:06

I have received from the court a confirmation of Bailiff's appointment and want to know what the

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Trans Am
23/09/2014 11:06

Section 21
Hi I am planning to serve a s21 but I am worried about the deposit protection - it was protected dur

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19/09/2014 17:55

Section 21
The tenancy agreement started on the 6th of January 2014. The tenant at the time wa

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16/09/2014 13:31

Will the
My tenant wants to move into smaller accommodation but the local authority will not help until I tak

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15/09/2014 16:26

Section21 served properly?
Hi I served Section 21(1) to one of my tenants at the beginning of the tenancy but I am not su

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14/09/2014 08:23

s21a or s21b
Hi My tenants have just come to the end of their 12 month AST and want another 12 month o

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11/09/2014 17:39

Proof of S21 service
Hallo Dave I want to lodge a N5B claim to a tenant always in serious arrears . I gave her a

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11/09/2014 15:29

Claim for possession
I've sent form N5B to the county court. In section 2, I only put the second tenancy agrreement

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11/09/2014 11:10

Tenant moved out but not letting me enter
Hi Everyone I've had a tenant in my property for over a year and housing pymnt came direct

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08/09/2014 09:40

Rent arrears
If I issue a s21 for possession can I also issue county court proceedings for rent arrears too as o

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07/09/2014 20:00

Hi, can you help- advice needed on AST end dates
Hi, I have tenants in my property on a 12 month AST, which ends on 24th Sept 2014. I want

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Landlord Advice Team
05/09/2014 17:56

Repossessing my property
In May 1996 I rented a property to a friend unfortunately verbally with no written agreement. He mov

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Bob A
05/09/2014 11:20

Items left after eviction
Hi all, would appreciate it if someone could advise on this issue.. Despite months of try

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Trans Am
04/09/2014 19:51

I have a tenant I want to evict I have two choices offer money to go thus avoiding all the has

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04/09/2014 10:41

Notice period on Periodic Tenancy
Hi, We are using the RLA AST agreement. The tenancy period has lapsed some tim

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02/09/2014 10:18

Section 21. How long can it be used for after date officially asked to vacate property
We have tennants that were served with a section 21 which asked them to leave before 11th June. They

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01/09/2014 15:40

possession grounds

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Landlord Advice Team
01/09/2014 15:38

A quick question, I think I know but as court fees so high now I will check. Planning to

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Trans Am
30/08/2014 15:38

'Independent Person' when delivering Section 21 by hand
Good Afternoon RLA, In reference to the above title and for personal clarity can anyone h

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30/08/2014 10:51

Court Eviction of tenant
I have used section 21 to repossess a property. I now have the county court order for the tenant to

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28/08/2014 18:44

Remaining tenant causing nuisance
AST is in joint names but a few months ago I was informed by Housing Benefit that one tenant had mo

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Landlord Advice Team
25/08/2014 14:58

Change of address
Hi, I issued a section 48 form to change my address but have recently found out the recorded delive

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25/08/2014 11:05

Charging after eviction
The tenant is evicted but her goods are still in the house. Am I allowed to charge rent while the go

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24/08/2014 11:13

How long is section 8 and section 21 notice valid for?
Hi, I have a tenancy agreement with my tenant starting from 13/09/2011 which was for 12 m

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22/08/2014 10:23

21a or 21b
I want to give notice tomorrow to a tenant whose Tenancy Agreement started on 20th Feruary 2014.

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gibson little
18/08/2014 20:41

Short extension of expired contract
Following 6 months contract we have served section 21 and an option to renew for 6 months. The tenan

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14/08/2014 21:10

Ending Tenancy and use of Section 21(4) A
I issued my tenants with a section 21(4)a notice, when they signed there tenancy agreement.The notic

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14/08/2014 18:59
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