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Possession - Section 8 and Section 21

EPC expired when SEC 21 served - is it valid
Tenancy started 2016 and a valid EPC was served. May 2019 a Sec 21 was served, and has now

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Landlord Advice Team
20/08/2019 14:23

Hello I want to issue a section 21 notice to one of my tenants but I have lost all the record

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14/08/2019 14:43

scrapping section 21
I understand that the government is suggesting that if s21 is scrapped, any tenancies in force on

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Cueball 83
14/08/2019 12:00

does section 21 expire
Tenancy has been on periodic notice for a few months. Rent arrears have built up and so issued se

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14/08/2019 11:21

sue houchen
Hi A tenancy signed 12 month tenancy 6 months into tenancy has changed jobs and says circumsta

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13/08/2019 09:53

2 section 21ís at same time but different dates
Can i issue a fresh s21 to a tenant before the current one has reached itís 6 month validity term

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12/08/2019 14:20

End of first year - possible problem
We have an enquiry from a potential tenant for a house we let and manage ourselves. He is sellin

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Landlord Advice Team
12/08/2019 13:39

Hi Everyone, First time poster so pls excuse etiquette breaches etc... I have a del

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11/08/2019 16:36

Regaining possession
Hello, On other posts, I have seen members suggest that landlords can not easily regain po

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11/08/2019 09:37

Which is Quickest Section 21 or Section 8?
I have a very long standing tenant who can no longer afford her rent. She wants to be evicted so

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08/08/2019 11:11

Section 21
I served section 21 in July (earlier section 8 as well). The tenant has not been paying rent sinc

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06/08/2019 20:45

Possession via Section 21 on an old AST created April 2015, which is now a periodic tenancy
Hi, I am looking to gain possession of a property, the original tenancy was RLA AST, creat

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06/08/2019 10:00

Notice of eviction
We have a flat tenanted by an elderly couple, always have been good tenants. Reluctantly we need

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06/08/2019 09:54

I want to issue a section 21. My letting agent didnít get written proof that the EPC and gas safe

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05/08/2019 21:36

Eviction of tenants - what can we do?
One of the drivers for joining the RLA was a situation with a difficult tenant that is proving ha

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TFS Richard
05/08/2019 14:07

Possession order
In short, served section 8, ignored ... went to Court, they sided with me, served tenant with 2 w

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Landlord Advice Team
05/08/2019 11:03

Possession Proceedings
I am going to court on 8 August for section 8 rent arrears. Tenant is in 7 months arrears. Univ

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Haringey Landlord
31/07/2019 15:46

Possession Proceedings
I am going to court on 8 August for section 8 rent arrears. Tenant is in 7 months arrears. Univ

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Landlord Advice Team
31/07/2019 14:10

Section 8 ground 1 anyone have any advice on serving this and court process
Hi guys I'm going to be issuing the following notice to my tenants Section 8 gr

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29/07/2019 17:52

A section 21 in a circumstance of a change of ownership
I am about to buy the balance of a 999yr lease on a presently BTL flat that I intend to move into

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29/07/2019 15:17

I was using your handy tap through checklist to find out which S21 we need but the question about

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Landlord Advice Team
29/07/2019 14:54

help with notices please
Hi Everyone, I'd like to ask for help with issuing both a section 8, and a section 21 plea

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Liverpool Landlady
27/07/2019 10:54

Possession Order
I have a couple of tenants (both working and two cars) who owe about £9k in arrears. A poss

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26/07/2019 17:56

Section 8 query
I have just downloaded a sect 8 from your website. At the bottom of the page it states that it i

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Landlord Advice Team
26/07/2019 14:55

Does s21 apply?
I have a tenant who has been in place since July 2004, on a weekly tenancy. This obviously mature

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25/07/2019 09:02

Certificate of Service
I served a s21 by hand on my tenant who signed a receipt to say she had received a s21 notice an

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22/07/2019 20:13

Court Apperance
Hi all, I have been to court after trying to evict my tenants for not paying rent. However, in

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20/07/2019 17:37

Tenant in jail
Hi my tenant has been sent to jail. She communicated that sheíll be moving to. Different area of

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18/07/2019 15:22

Prescribed information not served section 21
Hello Could anyone confirm that if prescribed information is served late (after 30 days) i

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16/07/2019 09:47

Preparing for a Section 8
Hi I'm currently renting out a room in a 2 bed flat to a tenant using the RLA Room Onl

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14/07/2019 20:26

Information to issue section 21 correctly
Hi, I have been looking to issue section 21 to one of my tenant (cpl) who lives in a room

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10/07/2019 17:18

Suspended S8 Eviction
Please can forum members assist with suspension of s8 eviction.

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10/07/2019 13:43

Information to issue section 21 correctly
Hi, I have been looking to issue section 21 to one of my tenant (cpl) who lives in a room

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Landlord Advice Team
10/07/2019 11:28

Hi We have obtained a possession order on section 8, the tenant had emailed this morning t

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10/07/2019 10:17

S8 Eviction for "Untenantly Behaviour"
Dear Advice Team. Would the following tenant behaviour be sufficient to evict on a S8 Noti

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09/07/2019 13:56

Informal request to vacate
I'd like to send my tenants a letter saying I'd like them to vacate the property, and giv

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John Kent
08/07/2019 15:07

Help with N5b please

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Pound Behind
06/07/2019 18:48

Can I claim rent arrears from a deposit held in the TDS?
We served a Section 21 Notice to our tenants on 15th March (using solicitor & independent serving

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05/07/2019 17:18

can I still issue N325
I have a CCJ against tenant dated 20/11/17 when she owed £11k. Have been "working with

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Landlord Advice Team
05/07/2019 10:13

Section 21
Hi I issued a section 21 a few months back and the notice gave the tenants until today to leave t

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04/07/2019 13:27

disrepair protocol
Hi, I have served S21 notice and since I have had a letter from the tenants solicitor usin

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03/07/2019 18:54
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