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Possession - Section 8 and Section 21

Seeking court support
Hi, I have a couple of co-habiting joint tenants in one of my rooms in an HMO. They have

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06/08/2013 16:58

section 21 ..N5b accelerated process...judge wants hearing.
Dear compadres, Please help. 1. Served section 21 4a e

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05/08/2013 12:51

forms N5 and N119
Hi Dave Under serving S21 RLA documents do not give forms N5 and N119 . If someone does n

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05/08/2013 08:43

section 21 ..N5b accelerated process...judge wants hearing.
Dear compadres, Please help. 1. Served section 21 4a expired 30 September 2012

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04/08/2013 14:28

Re: Case Number: 3WI02883 Ms Mala Sanghani v Ms Candida Giovetti
Dear Madam, The Judges comments that. The landlord has attempted service of th

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Landlord Advice Team
01/08/2013 14:52

Problem tenants
I have an agent looking after my houses. I received a complaint by text direct to my phone abou

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01/08/2013 13:55

correct dates?
Hi, If i serve a section 21 tomorrow on the 1st August, is the correct date of expiry 30t

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31/07/2013 17:06

Tenant Arrested
my tenants neighbours have rang me to complain about my tenants behaviour, he was arrested at the pr

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31/07/2013 13:23


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31/07/2013 12:18

End of tenancy
Hi, our tenant is coming to the end of her tenancy this month. The last 4 months she has been late w

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29/07/2013 10:37

Correct forms and procedure for S21 Notice
Hello, I need to give my tenants notice and I want to make sure I do this the right way.

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28/07/2013 15:27

Defence Form - Accelerated Possession Procedure
Hello, I submitted my N5B following your guidance. I want to sell my house. Tenants

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23/07/2013 15:14

Our tenant handed in notice to vacate. Check out appointment made but tenant not present. Neighbou

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23/07/2013 10:21

Any other reason for possession
My tenant was in my property since 2003. I know its my fault and will never do it again but i did n

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Landlord Advice Team
17/07/2013 10:04

Rent arrears and possession
Hello, May I ask for some advice on rent arrears and gaining possession. My tenant started a 12

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16/07/2013 16:50

legal timescales
Hi we have a valid s21 which has expired. If we start the court process, how long would it lik

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14/07/2013 12:03

Court Proceedings
Hi, I have issued the Section 21 Notice in January 2013 on a monthly rolling AST. The tenants are st

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12/07/2013 16:02

Do I have to give a reason for serving a Section 21?
We have served a tenant with a Section 21 to quit. The tenant's parents are wanting to know the

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09/07/2013 14:41

Accelerated procedure
Hi I understand that if the reason for claiming possession was rent arrears I could not use the Acce

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09/07/2013 11:07

Served Court papers, who pays court fees and when can I re - rent.
I have a council tenant who has her rent paid to me directly from the council. The tenancy agre

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07/07/2013 19:47

Hi I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on this situation.. Currently got a ten

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07/07/2013 12:48

Section 21, already served for expiry 1 month from now
Notice served under section 21 for the tenancy to terminate 1 momth from now. The tenant has today t

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Landlord Advice Team
05/07/2013 11:42

N5b Form
A quick question. If I am completing a N5b form for court. Can I still tick rent arrears under gro

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30/06/2013 20:44

situation if i have to repay deposit x 3.
I have issued s 21 to end a periodic agreement and tenant is saying I didnt register a deposit where

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29/06/2013 06:35

error on claim form
i served sec 21 on 30/1/13 for tenant the give up possession after 31/3/13 as our agreement was mad

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Landlord Advice Team
28/06/2013 11:29

Next Steps re section 21 notice
Hi Initial tenanacy on 6 months 28th Nov to 27th May. Now periodic. Yesterday I served

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27/06/2013 10:53

Section 8 already served
Joint tenants constantly in arrears but paying a little each month Served a section 8 in

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25/06/2013 22:14

Clarification needed on ending tenancy
Hi, I am serving notice on a tenant to leave, preferably a Section 21 due to rent arrears, aggressiv

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23/06/2013 18:44

Notice to repossess
I have an excellent tenant who has been in my property for over 3 years. As I now wish to sell, acco

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Landlord Advice Team
21/06/2013 09:11

In Aug. 2012 we've let our flat to a tenant receiving housing benefit which by agreement was pai

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20/06/2013 00:10

Confused !
my tenants rent due date is the 10th and is on a roll on contract, i issued tenant with section 21 n

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19/06/2013 13:26

I have a six month AST commencing on 25/5/12, and a RLA AST form, however in error I have put from 2

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Ray D
18/06/2013 15:55

Court procedings
We have a tenant who's tenancy expired on 5/05/2013, we had served a section 21(1)(B) at the beg

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18/06/2013 15:43

Section 21 with unknown end date
7 year old tenancy, wish to serve Section 21. No copy of AST so can not identify the last day of the

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JH Manchester
14/06/2013 12:07

late payment
I have a tenant who is continuously late with payments of rent, it is usually a few days, however,th

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11/06/2013 15:47

S21 in shared house
When serving S21 in a shared house, is it best to give one to each individual rather than a joint on

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10/06/2013 10:11

removing one of 4 tenants
Hi, The house has 4 named tenants on the tenancy agreement, and they all contribute to th

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08/06/2013 23:10

Notice of Issue
I put papers in to court on Monday and the 175 fee. I was shocked at the speed but recei

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06/06/2013 12:44

section 21 served on tennant
hi, i have a tennant that moved into my 1 bedroom flat in February 2013 on a short term lease of 4 m

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06/06/2013 12:20

Tenants sister may be squatting
I had a section 21 expire on May 31st. The council (surprise surprise) told tenant not to leave unt

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03/06/2013 10:49

Tenant eviction
Hi everyone....can anyone help. I asked all my tenants to move out from a property of mine due to a

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28/05/2013 13:04
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