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Possession - Section 8 and Section 21

What do i do next
I have been to court and got an eviction notice. When this period is up and the tenant has not moved

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17/01/2014 16:57

Section 21 Notice already served on both tenants - one has already left.
Is the Section 21 notice served on 18 December 2013 still valid as I served it on both tenants named

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16/01/2014 14:58

Section 21
Questions: 1. Is the section 21 given to tenants at the same time as the new 6 month AST agreem

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15/01/2014 10:37

Tenancy Period
I'm completing papers for court to seek possession. My tenancy period states 25/5/12 to 25/11/1

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13/01/2014 20:21

Letter with a Section 21 (4)A notice
Hi. My tenant has had difficulty with her housing benefit since her son left school in June 13 and s

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Elle bee
13/01/2014 18:13

Need to Repossess Property
I rented my property to a family claiming benefits. Originally they had support workers working with

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RLA Member_106
08/01/2014 10:29

Section "!
I have rented out our house on an AST agreement with 4 tenants. For three of the tenants the AS

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06/01/2014 15:56

Section 21
Dear Sir, I have issued section 21(1)B notice a few days after starting a new 6 month agreement

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Landlord Advice Team
06/01/2014 10:32

Court order and home improvements
Hello, I've recently obtained a court order where the judge ruled that my tenant shou

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Landlord Advice Team
02/01/2014 08:56

This is a good one...
Hi, any thoughts on this problem please? The background: I have a flat that I have rented

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Mike 123
31/12/2013 16:42

Help - Seeking Possession based on arrears - no deposit paid
A tenant will be over 2 months in arrears as of the 1st. I intend to seek possession via section 8.

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31/12/2013 12:03

S 21 Notice Dates for a Periodic Tenancy/ 4-Weekly Rent Cycle? CP12 Renewal? Email Service?
Dave, The following queries are pursuant to my previous query - in which it was determin

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dave a
30/12/2013 11:49

Son remains after tenants have left.
After serving an S21 on my Tenants as they have not paid rent since the end of August, they have now

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Landlord Advice Team
30/12/2013 09:05

Flatmate tenancy at risk
In spite of being a property owner, I do live as a stop gap myself in a HMO (awful places which give

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23/12/2013 19:11

Serve Section 21(b) with the AST or after placing deposit in scheme?
Hi 1. I have seen quite a few threads where there it has been suggested to serve the S21b

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17/12/2013 11:23

Right date on Section 21! Please Help!
Hi I've just got a quick question regarding the dates on a section 21(a) AST Started

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17/12/2013 11:16

How long is Section 21(4)a valid for?
Hi grateful if any one can help. I've have a detached house which I let out individua

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17/12/2013 11:03

property access after tenant abandons property
My tenant moved out 7 weeks ago,her section 21 notice notice comes to an end on 21st Dec. The house

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Landlord Advice Team
16/12/2013 08:59

Removal of a tenant
Hello, I would like help with removing a tenant who has continually paid rent late, breached th

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Landlord Advice Team
16/12/2013 08:58

tenant in prison
tenant is on a shorthold agreement dated 11/12/10. he is in prison i have tried every means of conta

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Karry G
13/12/2013 17:54

Claim Form for possession of property (Form N5)
Good afternoon. I'm in the process of completing a claim for possesion of a rented property.

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13/12/2013 16:19

Section 8 or Section 21 ???
Section 8 or Section 21 I have recently become a new RLA member and very much appre

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10/12/2013 11:16

Serving Notice
Hi, My (adult) children inherited a small house in Barnes, Richmond, which they need to sell in ord

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06/12/2013 14:33

Statement of Truth
Very quick/brief question regarding the Statement of Truth at the end of the N5, N119 forms.

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05/12/2013 13:21

Correct Section 21 expiry notice date
Hi All, I am fairly new to serving S21 notices and just wanted to check that I have my expiry d

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Landlord Advice Team
02/12/2013 11:12

advice on severing tenancy
Hi I was due to evict my tenant in August , however this did not happen as the local authority stepp

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01/12/2013 21:09

Section 8 counterclaim question
I'm trying to possess under S8 (under 6 months so can't under S21 yet). Served S8 last week,

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Karry G
29/11/2013 21:53

Checking the Section 21 I'm about to serve
Just to double-check I've filled in the form correctly before I fill in the court forms. Apprec

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28/11/2013 21:44

Response to N244A
Court granted possession order and bailiff coming to evict soon but tenant now filed form N244a and

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28/11/2013 21:32

How can we evict before fixed term:
My wife has a tenant who has removed a table and 4 chairs from the house (we believe she sold it but

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David E
26/11/2013 13:42

Evicting DSS Tenants
Hi, My DSS tenant is expecting her third child and is living in a one-bed flat that she rents f

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Karry G
24/11/2013 22:54

Section 21
Hello, I want to regain possession of one of my properties. I normally issue a S21 (A) af

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Landlord Advice Team
22/11/2013 13:55

Serving s21 to new tenant
Hello, Is it a good idea to serve a s21 notice to a new tenant? When things are friendly and th

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22/11/2013 13:28

Illegal friends of Tenants moved in
Hi, I have served a s21 notice, the tenants now have 2 weeks to file a defence, court papers ha

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22/11/2013 13:26

Type of Notice required
I currently have a very good tenant who is 17 months into a 2 year rental agreement. My Tenant

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22/11/2013 11:50

Non responsive tenant. - Possession Order.
Hi Guys Just after a bit of advice. Tenant was served Section 21 last November (14/11/20

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Karry G
18/11/2013 14:51

Repossession due to selling property
I have a tenanted house which, due to difficult financial circumstances I need to sell. The tenant s

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Landlord Advice Team
15/11/2013 11:23

Landlord enquiry
I have been a member of the RLA for over 2 years and pay the membership annually. I have a question.

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08/11/2013 15:06

Council advised T to sit tight
Hi Dave, well after all these years it seems that my willingness to accept DSS tenants is challenged

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08/11/2013 13:33

S21 Notice a day out
Hi, I tried to bring possession proceedings under the accelerated scheme, but the district judge sai

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07/11/2013 23:23

Section 21 B end date
Guyz Can i just check, Im issuing a 6 Months AST today , should the Section 21b end on 29 April

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28/10/2013 12:01
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