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Possession - Section 8 and Section 21

Tenant in situ
I have come across a property that has a tenant in place and it is being sold by the receiver. Th

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04/12/2017 19:22

What notice and rent payment obligations does tenant have after expiry of possession order
I have had a tenant move out a couple of days after the expiry of a court possession order (accel

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nicest landlord
03/12/2017 19:34

Wrong name on east
Hi Can you still take someone to court for non payment after serving sect 8 etc etc, if the la

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29/11/2017 23:29

Serving a EPC
I provided a EPC, Gas certificate and Right to Rent booklet by hand at the start of the tenancy.

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29/11/2017 23:26

Giving a date for leaving a property
My tenant is overdue on rent and has had their council benefits suspended. I served a Section 21

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29/11/2017 23:24

can I hold tenant to notice period who ends tenancy after PO expiry?
My tenant has left the property two days after the expiry of the possession order and not yet ret

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29/11/2017 23:19

12 Month AST - How much notice on Section 21
I have a tenant who moved in on 4/6/17 and signed a 12 month AST. How much notice do i need to gi

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22/11/2017 14:08

Delayed Welsh licence
Hi, I know I should have got a licence at the start of the tenancy, but I've only just submit

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21/11/2017 23:08

Government's guideline wrong on Section 21
Quote: When you canít use a Section 21 notice You canít use a Section 21 notice if

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21/11/2017 16:17

Possession claim online
The options used for possession are section 21 and section 8. However, the government website 

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nicest landlord
21/11/2017 15:35

Renew Gas Certificate whilst within s.21 notice period?
We have bad tenants. A section 8 notice has been served and court proceedings recently commenced.

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20/11/2017 15:33

can I charge rent up to possession order date?
I have just got a possession order dated 10 Nov asking tenant to leave on or before 27 November.

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nicest landlord
15/11/2017 08:56

Just completing court form N5 with new EPC question. I did not issue one as tenancy started 20/8

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13/11/2017 20:42

Section 8 Evidence of Disrepair
My tenant owes over £5000 and is 8 months in arrears. I have already had my first court hea

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09/11/2017 19:03

mr stephen crossley
Hi what form do i need to complete as i served a section 21 on behalf of my son

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Landlord Advice Team
09/11/2017 13:58

Tenant eviction
Good morning. Having served a section 21 notice on 21/8/2017 and now applying to the court for

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09/11/2017 10:51

Tenants remaining after eviction
I have a situation where tenants did not return keys and it was clear that they were accessing th

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Landlord Advice Team
08/11/2017 16:25

Possession on line
I have submitted a section 21 claim for possession and rent arears. Tenants say they are movin

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Landlord Advice Team
06/11/2017 17:24

Section 8 Court Hearing
I have a nightmare tenant who has rent arrears of £5,500. I have already had a first hearin

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30/10/2017 20:41

Tenant eviction
Hi, I have a house within which 4 bedrooms are let separately to 4 tenants, together with acce

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30/10/2017 17:17

Section 21
Which Section 21 to serve at beginning of tenancy? I have new tenants moving in at the end of

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23/10/2017 09:19

missing tenant
I have had a previously reliable tenant who seems to have just vanished.I last received rent from

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22/10/2017 17:53

Hi, If I have a tenant and I can not find their copy of there tenancy agreement and they h

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Paul F L
22/10/2017 14:39

court date nov 3rd for eviction and £10k arrears
I have court hearing 3rd November: tenant owes £10k, does anyone know the average length of

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20/10/2017 18:47

S21 Implications for LHA Paid Four-Weekly on an AST Specifying Weekly Payment
Dear Advice Team, With regard to the invalidity of S21 Notices for AST's specifying fo

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17/10/2017 11:54

evicting tenants
i have served a section 21 and tenant is refusing to move. What is the next stage for me to do pl

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Landlord Advice Team
16/10/2017 17:34

section 21 Licensed HMO, do i need EPC?
As a Licensed HMO do I need to supply an EPC Energy Performance Certificate? WE may have to is

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15/10/2017 22:58

Section 8 in from the cold?
Heard Paul Shampalena of Landlord Action give an excellent talk today at landlord show in Manches

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13/10/2017 15:34

Ending a tenancy of deceased tenants
Hi, my parents rented a home from me since 24/10/2009 on 12 month tenancy agreements, my parents

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Landlord Advice Team
09/10/2017 12:17

Taking possession
I served a valid section 21 notice which tenant refused to sign for because they were already awa

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04/10/2017 15:37

Seeking possession
Is there possession expert that can be recommended. I bought a property with tenant in-situ. They

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Landlord Advice Team
27/09/2017 14:27

Regaining possession of property
Hi I need my property back !as I want to move into it, , how do I go about getting possession, my

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Landlord Advice Team
27/09/2017 13:00

S21 and possible abandonment
Hello We have a tenant who has some rent arrears and there was a case of antisocial behavi

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Methodist Action
27/09/2017 09:54

Completing N119 after serving a section 8 for rent arrears.
I have served a section 8 on a Tenant after arrears totalling 10 months. I have served a section

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16/09/2017 14:08

Just a Quick one. Once a S21 expires, how long is it good for? Do I have 3 or 6 months to lodge

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11/09/2017 20:15

Help I have made a mistake
I have a problem I have 3 tenancies gone bad with arrears, one guy was sectioned. I have w

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09/09/2017 01:26

listed building & epc's?
Apparently if a building is listed - in our case a grade 2 listed building - an EPC is not requir

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08/09/2017 12:38

moving out once section 21 served and rent liability under joint tenancy
we are currently renting a two bedroom property to a couple of friends under a joint tenancy agre

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06/09/2017 22:54

How to gain possession when a Company let has ended?
The Common Law tenancy contract I signed with a Limited company came to an end. The people who th

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06/09/2017 09:25

Serving section 21
I need to serve a section 21 notice on a tenancy started in 2013, does the RLA offer a service to

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Landlord Advice Team
04/09/2017 11:18

Rent increase
If a tenant does not leave on the date specified by a section 21 are you legally allowed to doubl

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31/08/2017 22:55
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