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Possession - Section 8 and Section 21

Remaining tenant causing nuisance
AST is in joint names but a few months ago I was informed by Housing Benefit that one tenant had mo

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Landlord Advice Team
25/08/2014 14:58

Change of address
Hi, I issued a section 48 form to change my address but have recently found out the recorded delive

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25/08/2014 11:05

Charging after eviction
The tenant is evicted but her goods are still in the house. Am I allowed to charge rent while the go

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24/08/2014 11:13

How long is section 8 and section 21 notice valid for?
Hi, I have a tenancy agreement with my tenant starting from 13/09/2011 which was for 12 m

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22/08/2014 10:23

21a or 21b
I want to give notice tomorrow to a tenant whose Tenancy Agreement started on 20th Feruary 2014.

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gibson little
18/08/2014 20:41

Short extension of expired contract
Following 6 months contract we have served section 21 and an option to renew for 6 months. The tenan

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14/08/2014 21:10

Ending Tenancy and use of Section 21(4) A
I issued my tenants with a section 21(4)a notice, when they signed there tenancy agreement.The notic

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14/08/2014 18:59

Giving tenants notice - help please
Hi I'm sure this has been asked before but I'm a first time landlord and want to

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13/08/2014 12:58

can you send estate agents round to value property after you have served tenant with section 21b
Good Afternoon, Quick question guy's from a legal point of view, can you send estate

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11/08/2014 13:08

section 8
hi I need to issue a section 8 to a tenant following serious anti social behaviour, the form I askin

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Landlord Advice Team
10/08/2014 11:27

what is the correct notice by tenant for this contract?
Hello we have a contract for a fix term starting 1 june 2011, never signed or renewed so it is

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10/08/2014 10:10

I have issued a section 21 and section 8. But want to pursue the section 21 option. I now need a goo

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06/08/2014 08:48

Money Claim
Has anybody used the government gateway online money claim? How long does it take, and can it be st

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04/08/2014 10:20

What do I do next
Im a new member here and would like to know the next step I need to take. I served a sectiion 2

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03/08/2014 11:15

N325 Form
Just completing form N325 Order states Line 1 "The defendant to give the claim

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29/07/2014 12:52

Serving notice on a monthly residential licence.
Dear Sir/Madam, I would like if possible a little clarity on a notice situation. I have

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29/07/2014 12:26

If the tenancy is for 12 months with a break clause of 1 months notice after 6 months ie "Tenancy fr

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25/07/2014 08:32


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24/07/2014 17:23

Recommendation required
Hi I need a very good solicitor as I have a section 21 court case coming up in August. Does anyone h

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24/07/2014 14:58

What is the best option to regain possession
My tenant and her four children began the tenancy agreement on 28 April 2014 for one year.

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21/07/2014 17:42

Notice of Issue
I have a notice of issue served 22nd April giving tenant 14 days to appeal. It says I hav

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21/07/2014 16:13

Notice of issue
I'm sorry if I am repeating the same question from a while ago but just need my mind easing

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21/07/2014 14:19

Completing Court Possession Forms for 3rd Party
Hi RAL Advice Team, I manage a property for a Landlord (I have a written agreement with him) an

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Ray D
21/07/2014 13:06

Section 21 and 21(b)
Hi! Can someone please explain section 21 and (b) in the most simplest form please!! I

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16/07/2014 16:47

Rent Arrears & Nuisance
Hi there, I was wondering how to evict a tenant in arrears. I have also been getting comp

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15/07/2014 16:41

What are the pit falls
Hi there I am thinking of giving my tenant a section 8 notice and taking him to court for

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Landlord Advice Team
08/07/2014 08:33

Finding tenant in prison
I posted this on the members' helpdesk yesterday at 15.07 but, as I have not received a reply, I

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04/07/2014 13:31

Is the possession date in my Section 21(1)B correct?
Hi, I'm wondering if you can advise if the date I put in my Section 21 Notice at which the tenan

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02/07/2014 16:58

One leaving one staying
A couple of tenants are splitting. One is moving out and the remaining tenant wants a new tenancy wi

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01/07/2014 18:44

RLA reposession service
n your advice page for section 21 repossession you state that the RLA will do the section 21 notice

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Landlord Advice Team
01/07/2014 16:47

Date issue
Preparing form N5b for court. I have noticed I have calculated the date based on the AST signing da

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01/07/2014 12:49

Do I have to attend court?
I served a Section 21 notice on a tenant, and have received a letter saying that Judge X has ordere

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26/06/2014 22:01

Existing tenants in an HMO?
Hello there, We have just completed on a licenced HMO and have inherited 3 tenants, 2 of which

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23/06/2014 20:48

End tenancy and no section 21!
Due to complaints about noise, tenant intimidation and the like I decided not to renew the tenancy -

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21/06/2014 14:36

sec 21 query
Hi, I manage a property on behalf of my partner, tenant knows me well, knows I manage etc, partner i

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Landlord Advice Team
19/06/2014 18:48

Tenant has failed to vacate after expiry of possession order
Mandatory possession order ground 8 Owed we 3500 in rent. Has sent an email saying

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19/06/2014 08:43

Deposit Protection
I am in the process of filling up the form N5b. In this form, Item number 7(a)(i) , I need to put De

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Landlord Advice Team
18/06/2014 11:19

Serving notice
Hi I'm currently attempting to fill in a section 8 for rent arrears and the advice on

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18/06/2014 10:05

N5 and N119
hi how many copies of N5and N119 do I send to the court thanks kevin

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Landlord Advice Team
15/06/2014 14:42

Basically I have misplaced the tenancy agreement for a tenant who is in arreas.How do I go about ser

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09/06/2014 19:38

Delay of Bailiff eviction by Landlord
I have a tenant who has rent arrears, and I have used the accelerated process (S21) to get a possess

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Trans Am
06/06/2014 10:13
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